Updated: 'Nikita' Renewed for a 3rd Season; 'Hart of Dixie' for a Second

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May 11th, 2012

Fans of Nikita rejoice! It has been renewed for a third season. While Bill and I had it as more or less of a toss-up for renewal, our source was either flat-out wrong or things got un-bleak quickly. But for fans, all's well that ends well!

And it gets better for Nikita fans as a third season renewal practically guarantees there will be a fourth for syndication purposes.

Update: Hart of Dixie has been renewed. No word yet on Secret Circle.

Both renewals are for full seasons of 22 episodes.

CW has also ordered five new dramas to series, and canceled Ringer and The Secret Circle while renewing Gossip Girl for a short final season.

  • Petar

    show with 0.4 demo is renewed are you kidding me?

  • KS


    Why don’t you unblock Mikey/Bondoel for this hour? ;) We wanna meet him.

  • George

    Congratulation. Just HoD s02 and i’m fine.

  • SteveO

    Never seen the show. Now I have reason to watch on Netflix!

  • Felix

    Nikita renewed before Hart of Dixie, gossip girl, the secret circle! Woooow

  • forg

    Glad for Maggie Q

  • Bright

    @Bill not Denmark, Spain!!! muahahahaha I can’t bealieve it, yay!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    LOl if this is coming back, GG is getting a FULL final season.


    Secret circle has to be safe too.

  • Bookworm

    I don’t pay much attention to CW shows but a lot of people had that has gone with Bill/Rob giving it a shot (40 and 45 percent) but I’m happy for the show.

    What does that mean for the other bubble shows?

  • Rachel

    OMG. I don’t even watch this show and OMG.

  • Anna



  • hello

    Fantastic news. Good bubble year for me since all three of my bubble shows(Community, Fringe and Nikita)got renewed

  • SJ

    I am failry shocked, as this all but guarantees it a fourth season…

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    kida stupid… but I’m still hoping they give Ringer a 2nd, 13 ep season….

  • Julia

    YAY! Seriously let out an overly excited scream when i saw this. Though this does spell bad news for all of the new shows on cw…makes me think they aren’t renewing any of the new shows. Which is probably for the best cause none of them were doing well and the channel is in serious need of some life support.

  • Sid


  • Kavyn

    HOD is all but confirmed renewed now if we are to believe the sources of Deadline and others.

    Sorry, I’m not much of a gloater but DAMN I’m happy about this! Sorry to the fans of TSC and Ringer, maybe give Nikita a shot and see why we like it? :)

  • John A

    Well done Nikita. I have written it off but congrats to the fans. But if it stays on fridays poor CW.

  • zerg

    i’m not nikita fan but…Take it HATERS

  • ksica

    Congrats, Nikita fans! Don’t watch the show but I’m happy for you, especially Bondoel :D

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