CW Picks Up Five New Dramas: 'Arrow,' 'The Carrie Diaries,' 'Cult,' 'First Cut' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

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May 11th, 2012

CW picked up five new dramas to series, a record for the CW.  Arrow, Carrie Diaries. Cult, First Cut and Beauty and the Beast have all been ordered to series.

It's white knuckle time for CW's existing bubble shows! Update: white knuckle time is over:

Ringer and The Secret Circle Canceled

Nikita and Hart of Dixie  Renewed:

Gossip Girl Renewed


  • sofaslug

    The Carrie Diaries?!? are you fracking kidding me? I hope this get’s dropped quicker than the Mischa Barton models show. The other pilots must have been really really bad.

  • Tony ^_^

    I might watch Arrow. Depending on what day and time it will air. :)

    The Carrie Diaries will be cancelled. The CW should shift towards fantasy/sci-fi type shows. Now that would be an awesome network! ^_^

  • Ray

    @Mark – Arguably true, yes. I do see the logic there, but whose to say these new shows aren’t complete and utter failures that make the old lineup look like ratings gold? I don’t really see Carrie Diaries or First Cut even garnering much of an audience on this network.

  • Jessie

    I think First Cut could POSSIBLY do well since it seems like it’s going to be a mixture of 90210 and Grey’s. They could find a good following but they’re gonna have to create good storylines and not the same recylced BS that have already been done on 90210, OTH, Gossip Girl, The O.C., etc

  • The Mike Factor

    First Cut should definitely be paired with the now renewed Hart of Dixie. I’m excited about the new CW. They have 11 shows slated if I’m not mistaken, 5 newbies and 6 returning (I’m counting ANTM). I hope they finally start turning around.

  • Kate

    Yay First Cut!

  • Fake Me Out


    Don’t get tied up too much with these new shows folks, they’ll only be around a year or two before the CW as a whole folds up and shutters the joint … these series are just spackle until the auctioneers sell off the office furniture.


    Help save Endgame and watch season 1 on Hulu, also watch Craig Ferguson in Scotland next week

  • Greg


    They have seven shows returning: Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, 90210, ANTM, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita and Supernatural.

  • The Mike Factor

    I realize now that I missed Gossip Girl, probably because of the short send-off order, but yes you’re correct. 12 CW shows next season is big news right?

  • V

    Im surprised they didnt cancel HOD and pickup First Cut.
    Guess the want similar theme night.

    From my count one show will go to mid-season.

    Ok selection of pilots, better than last year.

  • Mrc8310

    so my question is where is the trailer of arrow beauty and the beast cult first cut carrie daries?

  • Holly


    They usually come out at or just before the upfronts.

  • ChrisA

    Nikita: Renewed
    Beauty and the Beats & Arrow: GETS PICKIED UP
    Great News!

    Carrie Diaries was just a BAD choice. Another teen show. ughh
    That’s the problem with The CW. Those teens show are bringing the network down. Gossip Girl, 9O21O, LA Complex, and now Carrie Diaries. Ohh CW.

  • The Mike Factor

    I think them getting Carrie Diaries was trying to fill a potential void left by OTH and GG, the teen shows. If it doesn’t last then hopefully this is their last teen girl show.

  • Mrc8310


    is that before upfront or after they are going to release new series trailer

  • Person of Interest

    ill be watching Arrow, Beauty and the beast because of kristin kruek and Cult.

  • 2134

    wasnt beauty and the beast pilot dead?

  • alexjones

    well there’s going to be some confusion if ABC decides to greenlight their beauty and the beast pilot. anyway i’m pleased with some of these pickups, will probably give arrow, cult and beauty and the beast a try.

  • Adrian

    Expected pick ups are expected.

    I’m def. watching Arrow, Beauty, Cult and First Cut.

    Carrie, go burn in hell.

  • Rowan

    I’m not watching CW network anymore.. because you just canceled Ringer & The Secret Circle! LOSERSSSSSS

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