Harry's Law Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

Update: NBC confirms that Harry's Law is cancelled. Let the "will Harry's Law be shopped to another network" talk begin!

According to Kathy Bates twitter feed, Harry's Law has been canceled:

Yea, Tweeters. Sad news today. Harry's Law will not be renewed for a 3rd season. We are all terribly sad. Many thanks for all your support.


  • Meg

    Too bad I suppose it will be replaced by some brainless voyeur reality show. I would watch Kathy Bates any day over all the reality shows.

  • Judi

    That was the only show left on NBC that I watched, which now makes them off my radar!

  • Di


  • Rita McTaggart

    I can not believe you are cancelling this show. It is one of the most entertaining shows on TV. What will you replace it with…………one of those REALITY shows..I can not tolerate those things. Please consider the talent and the entertainment value to this show….well worth keeping it on TV……………..please. I have family in Europe who also will absolutely miss this show. All the characters are so talented………………PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW.

  • kathy vaden

    Loved Harry’s Law. Kathy Bates never dissappoints. Watched it with Mom, and so few shows are family friendly. Shame on NBC. Why do we have to watch the Bachlor, and Bachlorette, and all that smut?? Have some courage, and let the baby boomers enjoy some good TV.,.there are a lot of us, ya know!!

  • Carol

    A great show, I guess it’s too mature to remain on NBC! I am a senior citizen, who watches television and happens to also make purchases, probably as much or more than the 20 something crowd the networks seem to be catering to. The last several years I have seen quality shows canceled while ones that lack any credible plot remain on tv! Very frustrating.

  • Toni Moore

    I should not be surprised with NBC. They are making another one of their crazy desisions to cancel one of my favorites. They don’t like anything with any good writing or any substance. I’m through with NBC.

  • Kit

    so much junk on tv and finally Harry’s Law came and it was so good. What
    a disappointment. Please don’t cancel something us millions of baby boomers like. Its time we get to see shows we like there are many of us older folks who enjoyed this show.

  • Kit

    Its so sad that you cancel the good ones and leave the junk. There are millions of babyboomers who really enjoy this show. I don’t watch much on NBC and now even less. Shame on you NBC, can’t keep a good show only the dumb ones that don’t mean a thing. Bring Harry’s Law back next season like you should.

  • NoahS

    Really??I’ll take an evening with Kathy Bates anytime over half the junk all these staions are throwing at us. It’s time we have a say as to what we have to watch not just because of demographics

  • Hannah Powell

    DO NOT CANCEL HARRYS LAW!!!! It’s the best one yet … It has drama, comedy and current issues …… you can’t beat that … I WILL WATCH IT WHEREVER YOU PUT IT …. JUST KEEP IT … We all love it here … and we’re not all OLD …

  • jan mauzy

    I hate that Harry’s Law is being canceled. It is one of the top 10 on TV.
    The reality and volience shows are to much for the people. Harry’s Law is up to real things happening now. Its very educational. NBC must be sick. I won’t watch other programs. Jan Mauzy

  • Lee

    I was shocked to learn NBC cancelled This great show. THis show had the guts to tackle many delicate socialial issues. Networks please give better programs than “Reality TV,”. Oh well, Thank goodness I can still read books and turn off the TV.

  • Dona

    Just stop watching NCB. Let the network know that you are the boss! I use my DVR to record programs and fast forward thru adds anyway. Who needs to be told they smell bad, wear the wrong clothes, or drive the wrong card anyway. ADDS “SUSK” BOYCOT ADDS! BOYCOT ADDS!

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