Harry's Law Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

Update: NBC confirms that Harry's Law is cancelled. Let the "will Harry's Law be shopped to another network" talk begin!

According to Kathy Bates twitter feed, Harry's Law has been canceled:

Yea, Tweeters. Sad news today. Harry's Law will not be renewed for a 3rd season. We are all terribly sad. Many thanks for all your support.


  • Naemeth


    Cancelling a show which pulls in some of the lowest A18-49 numbers on NBC is moronic? A18-49 being the rating that advertisers’ pay for, they’d be moronic not to cancel Harry’s Law.

    Do you need any more proof that total viewers, to TV Execs anyway, don’t matter

  • Holly


    felt like it was just a cannon fodder

    Probably because it was…

  • The End

    Is that really her real twitter account? Never did care much for Harry’s Law and never bothered to really look her up. Roughly 6500 followers seems awfully low for such a well known actress, thats why I assumed it was a faker.

  • Ultima

    Oh my god. It’s official. NBC is run by absolute morons.

    Oh yeah, complete no brainer to cancel the scripted show which brings in the greatest number of viewers!


    I’m not sure why that needs to be repeatedly said. It doesn’t matter how many viewers a show has, advertisers are only going to pay for those that are aged 18 to 49.

  • Bfleet

    This is the first time I’ve ever been HAPPY a show was cancelled.

    The Cancellation Bear will sleep well tonight!

  • Crazy Eye Broyles (AJ)

    Should have listened to me and cancelled it after last season. Horrible show.

  • forg

    Daniel Fienberg ? @HitFixDaniel

    Sigh. NBC cancels “Harry’s Law.” The jackasses at TVBytheNumbers are right. I *am* an idiot.

  • MoHasanie

    haha, even NBC has standards.

  • BoxMan

    Suck it Kathy.

  • zerg

    bye total viewers….Gz Bill and Robert

  • jamie

    I’m 20 and I love Harry’s Law. I’m just happy Kathy Bates will now shut up about Bill and Robert on Twitter.

    TVBTN > Kathy Bates

  • rob60990

    “And no one is shocked”

    Except Kathy Bates of course. She looks so foolish now.

  • sofaslug

    Goodbye and Good Riddance! Congrats Guys! Harry’s Law the show which will forever prove Total Viewers means nothing!

  • TV Gord

    This saddens me. Stupid viewers.

  • shawn

    What is going to be funny..is when all the shows they try to replace Harry’s Law with are rated just as low in the demo and DONT HAVE NEAR THE VIEWERS Harry’s Law Had. So sad!

  • Jack

    Nooo!!! This is wrong!

  • Ray

    @Naemeth, @Ultima – Total viewership SHOULD matter. Advertising companies are ass-backwards. The whole advertising industry, as a whole, is not reaping the profits it used to. As a twenty-something I’m in the target demo, but there are plenty of individuals who are above that age bracket that are much better off financially. Its silly not to tap into that market of wealthy older intellectuals who watch NBC.

  • Obs

    I hate that you are right about these things. A lot of us old farts out there saddened.

  • Oliver

    Well, that’s proof if it were needed that only the demo matters.

  • Silvio

    @The End
    Fake Kathy Bates twitter account clearly. An actress of her level would have more than 6 thousand followers.

    Total followers don’t count !

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