'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea?,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent' Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

No surprises, and some of these fall into the "now more canceled than ever" category, but NBC confirms it has canceled  'Awake, 'Are You There Chelsea,' 'Best Friends Forever,' and 'Bent.' For semantic purists, that's canceled as in definitely won't be back next season as opposed to 'Awake' being yanked off the schedule for next week.

No word yet on Harry's Law...

  • Anthony

    Awake is the best show on TV. It’s insanity. Very upset. No longer an NBC fan.

  • Kaye

    I am so mad that they cancelled Awake. I really loved that show,it was the only show NBC had worth watching. Maybe we will get lucking and one of the cable channels will pick it up.

  • Ren

    SONS OF BITCHES !!!! AWAKE was awsome.

  • Elly

    Shame about Awake. I’m really enjoying that.

  • Jeffrey

    I DVR’ed all the Awake episodes. After numerous examples of watching shows for a year and then having them cancelled (Alcatraz the latest), I refused to spend the time until I saw what was going to happen to this one. Don’t know if I will bother to watch them. I realize I’m not a Nielson viewer so it apparently does not matter what I do, but if the goal is to convince viewers to NOT give new shows a try, they are succeeding. Since I won’t watch reality shows, so much time is freed up. Amazing.

  • rshires

    awake definitely did not deserve the ratings it received. great show

  • Walter Bishop

    I literally fell ASLEEP watching AWAKE in the first episode. Seriously.

    Maybe if fans sent NBC 20 million doses of 5 hour energy boost it would save the show?

  • Walter Bishop

    If AWAKE has bagged Leonard Nimoy it might still be on the air. Ok, maybe not.

  • Thomas

    Awake, was a great series NBC has not a clue.. Its the best show on Tv yet

  • Ggb

    Awake was the best show. It was smart and kept you wondering what was going to happen next. There’s al these mindless reality/talent shows that they keep on. But they cancel the best shows and then wonder why they’re losing viewers?

  • Rea

    Does NBC track ONLINE views of programs? Those of us who watch AWAKE online are still exposed to advertisements,so if those views are NOT counted, why not? Everyone I know loves this program. I am a follower on Facebook.

    When FLASHBACK was canceled, I was disappointed but understood because it really was kind of hard to follow. Some said it was too “intelligent” for the masses, and required some actual thinking. I now agree with them. I like challenging shows, and while NBC is really good at coming up with them, it appears you do not stand behind them long enough for them to catch on.

  • bob noel

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Just when things were starting to heat up! Dirt bags at the network. Awake was and is a great show with a twist. Why would viewers invest their time watching any of your new shows if you just up and cancel them when ever you feel like it.Why not try growing an audience with ads and promos. Give the show time to find an audience. This really sucks for prime time dramas.Hopefully amc or usa will pick it up seriously Whitney and up all night are your winners.Oh I guess I’ll watch fashion star not! I’ll be tuning to cable. Really biggest loser over Prime suspect!!

  • Bob

    Definitely love Awake and I’m sad to see it canceled but it’s what I’ve come to expect from NBC. I’m a big Jason Isaacs fan too so it’s doubly crappy.
    I totally agree with Bob Noel. Why is anyone going to invest in any NEW NBC programming when they’ll probably just cancel it? Unless, of course, it’s some low budget, “reality” series.

    Nothing But Cancellations

  • Mimi

    Awake is a brilliant concept…Jason Isaacs is amazing. I can only hope some other network picks it up.

  • Sue

    Love Awake. It started slow but got better as the episodes progressed. I wish NBC would give it another year to catch on with more viewers. Give it a better time slot!

  • tabatha

    NOOOO i love Are You There, Chelsea :( it was really funny and i loved it and i wish they would keep it going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cath

    oh yeah.. flashforward, another one we’ll never know what happens.. thanks for that too…the other networks at least try to save shows by switching them around to different time slots, what up with that?? Too much effort to put into it?? Yeah, it’s just us your disappointing..as long as the execs are making money, I guess everyone will have to live with it… Well you lost me as a viewer…

  • Dennis Carr

    Why Bent? I’m sorry, but that’s a HILARIOUS show! It was one of the shows my wife and I would record and watch together. Damn good TV! Sorry to see it go!

  • JW

    Awake was really quite a decent show, but I think folks are right – probably not the best show for a major network line-up. I’ve said it before, I think Jason Isaacs was superb in the part. Too bad.

  • jerry

    Awake should not be canceled!

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