'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea?,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent' Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

No surprises, and some of these fall into the "now more canceled than ever" category, but NBC confirms it has canceled  'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent.' For semantic purists, that's canceled as in definitely won't be back next season as opposed to 'Awake' being yanked off the schedule for next week.

No word yet on Harry's Law...

  • Jonathas

    Sad for ‘Ar u there chelsea?”!

  • Anna

    Hopefully Harry’s chances will improve with Awake out of the picture. I’m also deLIGHTed to see Chelsea get the boot.

  • SteveO

    Sad for Awake :( It should have been on TNT or USA, not a big 5 network.

  • Tom

    Jesus… when are they going to cancel Harry’s Law??

  • Josh

    Hope they renew Harry’s Law but they probably won’t. All about 18-49 ratings… which NBC has very little of these days…

  • Max

    Harry’s Law cancellation announcement to come any minute…

  • hello

    Awake should never have been on NBC. Something like AMC would have been much better

  • Kavyn

    All expected cancellations.

  • Ryne

    NBC 0 for 3 in the Thursday 10 pm slot this year

  • Dan

    None of these are shocking. It’s kinda sad Chelsea has to go.

  • Anon

    Are you saying awake has been pulled from the schedule? Or was that just an example? I figured it was going to be cancelled but I was for sure counting on all 13 episodes airing

  • SarahL

    What is the hold up on Harry’s Law? Maybe NBC is trying to give it away to TheCW or one of the cable networks. LOL!

  • Mike

    In the words of Dick Solomon: DAMN

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Are you saying awake has been pulled from the schedule? “

    No. When we (and pretty much everybody else) say canceled, we mean “will not return for another season”.

    If something is pulled from the schedule, that’s what we’ll say.

  • Bob

    I have a feeling that Harry’s Law will be renewed. NBC really should think about overall viewers this one time because I know they like shows getting 2 million overall viewers but a show that gets 10 million on many occasions especially in the Fall is good for them. Harry’s Law WILL be renewed!!!!

  • It’sBroccoli

    Let’s hope Awake’s series finale won’t leave all the questions unanswered. :(

  • were123

    I knew Awake was going to be cancelled, but damn! I loved that show… I wish a cable network or netflix could save it

  • ToXiX

    The only NBC comedy I watched & liked this season was Are You There, Chelsea.

    Not really sad to see it go, but still wish it could have returned. Oh well.

    NBC will continue to fall even lower next season and I can’t wait.

    CBS & FOX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Bob

    I will go further….If NBC wanted to cancel Harry’s Law, they would have added it to this posting. I mean had Harry’s Law been canceled they definitely would have notified Kathy Bates directly. I don’t think they would treat her like some “regular” actor who hears the news on a website like BBF and Bent probably heard.

  • ray

    i heard that harrys law is going to be renewed,for a season consisting of 13,even tho they wanted a season of between 15-18,and apparently nbc have a plan to bring in younger viewers.its on the site tv wise,the info on each network,n they say the chances of renewal of body of proof has also increased

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