Updated (5): ABC Picks Up Comedies 'The Neighbors' and 'The Family Tools' and Dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow' and 'Zero Hour' + More

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May 11th, 2012

Update 5: I think I might have jumped the gun on Mistresses earlier, but it has now officially been picked up.

Update 4: And Reba McEntire's Malibu Country.

Update 3: and drama 'Last Resort' from Shawn Ryan.

Update 2: also drama '666 Park Avenue'

Update: ABC has also picked up comedy 'How To Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Live' - let's hope they shorten that before the season starts!

ABC has picked up two comedies --'The Family Tools,' and 'The Neighbors' -- along with the dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow,' and 'Zero Hour.'


  • forg

    And ABC come on decide on Last Man Standing and Aparment 23 already!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @SURVIVOR FAN: oops! According to ABC it’s THE FAMILY TOOLS

  • Justin

    Thank god ABC picked up Last Resort.

  • tvfreak

    Yes, yes, YEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! ABC, you will be soon poised to challenge CBS as my most-watched network with your wonderful decision to pick up Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue!

  • forg

    Last Resort will be a tough sell but since it’s from Shawn Ryan it sounds promising.

    Surprised Reba’s show didn’t make the cut.

  • rob60990

    @March, yes Penoza = Red Widow

  • Brandy

    Dang it abc!,You end DH,cancel GCB, &dont pick up Devious Maids?DM&Nasville were the only pilots I was looking foeard to on abc.

  • Mike




  • Anna

    YES!!! Last Resort… that’s all I wanted :D

  • SteveO

    I just want Devious Maids picked up somewhere. Maybe Fox can snatch it up.

  • MoHasanie

    Well, its good 666 park avenue was picked up!

  • Bee

    damn. HOW do you go from having your pilot reported as “hot” and listed first or second in all the pilot updates and then not have it picked up? cus that’s the story of americana and malibu country.

    damn it. i REALLY wanted reba and emilie de ravin back on my screen :( reba esp. would’ve been the PERFECT companion to LMS.

  • Hi

    What about The Smart One?!

  • John Walter Seip

    Could ABC not want to deal with Marc Cherry anymore?

  • tvfreak

    @Mike: Oh yeah, I forgot about Gotham! If ABC picks that up today, then nothing can come close to ruining this day – except maybe if, God forbid, CBS cancels Unforgettable after such an emotional cliffhanging finale.

  • CWsucks

    Are any of these multicams? If they aren’t going to pick up any multicams, why keep LMS around?

  • Kavyn

    Looks like I’ll be watching a lot of ABC next year. Most of these pilots sound really good (Last Resort, 666, How to live, Red Widow and Zero Hour).

  • Bee

    so that’s 6 dramas and 3 comedies so far.

    ugh i will never understand how zero hour made it.

  • Mi

    What the heck is Zero Hour and where did it come from?

    I’m glad to see 666 and Last Resort and will check Penoza too. I wonder what happened with Americana and if they’ll still pick it up, maybe for midseason.. If they don’t, I hope to see a lot of Belle next season in OUAT.

  • Mike

    @ ROBERT

    So is NBC Through Picking up Dramas??

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