'Happy Endings' Renewed by ABC

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May 11th, 2012

Happy Endings has been renewed for a full 3rd season season of 22 episodes.  No word yet on 'Last Man Standing' or don't 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23' but I'd look for word on those very shortly. Stay tuned.

  • Chris

    22 episodes caught me off guard but that just means more Happy Endings all season long!!! Renew LMS and lets get to the upfronts

  • SJ

    Apparently Body of Proof is looking “good” for a third season according to Deadline. Since I’m in the “bargaining” stage of fan (pre-) grief, at this point I’ll be happy if one of the BOP/GCB duo gets renewed, though I’m still pulling for both.

    I’m slightly worried that Private Practice’s contract negotiations are still dragging on… :(

  • marc

    Syndication, we’re getting closer…

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “This website doesn’t have nearly that much influence.”

    I see our misinformation campaign has been most successful.

    We have you right where we want you. Muahahahaha! :twisted:

  • Josh E


  • Marcos

    so freaking happy. I love hppy endings. so deserved.

  • Caller

    So both Chicago comedies got renewed today in Happy Endings and Whitney.

  • scifi

    The River?

  • AlexInLA

    Love Happy Endings and this news makes me a happy camper!

  • colt13

    DRAMA! Not anymore, safely renewed.

  • tvfreak

    @Bill: That’s right, I remember you predicted exploding retentionista heads way back in November.

    Now how much would anyone be willing to bet that ABC gives HE or Apt. 23 the Cougar Town treatment and holds one of those “edgy” sitcoms off the fall schedule?

  • Jonathas

    “Did anyone ever think that maybe websites like this are responsible for the decline of viewers for certain shows? If you label a show as likely to be canceled then many people will stop watching since they know their time might be wasted. Just a random thought.”

    Well sometimes when I’m having doubts about start watching a show, I check here first. Then if its status is “Likely to be canceled” I don’t even start watching. But I never stop watching a show because of it.

  • Rebecca

    SO sweet!!! :-D I’m glad it got so many episodes, too.

  • Oliver

    I strongly suspect Apt 23/HE will be paired into a comedy block.

  • Jase L.

    I’m ecstatic that Happy Endings has been officially renewed, but the lack of news about Private Practice and Scandal has me worried about the fates of the two other shows I’m rooting for.

  • Kyle R

    You know what that means….

    “I gotta say it was a good day…”

  • Survivor Fan

    I guess that ABC did not plan to renew Apt 23 and LMS at the same time as HE after all.

  • João Paulo

    Yes, finally great comedy.

    Top 3

    TBBT and Happy Endings tie
    2 Broke Gils

  • forg

    Yay. Crossing my finger for LMS and Apartment 23

  • NJTaurian

    YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if only they’ll renew Don’t Trust the B… in Apartment 23, my fantasy ABC Wednesday schedule can be constructed!!!

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