Updated: 'Nikita' Renewed for a 3rd Season; 'Hart of Dixie' for a Second

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May 11th, 2012

Fans of Nikita rejoice! It has been renewed for a third season. While Bill and I had it as more or less of a toss-up for renewal, our source was either flat-out wrong or things got un-bleak quickly. But for fans, all's well that ends well!

And it gets better for Nikita fans as a third season renewal practically guarantees there will be a fourth for syndication purposes.

Update: Hart of Dixie has been renewed. No word yet on Secret Circle.

Both renewals are for full seasons of 22 episodes.

CW has also ordered five new dramas to series, and canceled Ringer and The Secret Circle while renewing Gossip Girl for a short final season.

  • Kavyn

    It’s pretty obvious that people saying Nikita’s writing is bad while TSC’s is good have never given Nikita a chance.

  • KirbbDogg

    It was teenager’s that fought to keep star trek alive, And that’s what this fan reaction reminds me of. Only thing here is Star trek is way better then TSC and there was no internet or twitter in the 60s.

    I watched all the CW shows. So I can give a fair point on these shows. as far as Nitkia go’s They need a new big bad. And a new storyline to work on.

  • gene

    @ Psycho Bob, I actually agree with you on the great premise/poor execution of TSC, & I meant that is definitely teen- more so than The Vampire Diaries or Nikita. So I guess the real questions are a) what is the CW’s current key demographic? and b) what are they hoping will become their key demographic? Which is interesting to ponder. I think Hart of Dixie was kept to step into One Tree Hill’s shoes, it is definitely a throwback to the Gilmore Girls/WB days, much lighter, but I don’t mind it- something about the show is just breezy, & makes you smile. But once again, the scripts do need work, too.
    @Charles, I’m sorry if you feel offended- I wasn’t throwing out a cliche with that call on Nikita’s scriptwriting, I watched a number of episodes in the first season. (I’m also a paid television writer, although that’s not really that relevant). I’m glad you’re passionate about the program, scripted television needs that kind of enthusiasm to survive. Overall, even after long discussion, we’d probably end up having to agree to disagree on Nikita. Am happy, though, for fans who are celebrating. It’s always great when a favourite makes the cut :)
    I actually think what lets the CW network down overall is the quality of the writing, across the board. Some great premises, with a lot of potential, but so-so storytelling pretty much leaves a lot of the shows dead in the water. To survive against reality programming, scripted television has to be sharp these days & overall, CW’s efforts really struggle. Here’s hoping the new batch of shows are stronger when it comes to the actual craft of storytelling, in a television format.

  • KirbbDogg


    I don’t think CW knows what they want.

  • leon

    weeehooo!! i’m so happy!! in the netherlands episode 17 and 18 airs tonight :D another year full of bitch fights YEAH!

  • Charles

    @gene, I’m not offended at all, you have a right to your opinion. But you still didn’t answer my question and give me a specific example of what you consider bad writing.

  • Brett

    Double A-Awesome!!!!!!!! U haters can SUCK it!!!!!!!!!

  • Sid

    “Fans of these two shows have nothing about to celebrate, they were saved by luck – that is, because of disaster state Dawn left network in.”

    Well I can tell you that I’m definitely celebrating NIKITA’s renewal. I don’t care why it was saved and it doesn’t make me feel bad one bit. But I am thrilled that it was renewed so you can complain all season next year. What was it you said earlier? Deader than Disco?

  • Sid

    I’ve seen all 22 episodes of THE SECRET CIRCLE and comparing it to NIKITA is useless because there’s no comparison.

    THE SECRET CIRCLE was basically GOSSIP GIRL with magic. Those posters that The CW released in the beginning of last season was very misleading. I expected every character to have their own element/individual strengths. After the pilot, they started shipping love triangles and complex relationships and focused less and less on magic.

    When they did decide to turn things around(lets say ep. 18) it was too late. In the end, THE SECRET CIRCLE was a pale comparison to its sister show, Vampire Diaries and many fans of TVD obviously agree since they never bothered to tune into TSC.

  • KirbbDogg

    The one thing I didn’t like too much with TSC was casting Joe Lando as the dad. No disrespect to him. I was fan of his growing up watching Doctor Quin back in the 90s. And loved his work in a show he did called Higher ground. I just thought he was not in the right age braket to be Cassie’s dad. He’s more like now a grandpa more then anything else. He ‘s in his 50s and the rest of the aduts on that are mid to late 30s. It didn mash well to me. Like roger moore play james bond at 58 years old in a view to a kill in 85.

  • JJA

    To be honest, I think some of the negative commentary regarding Nikita’s ratings persuaded me into thinking the show was a goner. In reality, I think the show was very much a “bubble” show all the way ’till the end. In other words, the CW was NEVER “likely” to cancel it.

    Now, the rumor (from spoilertv) is that Nikita will be moved OFF Friday. The network is considering putting ANTM on Friday as a lead-in to Supernatural. And, spoilertv accurately predicted Nikita’s return (and Secret Circle’s cancelation).

    Frankly, I think the CW should move BOTH Supernatural & Nikita off Friday. They should put 90210 and ANTM there.

  • Alexis

    It’s funny, indeed, how people keep saying “Nikita has bad writing” and never seem able to give an actual example. Somehow, I suspect it has more to do with these people being pissed that their shows got cancelled over Nikita than having actually watched Nikita and decided it was bad. (gene, I’m not addressing you in particular so no offense meant)

    The main two arguments I’ve seen against Nikita:

    1) It’s getting repetitive, Percy/Amanda/Percy in control of Division: just because Percy’s back in Division doesn’t mean we’re back to Square One. Things are COMPLETELY different than they were in Season 1: Oversight is gone, Amanda’s on the run rather than working for Division, Alex is no longer Nikita’s mole, Nikita has gotten Michael and Birkhoff on her side, and Percy’s working a different plan. Moreover, they’ve already set up the new Big Bads for Season 3, who we’ll hopefully learn a bit more about in this Friday’s season finale. (I suspect Percy’s getting killed off to make room for them, actually.)

