Name Game: Fox Changes Name of 'It's Messy' to 'The Mindy Project' - Will It Stick?

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May 11th, 2012

Lots of naming machinations for Fox this week, and now 'It's Messy' has been retitled 'The Mindy Project.' I won't be surprised if the name changes again by the time you see your TV listings in September.

  • Bill Gorman

    Fee, fi, fo-nindy?

  • AlcoholicsAnonymous

    Mindy is so hot imo, it doesn’t really matter as long as I get to see her on my TV screen.

  • rob60990

    Does FOX not know how to name shows? The Mindy Project is a better title though.

  • Observer

    Where’s Mork?

  • Mike

    better title: Who Needs Mork, It’s Mindy

  • Rebecca

    If her character’s name is also Mindy, this would be okay. I don’t like the It’s Messy title…just sounds too gross considering she’s a doctor in the show.

  • Ultima

    The need to change “The Following,” too!

  • iggy.

    Mindy in the Middle

  • killertv

    There goes my insightful Deadline comment…

    Seriously, though, America has no idea who she is. Amazing that for such an incredible talent coming up with a title is so hard

  • SmG

    Anna Camp (True Blood, TGW) is in this show too :)

  • Matto

    Thats thee worse title in TV history…

  • Lucas

    Why? Just why? In my opinion “It’s Messy” was a great title.

  • chrisss

    The Mindy Project is so boring… they should stay with It’s Messy :)

  • Xavier

    Let me guess, it was Mindy’s overworked publicist who thought of the title.

    Kinda doesn’t really matter what it’s called, Mindy has so little talent the show will be gone in 13 episodes max anyway.

  • Ravenrei

    I’m pretty sure her character’s name is Mira (it was at one point in the development process), so the new name makes even less sense than the first one. I really don’t think she’s all that well known beyond people who don’t watch The Office. Not sure if this’ll have the impact they’re looking for.

    Of course, this has been a bad, bad year for titles.

  • SJ

    The Mindy Project doesn’t really say anything about the show, and, like many other commenters have noted, she’s not a household name so that viewers at home would instantly think “Kaling!” when they hear Mindy’s name.


    Isn’t The Following now called Mastermind?

  • Common Anomaly

    Stork and Mindy?

  • Alan 59

    September? I won’t be surprised if it has yet another (hopefully better) title by Monday at Fox’s upfront.

    How about “Hard To Diagnose?”

  • Ken

    How about Just “Mindy” or “The Mindy Kaling Show”

  • Rebecca

    @Common Anomaly
    Good one!

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