Updated: 'Nikita' Renewed for a 3rd Season; 'Hart of Dixie' for a Second

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May 11th, 2012

Fans of Nikita rejoice! It has been renewed for a third season. While Bill and I had it as more or less of a toss-up for renewal, our source was either flat-out wrong or things got un-bleak quickly. But for fans, all's well that ends well!

And it gets better for Nikita fans as a third season renewal practically guarantees there will be a fourth for syndication purposes.

Update: Hart of Dixie has been renewed. No word yet on Secret Circle.

Both renewals are for full seasons of 22 episodes.

CW has also ordered five new dramas to series, and canceled Ringer and The Secret Circle while renewing Gossip Girl for a short final season.

  • rob60990

    “looking forward to it hitting 0.2?s and 0.3?s next season”

    Same. This is a new low for the CW.

  • MattD

    If it’s a 13 episode order, then it’ll be a final season. If it’s for 22 episodes, it’ll get a 4th season for syndication.

  • Ray

    So much for TVBTN “credible” source.

  • Jeremy

    YEAH!!! To all the haters- keep talking because its still here!

  • mrdoubleb

    YES YES YES!!!

    Wow, just like last year, that was close!

    I don’t know why they did it, but I cannot remember the last time i was so happy about a renewal! :)

  • KS


    We are not sure, if its a 13 episode order or 23 episode order. With 5 dramas picked up, I am pretty confident its a 13 episode order.

  • SmG

    800k viewers with a 0.3 demo here we come :)

    Congrats to the fans though ;)

  • Romeo Yotat


  • Franko

    Amazing! :)

  • Kavyn

    Someone please unban Mikey so that he may tell us how right he was.

    YESSS :D

  • Luis

    Hahaha i would be happy when the show hits 0.3 or 0.2 the next season XD

  • John A

    Maybe Unblock Bondoel and let him gloat?

  • Storm

    Bill, who is that danish fan you’re talking about? I’m in Denmark too and loving Nikita. :)

  • forg

    Surprised CW renewed Nikita first before Gossip Girl!

  • Dillan

    I’m assuming TSC and HoD both got 13 episodes, then? If The CW renewed a show that got 0.4’s every week. Regardless of it coming on a Friday.

  • Aerilyn

    I am SO happy! I still want TSC to be renewed though. Still, bring on Nikita Season 3!

  • Ali

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! oh my god!!!! this is awesome!

  • KS

    This is a clear example, where A18-49 are no more that valuable as they used to be.

  • Felipe Nikita


  • Jack


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