Harry's Law Canceled by NBC

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May 11th, 2012

Update: NBC confirms that Harry's Law is cancelled. Let the "will Harry's Law be shopped to another network" talk begin!

According to Kathy Bates twitter feed, Harry's Law has been canceled:

Yea, Tweeters. Sad news today. Harry's Law will not be renewed for a 3rd season. We are all terribly sad. Many thanks for all your support.


  • Gary A

    @ Loretta Peloso –
    Until they have a show that you want to watch I bet.

  • Johnny

    Season 2 became ”Cincinnati Legal”. They should’ve keep the show the way it was on season 1, cancellation is right…

  • Person of Interest

    YES this show was bad and its ratings were worse good that it got canceled i dont know how millions watched it i couldn’t for more than 10 min it is so boring and i hate Kathy Bates when she appeared in 2.5 men i couldn’t watch she is a bad actress and she should never act again in what remains in her life.

  • Rose

    Its a shame Harry Law was canceled , I guess to many people don’t like to think.NBC your going to be sorry on this one, I think Kathy Bates was great along with the rest of her co hearts. Sorry Kathy I loved your show.

  • Voltron

    Good riddance. There’s nothing more unappealing than a short, round, sassy talking, southen talking, gun toting, no-nonsense take no prisoners female loud mouth. I’m talking Governor Ann Richardson, Nancy Grace (sort of), Paula Dean, etc. The last thing I’d want to do is sit through an entire hour of her being all in-your-face and using southern cliches and her pointing out how uptight and square all Northeners are while people are supposedly warmed by her charms and her “down-home” appeal. it is such a cliche and there’s nothing I like about it. Please no more.

  • Red

    Wow. I’m more surprised by how many people (according to the comments) get so enthralled about the future, or lack thereof, of a TV show. Some people are acting like their youngest just graduated from harvard, or like their pet just died.

  • Gary A

    A couple of points to many posters:

    1.) Advertisers do not pay ONLY for 18 – 49 viewers. They are the most DESIRED demographic and an advertiser will pay more to reach them. To state that they do not pay for anybody else is wrong. They do pay for all viewers but at different rates. It sounds in your theory that advertisers pay ofr 18 – 49 viewers only and then everybody else is superflous to ad dollars.

    2.) People outside the desired demo don’t only purchase pharmacuticals, cruises and adult diapers. They purchase cars, go to fast food resturants, wash cloths, buy home improvement products, household items, shop at department stores, even drink beer and alcohol. Many people over 50 have higher disposable incomes and have a great deal of purchasing power. What they have too is product loyalty, at least according to most advertisers. If someone has been purchasing X detergent for 20 years, they are more likely to continue buying it as opposed to a 20 something going out on their own for the first time and may be swayed by the commercials. At least that’s the theory.

    3.) I don’t watch HL and its’ cancellation comes as no surprise, but, still, it does seem that the second most watched show on the third ( would be 4th if not for the Super Bowl ) place network could not be utilized in some way. NBC’s woes began as they pursued the demo over the viewer and subsequently ended up with a whole group of niches shows that actually don’t even do that well in the demo ( low to mid 1’s are not hits, are they? ). If you notice that the shows with a lot of viewers are usually also high in the demos ( AI, TBBT, TV, GA, to mention a few ). If you look at the weekly ratings and look at the charts for the top 25 in all viewers and for the 18 – 49 demo, they list almost the same shows ( albeit in different ranking sometimes ). The ratings for 2 weeks ago, there were the smae 18 shows in the top 25 with ALL viewers and in the 18 -49 demo. Most weeks it is usually the same – give or take a show here or there. It would just seem prudent on NBC’s part to work with producers and advertisers to figure out how to effectivley ( and profitably ) utilize a large viewing audience and try to raise it’s demo. It’s hard to comprehend the advertiser spending more $$ for a 1.3 demo and 5 million viewers than 0.8 and 9 million viewers and figuring they are getting the most bang for the buck. But, that right now is the standard practice, at least at NBC.

  • Margaret McMullan

    NBC must be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Saul

    Page 9 of the comments and people are still crying about Total Viewers. Amazing…

  • llama

    @meary…just fyi, your post comes off like you are a crazy person. I highly highly doubt more viewers would have “come over from” desperate housewives…they are two totally different genres of shows. Why would people watching a primetime soap want to watch a legal show? And so few people have seen the walking dead, it’s ridiculous you think that would possibly be a draw for anyone.

    Oh and total viewers still don’t matter..

  • Walt

    GREAT SHOW, hope it is picked up by another network, nice job NBC, no wonders CBS is #1

  • Cheryl Knapp

    It has finally happened! My Father’s description of TV has come true. It is the IDIOT BOX. The Reality show are a joke. Canceling Harry’s Law is truely a stupid move by NBC. There are several million boomer females who love the show. And it was relavent to our present day. BAD MOVE NBC. Just 1 more reason not to even turn the TV on or ever buy another.

  • ALI

    Well, the NBC execs just made it easier for me to catch up on my reading. Harry’s Law was amongst the few well-scripted shows on TV. Plus it drew a vast number of viewers each week. DUH?

  • William Haney

    Hmmn.. Might be a nice fit for TNT. Perhaps USA?

  • Dan S

    As Bobby from Supernatural might say about Harry’s Law being cancelled, what a bunch of idgits. Not to worry, next year after I’ve fallen in love with a ratings challenged show in the 18-49 demo they can break my heart all over again.

  • yodel

    well that makes no sense at all.. What about Golden Girls? Not near the 18-49 age group viewers..

  • yippy

    Hell,I’m still crying over Boston Legal getting canceled – I was thrilled to see this BL clone! Just waiting for James Spader to come on since he really doesn’t shine as he should on The Office.

  • Sally

    I’m shocked. I think Harry’s Law is a great entertainment series. Is it because the whole family can watched it?

  • karen

    It is rare that I write in about a show, but there have been FEW, IF ANY SHOWS that are NOT reality TV. It has been a pleasure to “USE MY MIND” while watching Parenthood and Harry’s Law!!! I SO DO miss the shows like Cagney and Lacey, NYPD Blue, St. Elsewhere, and ER!! I am SO SICK of all of these reality shows!! At any rate, if there are any good writers left I wish to God that someone would be willing to “take a huge risk” and actually write something that would be worth watching for something that would actually MAKE US THINK FOR A CHANGE!!!!

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