'Happy Endings' Renewed by ABC

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May 11th, 2012

Happy Endings has been renewed for a full 3rd season season of 22 episodes.  No word yet on 'Last Man Standing' or don't 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23' but I'd look for word on those very shortly. Stay tuned.

  • SmG

    Amid all of the pickups and renewals, NBC has quietly cancelled Are You There Chelsea?, Awake, Best Friends Forever and Bent.

    The quartet join fellow 2011-12 Peacock casualties Free Agents, The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and The Firm.


  • Luke

    Yes, my absolute #1 show and a full season!

  • bhop

    This awesome! Better news than I was even expecting! A full season pick up, thats better treatment than abc other comedies I think.

  • Lockemonster

    Ah-mah-zing!!!! All my favorites have been renewed.

  • landon

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…AWESOME! People need to watch this show! It is so good!

  • MoHasanie

    This show didn’t deserve a full season order, let alone another season!!! Oh well, it will probably be cancelled anyway, unless ABC has a horrible year next year.

  • Bright

    @MoHasanie look who’s here, the Grinch lol

  • Spik3

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS Happy Endings!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    I hope Last Man Standing will come back!! That is a great show! I know the ratings tailed off at the end of the year but I read that it was still giving ABC a ratings win for its timeperiod! Too many random reruns caused ratings to slip I thinK!!!

  • Bookworm

    Yes, now onto Scandal and Apt.23 please!!

  • Ray

    @rob60990 – Not likely. It might even get an additional 2 eps.

    And yes, there is truth in the self-fulfilling prophesy.

  • Hattie

    Excited for this!! Definitely a nice surprise! Since it draws such a small audience, I was worried this niche show would fall through the cracks over at ABC, but so glad to see they’ve got enough faith in it to post a full 22-ep season :)

  • Jay

    YES!!!!!!!! My #1 favorite comedy on TV; awesome news

  • The Mike Factor

    HOORAY. 22 more episodes of an amazing show :D

  • edward

    this show is so dumb it should have got cut!!!

  • Fred

    Cougar Town and now Happy Endings! Thank you ABC for saving two very funny sitcoms! I would rather have had CT on ABC but TBS will do.

  • TN

    YES!!! Woohoo, now all I’m hoping for is Apt 23 getting renewed, these two shows are the best shows to come out of TV this season. Even though HE premiered last season, for all who don’t like it, ABC is really sorry you have no taste :D

  • Sarah

    I just hope they don’t treat it like they did Cougar Town this year. One of the funniest shows in a long time. Wish we would hear something about Private Practice.

  • Carmen

    Well, I’m not surprised at the renewal.

    I was surprised that – leading up to this – that so many were worried that it wouldn’t get renewed.

    It really found its feet with the writing this season. It wasn’t really that good when it first debuted late last season, but improved a lot this year.

    A well deserved renewal

  • Networkman

    I’m just waiting to find out where they are going to place this show on the schedule. I still feel these more adult singlecam comedies are never going to attract a large audience. There is no way that this show follows Modern Family once again. So is ABC willing to place this show in the 10pm hour?

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