Updated (2): 'Parks & Recreation' - Now With a Full Season - Renewed; 'The Office' and 'Up All Night' and 'Whitney' Renewed by NBC Too

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May 11th, 2012

Update 2: Parks & Recreation is now for a full season order of 22 episodes. Whitney is now renewed too!

Update: NBC has renewed Up All Night for a second season.

NBC has renewed Parks & Recreation and The Office. Parks & Recreation for a fifth season and The Office for a 9th season.  The order for Parks & Recreation as widely rumored (and as with Community, surprising to me due to the proximity to enough episodes for syndication) was for only 13 episodes turns out to be 22 episodes after all.

Still hearing rumblings that Whitney is getting renewed too, but not official yet. Now official.

None of these renewals is shocker despite the TV media scratching their heads over Whitney. Bill had Whitney more likely to be renewed than canceled and I had Whitney as a toss up.

NBC has also picked up comedy Next Caller starring Dane Cook for six episodes, likely to appear mid-season.

  • Tom

    Again, I thought there were too many names involved for NBC not to give UAN one more shot, whether it deserves it or not.

    I just don’t know what NBC is doing with the episode counts though. Yes, everything but The Office could and should be killed on a real network. But at least squeeze some syndication money out of your train wreck of a situation.

  • Keri

    Hope Whitney gets renewed just to hear all the nerds cry. Would rather see Chelsea renewed though that won’t happen.

    Parks should have gotten the full 22 but I’m optimistic it will get a back 9.

  • Survivor Fan

    Whitney should be on CBS. It fits the tone of their comedies better. Didn’t CBS pass on it?

    I like the over-the-top CBS-style comedies the best.

  • Nick

    I’ve always felt that UAN has special SNL treatment, although if the second season is a bit less wishy washy it may grow, personally I’d’ve gone for Whitney though.

    Glad that there’s no final season announcement for Parks – 13 will take it to 81, maybe it’ll get a back 7/9 to finish it off OR another season after 2013 hopefully!

  • John A

    Whitney had better ratings than Up All Night. I assume whitney is cancelled? Surely they dont have the room for that too?

  • SmG

    @Robert Seidman, yes but you have given %51 in oddsmakers so I think its ok :)

  • Caringtype1(Save Harry!)

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why only 13eps for Parks and Recreation??? NBC is the best!

  • kyle

    Quick Note – Arnett Curse is broken

  • GreatTVDude

    Finally! I’m assuming that The Office and Up All night are full seasons, or is that unknown right now? It seems strange to give Up all Night a full season over Parks. I suppose the good news about Parks shorter season is that there will be few to no filler episodes. I’m happy with that. :)

  • Lucas

    I just don’t see the reason behind the Up All Night renew. The show has bad numbers, is far from syndication and has almost no critical support. Does NBC really believe its numbers are going to grow? Are they protecting the show performers and producers (star power)?

  • Kavyn

    Parks and Rec got 22, now give Community 22! Grrrr :/

  • Capten

    Glad to hear 22 for P&R!

  • SmG

    Whitney is also renewed.

  • J

    Up All Night….are you serious? AND Whitney…NBC you just love being in last place huh. Pathetic.

  • Bunny

    This embarrassing for Happy Endings that Whitney got renewed first but funny at same time..LoL!

  • bluelp85

    Yay! 22 eps of P&R!

  • Bobby

    So happy Parks gets renewed with a full 22 episodes! I’m sure I’m alone here, but I’m thrilled for Whitney as well. I watch Up All Night so I’m happy for them as I like the cast, but I’m kind of surprised they got it.

  • Allen

    I see no point for the renew of UAN.

  • Max

    Are these rumors of a possible 13-episode midseason order for Harry’s Law true? Deadline is reporting it as good buzz but I can’t believe it. NBC wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

  • SmG

    I hear NBC has given one last-minute comedy series order to the Dane Cook starrer Next Caller. There had been talk that NBC liked the project, starring the comedian as a host of a satellite radio show, but may keep it for redevelopment. It is now getting a straight order, likely for midseason.


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