CW Picks Up Five New Dramas: 'Arrow,' 'The Carrie Diaries,' 'Cult,' 'First Cut' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

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May 11th, 2012

CW picked up five new dramas to series, a record for the CW.  Arrow, Carrie Diaries. Cult, First Cut and Beauty and the Beast have all been ordered to series.

It's white knuckle time for CW's existing bubble shows! Update: white knuckle time is over:

Ringer and The Secret Circle Canceled

Nikita and Hart of Dixie  Renewed:

Gossip Girl Renewed


  • Hades

    I’m predicting Arrow and TCD to be break out hits, the rest to do moderately well.

    TCD is already getting a fare amount of buzz here in the UK. I can see it doing moderately well in the US and being a pretty solid international hit.

    I think the new shows will do quite well, or maybe I’m just being optimistic for a change.

  • enes

    Bring back The Secret Circle !

  • Peter Mazz

    Future predictions & Demos:

    Arrow – 1.09 – Certain renewal
    Cult – 0.9 – Certain renewal
    The Beauty And The Beast – 0.8 – Likely renewal
    First Cut – 0.6 – Toss Up
    The Carrie Diaries – 0.5 – Likely Cancellation

  • david

    I am looking forward to checking out Beauty and the Beast. I hope it does good for the CW and also Cult as well. First Cut i will check out too and probably Arrow but probably not The Karry Diaries. I really hope with one of the new shows they have a least one big hit of all the 5 new shows if not more than one big hit.

  • Mary

    I expect Arrow to pull 1.5-1.9’s in its early weeks, I’m not sure it will have a pilot ratings of up to 5 million like Vampire Diaries, but I can see about 4 million.

  • Ali

    carrie diaries is going to do well.

  • Mrc8310

    can’t wait to watch the trailers of Arrow and Beauty and the Beast, Cult and first cut this thursday online

  • Dee

    It may be a longshot hope, but I sure would like to see the CW be a bold about scheduling their shows as they have been about picking up new series.

    For example:

    MONDAY: Arrow / Supernatural
    TUESDAY: Beauty and the Beast / Nikita
    WEDNESDAY: Carrie Bradshaw / First Cut
    THURSDAY: The Vampire Diaries / Cult
    FRIDAY: Heart Of Dixie / America’s Next Top Model

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