Updated (5): ABC Picks Up Comedies 'The Neighbors' and 'The Family Tools' and Dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow' and 'Zero Hour' + More

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May 11th, 2012

Update 5: I think I might have jumped the gun on Mistresses earlier, but it has now officially been picked up.

Update 4: And Reba McEntire's Malibu Country.

Update 3: and drama 'Last Resort' from Shawn Ryan.

Update 2: also drama '666 Park Avenue'

Update: ABC has also picked up comedy 'How To Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Live' - let's hope they shorten that before the season starts!

ABC has picked up two comedies --'The Family Tools,' and 'The Neighbors' -- along with the dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow,' and 'Zero Hour.'


  • OMG

    ABC continues to rebuild. Hopefully it can ride the momentum of this year’s relative rookie season success, and come in with even better new shows. Obviously there are some highly anticipated scripts and pilots, but I disagree that they should be picked up just because it sounds great.

    Not all of them are going to survive, but I hope at least half does.

  • Tony

    666 will get the Sundays at 9pm slot, and it will be a BREAKOUT HIT. the premise sounds intriguing, with stars like Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams, and with Alloy Entertainment who brought hits such as Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, (and unfortunately Gossip Girl). But I think 666 will be to ABC what PLL is to ABC Family, a successful mystery thriller! Can’t wait!!!

  • Tony

    I’m so excited for ABC this fall! All of my ABC shows were renewed and their new series’ sound great. (most of them, I’m sure there will be at least one DOA show in The Neighbors or The Family Tools. I can’t believe they passed on American Judy and the Mandy Moore pilot for these too. But I will be checking out probably all of ABC’s new series’ next season.

    I’m shocked that Devious Maids didn’t get picked up, but maybe ABC saw another FlashForward on their hands, too similar to an old hit that wouldn’t take off.

  • KJ Styles

    How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life sounds absolutely abhorrent! Why ABC picked that garbage up and not Beauty & The Beast is beyond me. It will be next season’s Man Up guaranteed.

  • OMG

    Remember shows that sound good and highly anticipated like “Flashforward” “V” “Off The Map” “Eastwick”?

    Remember the shows that sound Dead On Arrival like “Once Upon A Time” “Revenge” “Scandal”?

    I trust ABC to learn from its failures from the many rookie seasons leading up to now, to not launch a show because it sounds good or stand apart. I think that is what they are doing by not picking up Americana or Gilded Lilys or Devious Maids.

  • AV

    Americana should of been picked up just for ashley greene. She is gorgous.

  • Marcos

    I hope schedule on sunday looks like this:

    8pm: Once upon a time
    9pm: 666 park avenue
    10: mistresses


  • miller

    don’t know if it’ll float, but Nashville has a terrific cast (they actually can sing & act), this has to be ABC’s answer to Dallas comeback. Reba has to be a given, she’ll bring in a large pool of her fans (& my granddaughter loves the kid who was in the VW “Can I drive”? commercial).

  • Jedi

    I am really disappointed Devious Maids wasn’t picked up; couldn’t they rewrite it to include an afro american, asian, caucasion and latino maid and maybe try to get Susan Lucci to play a nerdy maid as well as a crazy diva.

  • SmG

    Disappointed that Americana was not picked up.

    Will watch:

    666 Park Avenue
    Last Resort

    I’ll check out the pilots of Nashville and Mistresses. I am glad that Last Resort was given a 13-episode order. I think it has the most potential among these pilots.

  • David Howell

    ABC definitely throwing up a few surprises this pilot season.

    We’ll get a better idea of how they rate their new slate of comedies once we see which (if any) of them are launched out of MF. If they stick Apt 23 or HE into Wednesday 9:30, we know they don’t rate any of them.

    Wonder which they’ll pair with Last Man Standing (which I’d have canceled if I were in charge of ABC).

  • danny94

    No devious maids :(

  • Mi

    I’m disappointed for Americana, I guess it might have been too much like Mistresses and lost for it, dunno.

    Not picking up Beauty & The Beast isn’t shocking at all.. from the pilot screenings it seemed that pilot had issues from the start and they kept trying to make it better by adding more special affects but alas.

  • Justin121

    So excited about dramas


    ‘Red Widow’

    ‘Zero Hour.’

    ‘666 Park Avenue’

    ‘Last Resort’


    Even though I have no idea what they’re about.

    ABC is the only olace anything other than cop dramas can make it.

  • Ricky

    FYI Mistresses was not picked up yest, it has already received a series order some months ago

  • Mi

    Variety is reporting that Mistresses now looks to stick with its summer 2013 premiere target (though it might easily be called up for midseason replacement duty).

    Looks like the new shows that could start at the fall are Nashville, 666, Last Resort, and Zero Hour.

    Apparently, Sony didn’t let ABC pick up Last Resort for anything less than 13 episodes, with it being expensive,so I wonder where they’ll place it in their schedule.

    I think Sundays with OUAT followed by 666 and Last Resort sound like a good idea.

  • Cyrax86

    I can’t believe that Americana, Beauty & the Beast, Devious Maids, Gilded Lilys & Scruples all had been passed on, I thought some of these were going to be the new Revenge/Once Upon A Time. This development season is disappointing so far compared to the previous.

  • Mi

    Zero Hour sounds like Missing part II, it’ll focus on Edwards’ character’s search for his wife.. boring, I say.

  • ukhazard

    @deadline The guesses are only a small part of this site. Enjoy not being here. I know I will enjoy that about you.

  • Matto

    Lets take a trip through the ratings platform of each night for ABC.


    Pros: Usually #2 in 18-49; Also, if ONCE continues there at 8:00, would be good lead-in since it is the #1 scripted TV show on Sunday.

    Cons: FOOTBALL. Yes, ONCE did hold up very well against Football in the Fall, BUT a show always might lose just a bit viewers and that can always hurt its lead outs.


    Pros: ABC has always been the #1 network on Monday in viewers but it has always been #3 in 18-49. DWTS hasnt gone under 16M for a live show in a LONG time and Castle always has a decent amount of viewers AHEAD of H50.

    Cons: DWTS lost 4M off their average from last spring.


    Pros: DWTS Always does well in their results show; Never really under 13M – 15M. Last Man Standing did O.K. in their first year and Body Of Proof always does decent in viewers at 10:00.

    Cons: ABC has been near to dead-last in 18-49 dem AND in veiwers this past season.


    Pros: Modern Family.

    Cons: (Not Really Any)


    Pros: Grey’s is STILL alive and going after 8 years, ansd it ain’t stopping any time soon! Grey’s is still the #1 Drama (including DVR playback) and it is a very good lead in.

    Cons: The Thursday 8:00 death slot. ABC tried TWO shows at the 8:00 timeslot, and what do you know, both were CANCELED. ABC needs to extremely promote a show this Fall if they want good ratings for it in [that] slot.


    Pros: ABC could bring back 4 comedies for a new revived version of they decently rated TGIF block. Shark Tank could always go at 10:00.

    Cons: If ABC brings back the infamous TGIF comedy block on Fridays this fall, there is always that tough CBS procedural Friday competition. While, BLUE BLOODS & CSI:NY arent exactly good in the demo, they both average aabout 9M-11M an episode. Also, theres the highly anticipated, early pilot frontrunner at NBC, Hannibal, which is expected to be placed at 9:00 on Friday. Yikes! Cross Fingers!

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