NBC Picks Up Comedy 'Next Caller'

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May 11th, 2012

NBC has ordered comedy Next Caller starring Dane Cook to series. Deadline reports it will likely be held for mid-season, and looks like it's only a six episode order.

  • SteveO

    Dane Cook, gross. Not watching.

  • Ryne

    6 episodes? Sounds like another Bent or Best Friends Forever

  • EatMorePez

    “it will likely be held for mid-season, and looks like it’s only a six episode order.”

    So basically it’s the “Bent” of next season.

  • Matt

    nbc has about 20 comedies on the slate next year

  • Survivor Fan

    Prediction: This will never be given a chance.


  • Dodge_hickey

    When will they learn they need good shows to bring up their ratings!!

    All I watch on NBC is Community (gonna start Parks & Rec this summer)

  • Bob

    @Matt, 20 comedies but will any of them get over a 2.0. They can’t seem to get higher than a 1.6 rating now a days. Such a disaster of a network. Oh well. Since they are so bad, I am hoping for Harry’s Law to be renewed. Why not? They renewed every other disasterous show.

  • LLL

    damn nbc
    you all have picked up a lot of comedies for next season

  • Kyle Tanner

    Dane Cook?! OH GOD WHY.

    Cancelled after 3 episodes.

  • Justin

    I’m glad nobody is saying anything bad about Dane. Since like 2008, He’s mellowed out; Isolated Incident, Louie for example. Hope the show does good.

  • JC

    Dane Cook? No thanks – typical from the Nothing But Cancellations network.

  • Marc

    Next Caller? Should be Next Sitcom.

  • kyle

    I for one can’t wait to see what NBC’s schedule will look like, They have ordered more then 10 sitcoms

  • Matt

    they will do even worse off next year

  • Mike

    there scheduel will have probably a lot on midseason that wont be promoted yet theyll expect it to do well… like the series BENT

  • Caller

    Being honest with you guys this should’ve been a multi-cam since Dane Cook works well in front of an audience.

  • ToXiX

    Cancelled on arrival.

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE NBC didn’t pick up Downwardly Mobile.

    NBC must really want to keep dropping in ratings.

  • Kyle7

    @Dodge_hickey: As a viewer of Community, you should realize that good is a very subjective term and that critical acclaim does not always correlate too closely with popularity/ratings. It seems like every show has a group of fans who find it to be one of the best things on television and another group of people who don’t see why that bilge ever made it to air in the first place. The nets are all banking on their shows to get a large enough middle audience who are entertained enough to keep watching week-to-week, and in NBC’s current state that means throwing out a lot of shows and hoping some of them stick.

  • The Original J

    Robert, will you start putting show descriptions in with the pickup news? It would be nice to get that information along with the title of the shows.

  • Joe

    “All I watch on NBC is Community (gonna start Parks & Rec this summer)”

    See, this is the problem with the convention TV system heading into the 21st century. People decide to put off content for when they have time to watch, which affects ratings, but these people DO want to watch these shows. Seems to be more of NBC’s thing because their comedies skew younger than CBS, for example.

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