'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea?,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent' Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

No surprises, and some of these fall into the "now more canceled than ever" category, but NBC confirms it has canceled  'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent.' For semantic purists, that's canceled as in definitely won't be back next season as opposed to 'Awake' being yanked off the schedule for next week.

No word yet on Harry's Law...

  • James

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! AWAKE!!!! Best show on tv besides breaking bad. Oh well, can’t say this comes as a shock. Just business, I don’t take it personally NBC

  • Demonstrable

    I chose not to watch Awake because I knew this was coming, I’ll probably catch it when it goes to Netflix sometime in the next year.

  • kenna

    Mad about Bent. It was SO highly praised and it was SO cute and funny and quirky. *sigh* I really had enjoyed it.

  • bsp

    As much as I complained about Awake, and how it failed to live up to its promise, was nothing more than another gimmicky cop show, etc., I find that I’ve watched every minute of it, came to like the characters, and I’m sorry to see it go.

    I guess I’m among the minority who will also miss AYTChelsea, mostly because it was fun to see Laura Prepon on TV again.

  • jisan

    NBC sucks … AWAKE never had a chance on a station no one watches. Too bad; episode 11 was awesome. Any remaining episodes left for webcast? This REALLY blows chucks

  • a p garcia

    The best thing on Bent was Amanda Peet

  • Vince Gori

    Too bad awake is gone. If there is no chance of another network picing it up then at least they could have the decency to tie up the story. Last night’s show was great, probably the best (and least confusing). Unfortunately, too little, toolate.

  • Amber

    Sad for awake BIG TIME.. I agree it should have been on amc instead. I hate when they cancel a good series especially with exceptional acting..

  • Coleen Komo

    I cannot believe Awake is cancelled. best show of the season!!!

  • summer-fling

    Awweehh, I actually looved “Are You There Chelsea?” it’s one of my favourite shows and its really sad that it’s being cancelled. Even though I know there isn’t going to be another season i wish there was going to be, because I just want to know what happens with her and her husband I mean you cant just end the first season like that and then cancel the show! I didn’t find out about this show until like half way through the season but I still think it shouldn’t be canceled. Most likely not many people knew about this show and that’s why the ratings weren’t that high but I mean at least give the show a chance you cant just cancel it after just one season its pretty stupid to cancel it in one season cause not many people find out about certain shows until the second or even third season. I didn’t find out about another show called Chuck until the second or third season and was devastated when they announced that season 4 was the last season. Anyways i’m just saying NBC should give this show a chance and not just only one season. And yet they keep around Harrys law and up all night like seriously nobody watches those horrible shows.

  • ALW

    I should have seen this coming because AWAKE is way to high brow for the likes of NBC. I don’t think their executives actually grasp the concept of the show it must be too intricate for them. Shame the rest of us have to suffer for their inadequacies.

  • Gunnerygal

    Awake=Simply on the wrong network. This is no suprise to me. Saw the Cancellation bear reluctantly meandering around this delicious fare all season :\ Sad to see it go and I wish it would pull a Southland (memba that silent juggernaugt CANCELLED with the semi poor ratings) that is doing WELL years later on Cable. Sigh……..

  • jerryt

    Awake canceled. But Jason don’t mind he got a show on BBC-Case Histories-to go back to.But he did make lots of $$$! “You know old chap does Americans made
    me rich,not like here in the UK!

  • Sheena

    I am sad about “Awake”. And I can not remember a time when I was sad about a show getting feasted on by the bear. I am just glad I saw it coming, reading about it on here.
    Maybe it was the network, maybe it was the time-slot. I don’t know. But it was a smart show. Not to say the other shows that are around are not smart. I am sure they are great shows, even if I have not watched them. I just really enjoyed the interactions with the characters, especially the therapists.
    I think the worst thing about shows getting cancelled is that you always wonder where it could have gone.
    Awake, for the most part made me forget it was essentially a cop-show. The two dreams aspect was amazing. Maybe, had they stuck to that concept more, it would have done better.
    I am still going through my five stages, hoping it will get picked up somewhere else.

    I agree with you, Vince, Thursday’s show was the best I have seen. Great performances all around.

  • Sheena

    P.S. One hope is that the writers tell us which reality they were leaning towards. I was betting the red one.

  • Jared

    So sad…Awake is good watchings. I think I want to cancel my cable….

  • Jackson

    Sad about Awake but they took way too long to get to him realizing someone tried to kill him and his family and that it wasn’t just an accident.

  • patrick

    Damn Awake canceled, I liked that show, didn’t get it why it got such low ratings and now being yanked off the schedule aswell!!??

    I hope it will come back with a series finale…

  • Julie

    I knew cancellation was inevitable, but I was hoping for a miracle for Awake….. :(

  • Mary

    THat sucks that Awake is Cancelled. THat was one of the few shows that I watched…was really looking forawrd to it..Please get it back!!!!

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