Updated (2): 'Parks & Recreation' - Now With a Full Season - Renewed; 'The Office' and 'Up All Night' and 'Whitney' Renewed by NBC Too

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May 11th, 2012

Update 2: Parks & Recreation is now for a full season order of 22 episodes. Whitney is now renewed too!

Update: NBC has renewed Up All Night for a second season.

NBC has renewed Parks & Recreation and The Office. Parks & Recreation for a fifth season and The Office for a 9th season.  The order for Parks & Recreation as widely rumored (and as with Community, surprising to me due to the proximity to enough episodes for syndication) was for only 13 episodes turns out to be 22 episodes after all.

Still hearing rumblings that Whitney is getting renewed too, but not official yet. Now official.

None of these renewals is shocker despite the TV media scratching their heads over Whitney. Bill had Whitney more likely to be renewed than canceled and I had Whitney as a toss up.

NBC has also picked up comedy Next Caller starring Dane Cook for six episodes, likely to appear mid-season.

  • Bob

    Boy NBC loves their 2-million viewer shows. No wonder it is the worst network on TV. NBC is becoming the CW quickly.

  • Tyler

    P&R had better be on in the Fall. And it had better get an order for the Back 9!

  • Matthew Chapman

    Just to let you Know that Up All Night has in fact been renewed-http://tvline.com/2012/05/11/parks-and-recreation-renewed/

  • Ryne

    Up All Night renewed? NBC sure does take care of its SNL alumni.

  • Jay S.

    Parks will get the back nine at least, guaranteed. 13-episode orders are just business as usual.

  • Jess

    glad to see the rumor mills were indeed right over the past couple of days, not a surprise really.

  • Cyrax86

    Yay for P&R!

    Up All Night is totally a pity renewal though, out of the 6 comedies they premiered this year, they needed it to save face. But once again NBC will have way too many comedies for next season and some of them will once again get the Friends With Benefits/Bent/Best Friends Forever treatment so why bother…

  • James

    If up all night gets a full order and parks doesn’t, i’ll not be very happy :(

  • John A

    LMAO at Up All Night renewed. It was getting low 1.s when it ended. NBC must love 4th place.

  • joel

    The UAN renewal definitely has a cronyism factor written all over it. Still needs revamping even though they’ve already tried to revamp it a half dozen times. They can start with new writers.

  • Survivor Fan

    Come on, NBC, renew Whitney already!

  • Kenny

    Why would “Whitney” be renewed…………..WHY???????????????

  • SmG

    So, Renew / Cancel Index predictions are %100 on point for NBC till now :)

  • DougF

    I heard rumors that Parks & Rec and Community could have the possibility of having a back order of 9

  • Masterbreel

    No pressreleases?

  • James Sample

    YES! Glad to hear a renewal for Up All Night.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @SmG, we’ll argue 100% so far, since UP ALL NIGHT was a toss up.

  • EatMorePez


    Do you not get CBS at your house? There’s plenty of non-dry sitcoms on that network. (They even tell you when you’re supposed to laugh! It’s awesome!)

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Masterbreel: you won’t see press releases for the flurry announcements before upfront week, but it’s official and will come in press release form probably beginning Sunday when NBC issues its schedule release.

  • sara


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