What Will Be The Next Show That We Hear Is Cancelled Or Renewed? Take A Guess!

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May 10th, 2012

Fox's pickups, renewals and cancellations are all but done (still waiting on the fate of Bob's Burgers and Napoleon Dynamite), NBC has announced a bunch of pickups, but other than Law & Order: SVU, no renewals yet so there's still plenty more to hear from NBC, plus ABC & CBS (and the CW). The network upfront meetings will reveal all next week.

But as things usually turn out, much gets revealed in advance of those meetings, so while we wait I figured we'd have a little commenter contest to see who can correctly guess which show's cancellation and/or renewal we will hear about next.

I could set all kinds of rules like one cancellation and renewal guess per commenter, but what the heck, guess whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want in any combination.

No prizes, simply, like many things in life, the satisfaction of being right!

  • SteveO

    I’m hoping ABC will announce all their renewals ahead of the upfronts. But at this time, what’s the point?

  • Sid

    I’m hoping to hear from The CW because all their bubble shows are so close together and with the constant rumors going around on who’s safe and who’s getting the axe, it’s hard to predict what they’ll do(besides RINGER and L.A’s certain cancellations).

    The other networks are pretty much straight forward since almost all bubble shows have separated themselves from the likely renewal shows.

  • The End

    Well in regards to CBS

    Amazing Race is secured for 2 more seasons(This happened a short while back anyway).
    Two and a Half Men renewal announcement very soon.
    Rules of Engagement renewed
    One of the CSI shows renewed

    Rest cancelled.

  • zen

    I have a feeling that today NBC will announce the fate of Parenthood. Also, we’ll hear news about the other Jason Katims drama, County.

  • Mon

    CSI: NY renewal! I can feel it!!!

  • Bfleet

    I think we’ll hear a HUGE list of ABC renewals and cancellations next. Grey’s, Castle, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, etc.

  • danny94

    Once upon a time and Revenge renewel please…

  • MattM

    Community/30 Rock

  • Tigs

    Revenge will be renewed without a doubt. ABC has been heavily promoting the show.

  • MB

    Cancelled: “Body of Proof” and “Unforgettable.”

  • Bunny


    Yea.. A huge list from ABC but one or 2 that was suppose to be shoe-ins for renewals are missing…and the there will be intense agony from fans and articles questioning if those shows are going to make it or not….*coughhappyendingscough*

  • SJ

    I don’t know if this is so much a guess as it is wishful thinking, but – anything ABC. And I do mean anything. My guess is, first comes a bunch of renewals, then a few cancellations, with some new pick-ups sprinkled on top.

    If I remember correctly, ABC announced most of its renewals and cancellations last year on a Friday (the 13th, no less!). This year Fox was a day early, so I’m hoping that ABC will be too. Hopefully nothing happens before 8pm ET though, as I’d hate to have to miss it (real life is a real bother this close to the upfronts ;)).

  • The End


    Once Upon a Time has to be renewed soon if ABC wants Season 2 to premiere at roughly the same time as Season 1 this year.

  • zen

    ABC will cancel Cougar Town, Missing and Body of Proof. Rest of its current line-up will be renewed, including GCB.

  • Kate

    I am really hoping to hear Parenthood is renewed next. Been biting my fingernails for months about that one, same as last year. Hoping for a renewal and a better time slot/more promotion this year so next year isn’t the same bubble crap.

    I would GUESS that ABC renewal/cancellations come out next.

  • tjw

    I’d say NBC’s conference call on Sunday will give us the next news. The only other possibility would be the announcement of The Office (which has its finale tonight), but only if it’s a final-season renewal.

  • Mon

    CBS has to consider that Friday is an awful night to reach the young audience. Plus Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan band has had benefit concerts this past few Fridays (since the show returned from hiatus) on big cities like Chicago, NY etc. That might explain the series lows.

  • ToXiX

    Fox renews Bobs Burgers

    CBS cancels Unforgettable

    NBC renews Whitney

    ABC makes everyone wait.

  • Kate

    @zen, I’m hoping for a GCB renewal, it’s a fun show and I have really enjoyed it. However I would bet it’s going to be cancelled.

  • sara

    Well, I’m ready for the GG final season renewal + what the CW does to the bubble shows HoD, Nikita and TSC.. also ready to see 2.5 men renewed

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