Harry's Law Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

Update: NBC confirms that Harry's Law is cancelled. Let the "will Harry's Law be shopped to another network" talk begin!

According to Kathy Bates twitter feed, Harry's Law has been canceled:

Yea, Tweeters. Sad news today. Harry's Law will not be renewed for a 3rd season. We are all terribly sad. Many thanks for all your support.


  • cc

    Agree with you Ray about nbc. A good drama gets canceled and a crapass show like Whitney gets renewed. A network that can’t afford to throw away a single viewer, just lost a ton. Let’s see them get ’em back. Hahahaha They’re toast.

    Bill and Bob must be dancing with their bear about now.

  • Alrighty Roo

    I don’t like the changes they made for season 2, it made it more generic. Regardless, I knew it had no chance from before it was even renewed last year, it’s ratings were only good to begin with and trending sharply downwards. By the end of the season I think it should’ve been canceled, given the direction it was headed.

    Also, how do you do [b]bold[/b] text? Did that work?

  • Ultima

    “Crow is off the menu, time for the corpse of Harry’s Law washed down by tears of sadness.” -Cancellation Bear

  • Alrighty Roo

    “Let’s see them get ‘em back.”

    They don’t want them back. They’re old and not going to get any younger.

  • SarahL

    I am not blaming Kathy. She wanted the show to do well. The blame for Harry’s Law’s failure lies squarely on David Kelly’s shoulders. When he got the second season, he should have moved to shore up the 18 to 49 demo, not get rid of the younger cast.

  • Ultima

    A network that can’t afford to throw away a single viewer, just lost a ton.

    And I can’t afford to stop volunteering, I have bills to pay!

  • cuba

    Second season was awful and it certainly deserved a cancellation.

  • SJ

    The lowest rated drama on the big four is canceled on the same day that it’s established that the world will not, in fact, be ending this year… All in all, a pretty good day for common sense.

  • Julia

    You’re behind the times. The Mayan calendar stuff was news yesterday. ;)

  • The Original J

    “WTF is TVbytheNumbers?”

    The site that accurately predicted this show’s demise, showrunner delusions notwithstanding.

  • Masterbreel

    That gives TVBN some extra point, like a gazillion points

  • Bunny

    Yay for TVBYNUMBERS! Best site!

  • Ultima

    but there are plenty of individuals who are above that age bracket that are much better off financially.

    The 18-49 demographic doesn’t drive the price of advertising because they have all the spending power, but rather because they are the scarcest viewers. It’s not difficult to reach the 50+ viewers, so they don’t drive a high price (effectively zero).

    This is simple supply and demand – an early chapter in any economics 101 book.

  • Joann Vensky

    I really love this show. Kathy and the crew were absolutely great on the show. The story lines were great. Give it one more chance please…..

  • Caller



  • Fake Me Out

    Sure, canceled in this universe, I’m waiting on word from the alternate realities …


    Help save Endgame and watch season 1 on Hulu, also watch Craig Ferguson in Scotland next week

  • Austin

    Why Nikita and not Ringer???

  • James

    Ridiculous 8 Million + Viewers and it gets canceled I hope that a cable network possibly TNT or FX Picks It Up !!!

  • Ian

    Where’s that right-wing nutjob John? Own up and pay up, you paranoid freak.

  • Kyle7

    @Ray: It’s not just that the advertisers feel that younger viewers are more impressionable and more likely to try new brands (which may or may not be true nowadays), it’s also that the advertisers believe that they can reach those older viewers at other times of the day while the younger folk are at work and not watching TV. If you can get your message across at 3 pm pretty cheaply, why would you want to pay for those same viewers during primetime?

    This does somewhat seem like a relic of the 60’s when people with normal jobs, like my teacher grandparents, could actually comfortably retire in the their early-to-mid 50s, as opposed to my parents, who in their late 50s are nowhere near retirement. Until advertisers decide that their methods are wrong, however, I don’t see this changing.

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