CW Picks Up Five New Dramas: 'Arrow,' 'The Carrie Diaries,' 'Cult,' 'First Cut' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

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May 11th, 2012

CW picked up five new dramas to series, a record for the CW.  Arrow, Carrie Diaries. Cult, First Cut and Beauty and the Beast have all been ordered to series.

It's white knuckle time for CW's existing bubble shows! Update: white knuckle time is over:

Ringer and The Secret Circle Canceled

Nikita and Hart of Dixie  Renewed:

Gossip Girl Renewed


  • Freyja

    In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    Nikita is renewed for season 3

  • shockofwhite

    Super excited to see Matt Davis in Cult. Supernatural and The Secret Circle were the only shows I would be returning for, but if TSC is gone, I’ll stay for Cult. Hope it does well.

  • livvy

    they just renewed nikita. crap

  • Greg

    Ausiello says the CW has renewed Nikita.

  • EatMorePez

    My meaningless prediction for next fall on The CW:

    8 Hart of Dixie
    9 First Cut

    8 Carrie Diaries
    9 90210

    8 Beauty & Beast
    9 ANTM

    8 Vampire Diaries
    9 Cult

    8 Arrow
    9 Supernatural

    GG held for midseason

  • Stacie

    After this next season get RID of Vampire Diaries . That show sucks … needs new stories and writers .

  • SmG

    The large number of new series pickups does not bode well for the CW many bubble series but a couple, like Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl and maybe Nikita, would likely make the cut.


  • Kavyn

    Nikita has been renewed

    Smiley faces all around! :D

  • SmG

    Nikita renewed for 3rd season


    Biggest Surprise :)

  • Stella

    Arrow seems interesting but i’m not going to watch it until it gets a 2nd season since the CW sucks so much with it’s crappy ratings.

  • SueP

    I’ll definitely check out Arrow and Cult. Glad they were both picked up. Along with Supernatural, that would make three shows for me on the CW. Of course, if what I heard is true, Cult won’t debut until 2013, but I will look forward to Arrow in the Fall. I’m sure they’ll place that one behind TVD, but it would would work better with SPN, tho I can’t see the network moving it from Friday, and I doubt they’d put their best bet for a new hit on Friday. Now I’m anxious for the upfronts to see how they schedule these new shows!

  • SmG

    On unrelated news,

    Harrys Law is cancelled, TVBTN vs. Kathy Bates end with TVBTN victory :)

  • A

    Wow Nikita renewed? Wtf with its 0.4 demo?

    Then Secret Circle and others HAS to be safe.

  • Sid


  • livvy

    So I guess SC is not coming back? Nikita is going to stay on fridays (probably) and they won’t waste SC’s current time slot for it again

  • James

    ign has nikita as renewed

  • SmG

    So, the rest (Other than GG) are defacto cancelled with this Nikita renewal?

  • hello

    My guess is that Cult and Beauty will be mid-season shows, while Gossip Girl and Nikita might get 13 episode wrap-up seasons in the fall. House of Dixie will also get renewed.

  • Kavyn

    Sid and Rachel, we must happy dance! God damn this is amazing!

  • zerg

    Nikita renewed Wow..

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