Updated (5): ABC Picks Up Comedies 'The Neighbors' and 'The Family Tools' and Dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow' and 'Zero Hour' + More

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May 11th, 2012

Update 5: I think I might have jumped the gun on Mistresses earlier, but it has now officially been picked up.

Update 4: And Reba McEntire's Malibu Country.

Update 3: and drama 'Last Resort' from Shawn Ryan.

Update 2: also drama '666 Park Avenue'

Update: ABC has also picked up comedy 'How To Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Live' - let's hope they shorten that before the season starts!

ABC has picked up two comedies --'The Family Tools,' and 'The Neighbors' -- along with the dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow,' and 'Zero Hour.'


  • Skylar

    I’m hoping most of these bomb so they’ll bring back GCB

  • Julianna


  • CWsucks

    I’ll probably try The Neighbors, but I wish they would’ve picked up The Smart One.

  • MoHasanie


    Wasn’t picked up. :/

  • Concerned Citizen

    Just found out that the creator of The Family Tools is made by a guy who did a lot of work on My Name is Earl and Raising Hope. That and JK Simmons’s involvement gives me some interest in seeing how it turns out.

  • Bunny

    @Survivor Fan

    i thought it was the opposite?
    Multi-cams don’t have be over-the-top because they already have a

    and Single-cams like HE tries hard because if it doesn’t a joke will fall flat

  • Fake Me Out

    The Family Tools = Crash
    Nashville = Burn
    The Neighbors = Crash & Burn
    Red Widow = Ummm, No
    Zero Hour = My Head Hurts

  • JC

    Definitely interested in seeing what 666 Park Avenue is about. Seems to have a pretty solid cast.

  • Mike

    Darn i was hoping NBC Picked up one of these

    Midnight Sun
    Beautiful People
    Or The Frontier

    Now again NBC only has 1 new drama that ill be watching which is Revolution along with Grimm

  • Adrian

    I will watch 666 Park Avenue for sure! This will be the first ABC show I’ll watch since… wait, it’ll be the first ever.

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Bunny
    I am pro-multi-cam, but I like some single-cams. I watch almost all of CBS’ comedies, only HE, MF, and LMS (occasionally The Middle) on ABC, just Whitney on NBC, and nothing on FOX.

  • Survivor Fan

    Oh, and Apt 23 for ABC

  • Katie Hart

    Yay, Last Resort! I was hoping they wouldn’t leave that one out!

  • Bunny

    Any news on Apt 23?

  • SJ

    Nashville, 666 and How to Live… are the only ones that I can picture getting semi-decent runs. Last Resort if we’re lucky, because I hear it’s good and it comes from Shawn Ryan.

  • Xavier

    “Why should the camera angle make a difference in the tone of shows?”

    It doesn’t. And there isn’t always one camera used for single camera, either.

    Multi-cam is mostly filmed like a stage play, often with a live audience. This means the actors tend (pretty much always) to over-act. As they also have to engage the studio audience, rather than act for camera.

    Single cam is shot like a feature movie, thus there’s usually more realistic acting. Hence, more subtle.

  • Bee

    according to variety, last resort has 13 episodes and only 8 for red widow. so red widow looks like a contender already for that pre-DWTS spring slot.

  • Ultima

    Any news on Apt 23?

    Dreama Walker tweeted “Get ready for a Season 2!” a few minutes ago, but I haven’t seen an official post yet.

  • Ultima

    Any news on Apt 23?

    Officially renewed.

  • Dan

    Pan Am may live on in cable, says zap2it. Id like to see that.

    What about Body of Proof?

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