Updated (2): 'Parks & Recreation' - Now With a Full Season - Renewed; 'The Office' and 'Up All Night' and 'Whitney' Renewed by NBC Too

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May 11th, 2012

Update 2: Parks & Recreation is now for a full season order of 22 episodes. Whitney is now renewed too!

Update: NBC has renewed Up All Night for a second season.

NBC has renewed Parks & Recreation and The Office. Parks & Recreation for a fifth season and The Office for a 9th season.  The order for Parks & Recreation as widely rumored (and as with Community, surprising to me due to the proximity to enough episodes for syndication) was for only 13 episodes turns out to be 22 episodes after all.

Still hearing rumblings that Whitney is getting renewed too, but not official yet. Now official.

None of these renewals is shocker despite the TV media scratching their heads over Whitney. Bill had Whitney more likely to be renewed than canceled and I had Whitney as a toss up.

NBC has also picked up comedy Next Caller starring Dane Cook for six episodes, likely to appear mid-season.

  • bluelp85

    @Bunny Would be embarrassing if they were on the same network but ABC barely released the renewals of shows they were confident in.

  • Colonel

    Nice Whitney.

  • Holly


    NBC wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

    They did just pick up a Dane Cook comedy….

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    moving on to ABC (but still waiting to hear about Harry’s Law!)


  • Dan

    Thank God Up All Night got renewed!!!

  • Joe Bua

    Whitney. I’m shocked.

  • Survivor Fan

    Thank you, NBC.

    Now, I just need:
    Rules of Engagement
    Happy Endings
    Don’t Trust the B
    Celebrity Apprentice (which is a lock)
    Awake, Missing, The River (but I know that they will be canceled)

  • AC75

    Nice for Parks & Rec. Glad to see it isn’t getting cancelled like SpoilerTV reported yesterday. I sorta hate that site… As for The Office, I hope they have something planned to spice it up a bit. This season hasn’t been too enjoyable. And Whitney… ugh

  • Survivor Fan

    Oh, and Last Man Standing

  • gerry

    P&R RENEWAL!! ok, y’all, treat yo’self!

  • Survivor Fan

    OK< check off Happy Endings

  • rob60990

    See this is why I don’t feel sorry for NBC. They keep renewing low rated shows.

  • Nazel

    Woooohooooooo go Whitney!

  • rob60990

    LMAO at this tweet from @maskscheduler:

    Breaking: NBC in talks to revive HELLCATS and has picked up my garbage while I’m out of town.

  • Mary

    Rob, to be fair, if they cancelled all of their low rated shows, they wouldn’t have anything on the air.

  • Mike

    If only they give a full season to community that would make the most sense for syndication… but at least they didnt say final season

  • Lori

    I’m so happy for the Parks renewal and that it will get the full 22 episodes. It is such a great show. I hope more people start to watch it.

  • Kenny

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how the hell “Whitney” gets a full 22 episode order and Harry`s Law {highest rated show on NBC} MIGHT BE CANCELLED…Whitney didn`t even touch 3 million viewers…c`mon…Who is she blowing????????

  • s0303

    @ bunny…happy endings is on abc, it wouldn’t be listed here :) and it has been renewed…

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Kenny
    How do you know that Whitney has a full season?

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