What Will Be The Next Show That We Hear Is Cancelled Or Renewed? Take A Guess!

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May 10th, 2012

Fox's pickups, renewals and cancellations are all but done (still waiting on the fate of Bob's Burgers and Napoleon Dynamite), NBC has announced a bunch of pickups, but other than Law & Order: SVU, no renewals yet so there's still plenty more to hear from NBC, plus ABC & CBS (and the CW). The network upfront meetings will reveal all next week.

But as things usually turn out, much gets revealed in advance of those meetings, so while we wait I figured we'd have a little commenter contest to see who can correctly guess which show's cancellation and/or renewal we will hear about next.

I could set all kinds of rules like one cancellation and renewal guess per commenter, but what the heck, guess whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want in any combination.

No prizes, simply, like many things in life, the satisfaction of being right!

  • tvfreak

    CBS announces renewal of 2.5 Men. It’s been a long time coming.

  • The End


    Hear hear. If only contract talks were easier, it would of been renewed a while back.

  • katelyn

    Hoping for a Body of Proof renweal. But ABC is going to cancel Missing, The River and GCB. All that is known for sure is that ABC is renewing 2 bubble shows.

  • xwiseguyx

    I have insider information that GCB will be renewed… let’s hope it’s reliable..

  • Ben

    CBS cancels Unforgettable. It’s ratings are good, but, not good enough for CBS which has to make room someplace on the schedule, and not good enough considering the NCIS/NCIS: LA lead in.
    2 and a Half Men: renewed.
    Rules of Engagement: renewed.
    one of CSI shows (probably Miami): renewed.
    Rob: probably cancelled.

  • AO

    I really don’t care, I just want the information.

    Though speaking of prizes, I do miss the old days when you would occasionally offer them. I never won, but it was a fun element.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The only real interesting arena for me is the CW.

    I still predict at least three shows canceled (other than the recent LA Complex, which also looks dead), those being Ringer, Nikita, and Hart of Dixie. Gossip Girl should die as well, but probably won’t.

    The main question mark is The Secret Circle. I still think it has a better shot at being retained than Hart of Dixie, albeit it will be moved to Fridays and die after season two. But it could go either way – TSC or Hart of Dixie renewed with the other cancelled, or both renewed, or both cancelled.

    I have no idea what new series the CW will pick up, as I don’t follow that. But from the talk here, it looks like Arrow is a shoe-in.

  • Joel

    NBC comedies (parks & rec, 30 Rocl, Community)

  • Liz

    I’m going to go with a Jason Katims double: Parenthood renewed and County picked up.

  • Rob R

    PanAm renewed.

  • Kate

    I would love to see County picked up too. I love anything Jason Katims and I also love Jason Ritter even though I will be glad to see his Parenthood character gone just for story purposes.

  • EatMorePez

    Since NBC goes first at the upfronts I think they will have the next announcement. At since it’s Thursday and they want to get some press out of it for tonight’s airing, they will announce very shortly that 30 Rock will be back for a final season.

  • Dalibor

    CSI: NY/Miami

  • AO

    The answer to this question was soon in coming (assuming that your source on the next thread is correct).

  • katelyn

    I can’t wait to see if the mindy kaling project will be picked up.

  • AdvWar

    Parenthood’s fate will probably be next, renewed.

  • zen


    It was already picked up by Fox yesterday.

  • Guy

    ABC’s renewals. They have announced next to nothing.

  • Walter Bishop

    They need a show called CANCELLED. A sitcom starring people from Cancelled TV Shows that made it one season or less and each episode would make fun of a cancelled show. Episode 1 – The UPN classic: Homeboys From Outer Space.

  • Walter Bishop

    And the show CANCELLED would become so popular it would never be cancelled.

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