What Will Be The Next Show That We Hear Is Cancelled Or Renewed? Take A Guess!

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May 10th, 2012

Fox's pickups, renewals and cancellations are all but done (still waiting on the fate of Bob's Burgers and Napoleon Dynamite), NBC has announced a bunch of pickups, but other than Law & Order: SVU, no renewals yet so there's still plenty more to hear from NBC, plus ABC & CBS (and the CW). The network upfront meetings will reveal all next week.

But as things usually turn out, much gets revealed in advance of those meetings, so while we wait I figured we'd have a little commenter contest to see who can correctly guess which show's cancellation and/or renewal we will hear about next.

I could set all kinds of rules like one cancellation and renewal guess per commenter, but what the heck, guess whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want in any combination.

No prizes, simply, like many things in life, the satisfaction of being right!

  • Ray

    Why is ABC sitting tight on most of its renewal/cancellation news?

  • robby

    i think cbs will announce the cancellation of one of the csis before their upront

  • Charlie

    Just cancel Two and A Half Men already. The show is beyond awful and lacks any substance and horrible to watch.

  • Darrick

    A Gifted Man, CSI: Miami, and Rob canceled.
    Unforgettable, CSI: NY, and Two and a Half Men renewed.

  • Goodtvishard

    Just heard from a pretty reliable friend that “Unforgettable” isn’t dead yet. CBS/Sony are really looking at a midseason order, or actually shopping the show to TNT and A&E.

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