CW Picks Up Five New Dramas: 'Arrow,' 'The Carrie Diaries,' 'Cult,' 'First Cut' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

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May 11th, 2012

CW picked up five new dramas to series, a record for the CW.  Arrow, Carrie Diaries. Cult, First Cut and Beauty and the Beast have all been ordered to series.

It's white knuckle time for CW's existing bubble shows! Update: white knuckle time is over:

Ringer and The Secret Circle Canceled

Nikita and Hart of Dixie  Renewed:

Gossip Girl Renewed


  • robin

    TSC is cancelled so now i can’t wait for the cw to crash and burn next season

  • Justin

    Seriously CW, Look into Sitcoms

  • HB

    Arrow and Beauty&The Beast.
    These two look good.

  • Aaron

    Best guess that The Carrie Diaries will be one of those shows whose 18-49 will be higher than TVD but total viewers will be lower. I can’t imagine a non-SATC fan watching it.

  • Roswell

    Lmao after 90210 and supernatural are done, I’m never watching another show on the cw again, those new dramas aren’t even going to be good. RIP ringer. Hopefully it doesn’t take SMG another 8 years to return to television :/

  • jazz

    you guysc know that arrow is not a smallville spin off right

  • mem002400

    WOW CW you suck I loved Ringer and TSC and you canceled them both. But you kept Nikita and HoD what

  • Concerned Citizen

    Personal interest level:

    Arrow – maybe
    Cult – probably not
    First Cut – no
    Beauty and the Beast – hell no
    The Carrie Diaries – oh god, please no

  • layla


    side note: wb to KK to tv on beast

  • alexjones

    nah, sitcoms suck, I never watch them myself.

  • Dan

    Still can’t believe they picked up The Carrie Diaries. It will be the most promoted-and biggest flop- of their schedule next season. I like Mamie Gummer, but I don’t see First Cut lasting. Again, ANOTHER remake in Beauty and the Beast, which I see getting cancelled. Cult sounds decent and Arrow will most likely be the biggest hit out of all of them.

    I’m sure that most of these shows will be canceled by this time next year, starting with TCD.

  • OodlesofNoodles

    Which of the Beauty and the Beast pilots did CW pick up? The one that was pitched to them originally, or the one pitched to ABC?

  • Networkman

    Arrow and Cult are the standouts for me. I think many will be interested in seeing on The Carrie Diaries turn out. It will receive alot of talk/publicity. So that may get eyeballs initially. But as the season goes on, I can see interest in the show decreasing. I’m surprised about First Cut. But that may be a sleeper hit like Hart of Dixie.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Of these pilots, I definitely will check out Arrow. They appear to be following the current Green Arrow comic relatively closely in the premise. However, it’s REALLY hard to do a superhero TV show right, as The Cape demonstrated recently. So this will either be a hit or “die very badly” like The Cape did. Katie Cassidy is cool but I’m not sure if casting her as Black Canary was right.

    As for Cult, I don’t think it will make it. The two leads are not that great. Jessica Lucas was on the Melrose Place remake and while being unbelievably gorgeous was not that great an actress. And Matt Davis, while great as Alaric on the Vampire Diaries, is unproven as a lead (plus his character is another “journalist blogger” – shades of Summer Glau on The Cape!.) Robert Knepper, also in the cast, is usually pretty good though.

    Worse, the premise seems rather weak. Still, I’ll check it out.

    Beauty and the Beast is worth checking out for Kristin Kreuk alone, but it will all depend on where they go with it. The original was well done but had its limitations.

    First Cut and The Carrie Diaries don’t interest me at all.

  • Ram510

    So I think the schedule will be

    Monday – HoD and First Cut
    Tuesday – 90210 and Carrie Diaries
    Wednesday – Beauty & the Beast and ANTM
    Thursday – TVD and Arrow
    Friday – same
    GG and Cult mid season

  • Tony

    The Carrie Diaries should premiere really well, the built in name recognition should bring in all the 16-20somethings who watch Sex and the City in reruns on TBS, and might even bring in some old SATC fans just for fun. How it holds up is how good the show is.

    Arrow & Cult I will definitely check out, both sound great!

    I’ll check out First Cut
    and I’ll definitely be checking out Beauty and the Beast, I thought ABC’s version sounded better, but I’m kinda glad that that one didn’t make it because it probably would have hurt OUAT, fairytales would have been overexposed.

  • Billy martins

    Here is how they shall do there shecdule for next season is staring:
    8pm vampire diaries new nite
    9pm supernatural
    8pm 90210 new nite
    9pm the Carrie diaries new
    8pm arrow/gossip girl new/new nite
    9pm beauty& the beast new

    8pm hart of Dixie/cult new/new nite
    9pm America”next top models
    8pm nitika
    9pm first cut


  • juan

    Arrow looks really good besides Supernatural which I just started watching I don’t watch any other shows on the CW but I think I’ll check this one out

  • john

    Really looking forward to arrow and cult, the rest sound pretty awful

  • Tony

    So is The Selection dead?? And is Shelter dead too? I’ve heard NOTHING on that show.

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