Still More 'Family Guy' And 'American Dad' Coming as Fox Renews Them Beyond 2012-13

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May 10th, 2012

The counting of seasons of animated series is always tricky, but Deadline reports that Family Guy (technically currently airing its 10th season) has been renewed for a 11th season. But we already had it renewed for next season, so this renewal takes it beyond the 2012-13 season. Fox has also renewed American Dad for an eighth season. "Dad" is currently airing it sixth season. Look for a press release shortly.

The Cleveland Show -- currently about to finish its third season and already renewed for a fourth  -- has not yet been picked up for a fifth season, with Fox waiting to exercise that option.

  • groove365

    Family Guy is past it’s sell by date but American Dad is still pretty good in my opinion.
    I still watch all of the Seth shows so it’s my fault the mediocre ones keep getting renewed.

  • Phil

    I guess we won’t see the Flintstones revival anytime soon due to his mega empire that keeps growing and growing!

  • TN

    I think AD is still very good, don’t watch CS but I think FG is still doing well, it’s getting back to the way it was and besides, ratings are great, why cancel it?

  • Shawn

    CANCEL The stupid Cleveland Show and put Cleveland back on Family Guy!!!!! Mike Henry needs to start doing his voices on Family Guy again! Herbert The Pervert, consuela, Cleveland and many others!

  • Jim1966

    I find Seth McFarlane’s shows unwatchable…as is FOX on Sundays now. Never made sense to me for FOX to fill almost an entire night with basically the same show…all his animated series have the same structure, the same silly jokes and characters…they are pretty much interchangeable. This used to be a classic night for FOX…Simpsons (at least the first 10 seasons), In Living Color, Married With Children, X-Files. Seems like they just don’t even try anymore…keep renewing the same old lame animated series over and over regardless of the low ratings.

  • Justin121

    I hate spin offs. Bring Cleveland back to Family Guy.

  • alex123

    Family guy isn’t funny any more. Everything about the show feels a little old and stale. Its time to cancel Family Guy.

  • dregj

    cleveland show my god is that still on?

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