'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea?,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent' Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

No surprises, and some of these fall into the "now more canceled than ever" category, but NBC confirms it has canceled  'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent.' For semantic purists, that's canceled as in definitely won't be back next season as opposed to 'Awake' being yanked off the schedule for next week.

No word yet on Harry's Law...

  • Timmy

    I enjoyed awake……at least it had an ending that I could live with…. :(

  • John M.

    I hope that another network picks up Awake. It’s nice to have a new show with a different twist, instead the usual stuff we get bombarded with. This is one of the few shows that I look forward to.

  • Barb & Al

    We love “Awake”!!!! Don’t take the show off!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  • Tammy

    The thing that these networks don’t realize, yanking shows before they really had the opportunity to build an audience or develop a good blend with writers, ad sales, etc…. and a show is producing a decent # of viewers (just not what they like immediately), viewers are going to lose trust in these networks and not even bother trying to like a show. Then they really won’t have the viewership they need ever then. People don’t want to get invested into a series just to see it yanked in 4 episodes. But I guess this is what is going to push tv into the next evolution plank where platforms like google will be successful vs standard cable.

  • Lisa

    The cast of Awake was fabulous and I was glued to the set. My demographic 40-something large business owner, married w 2 children. Hateful that intelligent scripts w great actors and directors and producers do not get the nod. Thank you Awake cast and crew. It stinks it will not renew.

    Same for Harrys Law. And my friends love both.

    Maybe you could jump over to usa – tnt – tbs. best wishes.

  • Kevin H

    Syfy channel should pick up Awake, their production value on series far exceeds what most studios do. They did excellent when they took over Stargate SG1 and they need a good series to replace Eureka since they are unfortunately running it’s final season now.

  • Chris

    It’s B.S. how shows like Dancing with the Stars can remain on air for years but a good intriguing show like awake gets shafted! Screw NBC. First Conan now this!!!

  • Pavs

    I love Awake…. this is one of the most decent and emotional series present day. I didn’t hear any inappropriate words in this series. For once someone makes a show without swearing words and its pity that it gets cancelled.
    Jason is a great actor, he portrayed very well the role of emotional and caring Husband & father. Never mention I the way he walks… HOT!!!!

  • wendy

    I Love AWAKE any chance they can bring it back?

  • lee

    i like awake a lot.although i’am in china,i watched it every friday night(beijing time).I don’t like the happy ending in final episode,perhaps it will do better if there’s another season.

  • lee

    if there’s someone wants to discuss the plot, my mail is 83847448@qq.com,

  • cyndieking

    The AWAKE finale was completely disappointing. The best the writers could come up with was the entire season was a dream? We saw that play out with Dallas in the 1980s. I was hoping for some new imaginative ending that’s not a rehash of something already seen. Maybe that both his wife and son were always fine but it was HE who had been injured and while in his coma the half of his life he was living that day depended upon which (wife or son) was visiting and talking to him that day. That perhaps his ‘shrinks’ were both doctors and his partner (Bird) was still his partner and always had been where Vega was maybe an orderly who had taken to talking to Britton during the night. A request to NBC: Please don’t leave the final episode of anything to the interns to write, it only shows they’re youth and inexperience. I’m remembering why most of the shows I watch are on ABC or CBS.

  • adysanu

    pff i havent watched the series yet, but readind the summary i was planing to…but now i dont bother since its cancelled…i hate when something its cancelled : Q : i mean what it is worst that a crappy job?—>A: a half way done job :|

  • Zeb

    AWAKE was absolutely amazing… I never post things online, as today anyone can say anything and it it supposed to be taken seriously. However AWAKE was amazingly written, the acting top notch, and the direction and production an art form. So, so, so sad that something as “quality” as AWAKE has to disappear.

  • ToddR

    My wife and I don’t usually watch drama’s but we discovered “Awake” 4-5 weeks ago and liked it. Too bad it is cancelled. Any chance it could get picked up by a cable network?

  • KayBee

    Can’t believe they cancelled Awake: the ONLY show that this ADULT over 50 DVRs & looks fwd 2 watching every week. Just watched the unbelievable finale & THEN found out about its cnx’n.

    I’m sure NBC is looking for more nauseating so-called “reality” shows where bimbos & jimbobs abound & nothing based on reality (or remotely interesting) ever happens! What a bummer.

  • another cancel series

    Great They will keep reality show on untill these young folks turn 50. Then they’re BE bitching and FIGHTING 2 keep KIM Kardashian ON AIR with her ass and tits down to her knee’s. Beaves and butt will be president and They want even have a clue what is series programs. Thank u nbc 4 the future.

  • Just Saying

    From an interview with creator of awake:
    I’ve seen some really interesting [theories], and I wouldn’t say that anyone is wrong — except the people who are calling it a Dallas or a Newhart, any variation on “…and then he woke up.” That is absolutely not what we intended. If you watch the last few minutes again, I’m not sure what the argument for that [interpretation] even is. I suppose there’s the überpossibility that he’s in a coma and now having a third dream in the coma, but in no way should it be interpreted as, “He woke up and his family was fine. He’d just been having two nightmares.”

  • enbeuu

    Are there Chelsea just ((((vanished)))) and there was a Betty White hosted film clips show in place; no notice; however, the Are You There, Chelsea was NOT funny; it was amazing it lasted as long as it did run.
    Was rooting for the show; because of Prepon; however, she doesn’t have the whole ensemble and writing staff of That ’70s Show; to slay the dragons on NBC.

  • enbeuu

    I was late to find That ’70s Show and love/still follow the show’s re-runs; Prepon’s appearance on Chelsea was enough for me to watch that show, even when I knew it lacked the ensemble cast in the That ’70s Show; they had to know it too; it plodded along and started some momentum but by the fifth show everyone was wondering what is wrong with the writing, expecting something to develop like the That ’70s show, but it never did; plus, in an effort to save that time slot, one week they subbed Betty White hosting some show of comedy something and there went ((((Prepon’s show))))pooof…

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