Updated (5): ABC Picks Up Comedies 'The Neighbors' and 'The Family Tools' and Dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow' and 'Zero Hour' + More

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May 11th, 2012

Update 5: I think I might have jumped the gun on Mistresses earlier, but it has now officially been picked up.

Update 4: And Reba McEntire's Malibu Country.

Update 3: and drama 'Last Resort' from Shawn Ryan.

Update 2: also drama '666 Park Avenue'

Update: ABC has also picked up comedy 'How To Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Live' - let's hope they shorten that before the season starts!

ABC has picked up two comedies --'The Family Tools,' and 'The Neighbors' -- along with the dramas 'Nashville,' 'Red Widow,' and 'Zero Hour.'


  • alexjones

    666 park avenue, zero hour, red widow and last resort sound decent, don’t care about the rest.

  • The Mike Factor

    That should be it for ABC’s new dramas. Apparently they were only picking up 6, including Mistresses so they’re done in that department. I wonder about the comedies though.

  • Dan

    The only shows that havent been renewed or cancelled by ABC are Body of Proof, Last Man Standing and Private Practice both expected to be renewed the latter for a final season.

  • GM

    Devious Maids??? Gotham???


  • alexjones

    well technically missing hasn’t been cancelled, don’t get me wrong it will most certianly be cancelled but there hasn’t been an official announcement yet.

  • still good shows on tv

    I was hoping neighbors got picked up.

  • Bee

    still crossing my fingers for americana and malibu country. ugh PLEASE ABC. let that producer issue of americana go lol and bring it back! and they’d be crazy to let reba go. SURELY if last man can open well and survive, reba can as well.

  • Ultima

    @The Mike Factor
    I wonder about the comedies though.

    Looks like LMS is getting renewed. I’m guessing that they’ll pick up Malibu Country to go with it.

    That should be it though.

  • SteveO

    @AlexJones, it has been officially canceled now.

  • Ultima

    still crossing my fingers for americana

    I think Americana is dead with Body of Proof getting renewed.

  • chrisss

    Body of Proof renewed, per deadline.

  • Matto

    very interesting. VERY interesting. hmmm…

    If ABC doesnt pick up Americana, it is A BIG mistake. Americana should’ve been the first to been picked up. And then there is Zero Hour which is the most WHAT THE F*CK decision ABC has ever made. Yeah, it has Anthony Edwards and Martin Landau, but that still doesnt change its weird premise. Also, what about Devious Maids? It was almost a done-deal that Americana, Devious Maids and Nashville were all the most critically acclaimed pilots for ABC but oit doesnt appear that way…

    Very diverse genre platform. Theres a Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Mystery, Thriller, Procedural, and a Family drama. I like that its diverse but ABC said except that (not counting Mistresses) they would pick up 6 dramas. so far, theres 5. Hopefully, they pick up Americana or Devious Maids. HOPEFULLY.

  • MoHasanie

    Wait, ABC renewed BOP, but cancelled GCB. hmm, but BOP got like 1.3 a few times. Oh well, I like that ABC is being generous and giving a final season. They should’ve given one to Brothers and sisters, but I guess that show was much more expensive.

  • Christina

    Where is Devious Maids? Screw you, ABC (but thanks for renewing Scandal)!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Now MALIBU COUNTRY has been picked up too.

  • Charlie

    YES!!!!!!!!!! MALIBU COUNTRY IS A GO!! ABC Thank you now I have an excuse to continue to watch all shows on ABC!!!!! Thank you GOD!

  • Survivor Fan

    Malibu Country’s pick-up means that a LMS renewal is probably about to come.

  • SteveO

    Yay Reba! That will def bring in good numbers for a premiere, then hopefully stays high if it’s good.

  • Marcos

    Please fkn ABC pick up Mandy Moore pilot and devious maid

  • SteveO

    Confused, why specify 13 eps for new shows? Aren’t all shows picked up for 13, then possible back 9 if rate high?

    Usually its always 13 unless otherwise specified.

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