    2) The “Michael had a kid with Cassandra” plot was soapy/teen-ish: I’ll readily agree that it was the weakest storyline of this season. It was unnecessary, as the writers could have found better obstacles for Nikita and Michael to face in their relationship. That being said – Nikita still handled this plot better than 99% of the rest of the shows out there would have. There was no Michael/Cassandra/Nikita love triangle, no petty jealousy. It was all about Michael’s fatherhood. In the end, he made the sacrifice of sending his son away and never seeing him again for his own safety. This does show character growth on Michael’s part, accepting that “happily ever after” can’t come that easily, and the whole storyline allowed Shane West to do some great emotional acting. And finally – Cassandra was only even in 3 episodes, FFS. To cite this one plot as evidence of Nikita having weak writing is absurd, in my opinion.

    Nikita’s writing is incredible in a lot of ways. It’s one of the only shows to portray strong multilayered women who have lives outside romance and are fighting for real goals, positive and complex relationships (rather than bitchy fights about boyfriends) between women, mature and serious romance, and strong platonic friendships that are just as important as the romantic ones. It’s also probably the only show on TV right now with an Asian (or any racial minority) lead. It has mind-blowing production values, exhilarating action that few shows can compete with, complex characters, and even some humor. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, but every single critic whose reviews I’ve read loves this show and praises it constantly. The CW needs that to improve their image, since right now they’re being perceived as nothing but the teenybopper network.

    As for TSC, I’ve never watched it so I can’t comment on its quality firsthand. However, from what I heard, it’s like Sid says – Gossip Girl with magic, more focus on the teen romance than the supernatural aspect which is supposed to be the special thing about the show. I fail to see how that show has more potential than Nikita. Not only does it not have Nikita’s critical success, and did it do no better than Nikita on the post-TVD slot, but I don’t see it as being a great international seller. Nikita is a recognizable title, with previous movies (the original one even being French), a previous show, and a lead actress who’s well-known in Asia. Even if it’s good, I can’t see anything about TSC that would especially appeal to viewers abroad and make that show a hit there.

  • JJA

    @Alexis–Yes, the writing for Nikita is indeed incredible.

    Regarding how Nikita manages to portray strong women, I think Nikita manages to portray ALL its main characters in a multilayered way. IN other words, it doesn’t disparage the male characters (like, for example, Game of Thrones is starting to do).

    Also, people underestimate the acting in Nikita. All the actors are incredible. Nikita is by far the best acted show on the CW, and I can say that lesser performances (on other networks) have won Golden Globes and Emmys. And by acting, I’m not even considering the incredible fight scenes, that are superbly choreographed and go on and on.

    It would have been a real shame if Nikita was canceled, and I hope the CW puts its promotion department into high gear next year. They have a gem on their hands, and I hope they realize it.

  • Kelly

    @ David

    I kind of hate jumping into the middle of a series though. I missed the first 15 episodes.

  • Brian

    I read Nikita was renewed because it has International appeal and potential for great sales. Also, CW was happy with its Friday night ratings, I guess.

    Either way, I am sooooooooo freakin happy for Maggie Q and company – Nikita is an awesome show and I hope that people who have yet to give it a shot, do so next season. Trust, it is one of the the best action series around !!!!!!

  • Adrian

    “Those posters that The CW released in the beginning of last season was very misleading. I expected every character to have their own element/individual strengths. After the pilot, they started shipping love triangles and complex relationships and focused less and less on magic.”

    Man I completely agree. The promos were totally misleading. Especially the promo for episode 4 or 5, with the possessed comatose woman I remember thinking “this show is going to be awesome, better than TVD” yet it was garbage. It is exactly what you describe, GG with a hint of magic.

    They really need to take a lesson from WB shows like Charmed, Buffy, Angel. The romance always secondary to everything else. This stupid insistence to make love triangles/romance the focus of the writing is what is killing all their current shows.

    We were discussing this the other day, I think if SPN/SV survived for so long is because they don’t squander the storylines with unnecessary romance.

  • Kir

    I just got unbelievablely happy. I can’t wait to see where Nikita goes from here

  • Pete

    Gonna be so hilarious when Nikita gets 0.3s and 0.2s next season

  • Sid

    “I just got unbelievablely happy. I can’t wait to see where Nikita goes from here”

    Me too! I hope they d a bit of a revamp to have more stand alone episodes(more like a procedural).

    I thought Season 1 was fantastic when it was more like a procedural. Season 2 has been heavily serialized so it would be hard for anyone to catch up with the series.

    Craig said a major character will die in the finale and as much as I love to hate Percy, I’m hoping it’s him. It’s time for this cat and mouse game to end and start Season 3 with a fresh and new direction.

  • Dan

    Nikita will fail miserably upon it’s return in the fall. I just about died when I saw that The CW renewed it for 22 episodes-I figured it would get 13 and then end. I can’t help but laugh at The CW’s decisions every year as they just get more and more ridiculous. I’ve decided to stay away from The CW’s shows from now on. I used to watch pretty much everything, but I’m not even going to give the new shows a chance. I will continue to watch The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, 90210, Gossip Girl, and Hart of Dixie until they end, but as for watching new programming, I absolutely refuse. Can’t wait for the CW to close it’s doors in a few years-unless they get a hit, they are never going to be able to survive.

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