Updated (2): 'Parks & Recreation' - Now With a Full Season - Renewed; 'The Office' and 'Up All Night' and 'Whitney' Renewed by NBC Too

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May 11th, 2012

Update 2: Parks & Recreation is now for a full season order of 22 episodes. Whitney is now renewed too!

Update: NBC has renewed Up All Night for a second season.

NBC has renewed Parks & Recreation and The Office. Parks & Recreation for a fifth season and The Office for a 9th season.  The order for Parks & Recreation as widely rumored (and as with Community, surprising to me due to the proximity to enough episodes for syndication) was for only 13 episodes turns out to be 22 episodes after all.

Still hearing rumblings that Whitney is getting renewed too, but not official yet. Now official.

None of these renewals is shocker despite the TV media scratching their heads over Whitney. Bill had Whitney more likely to be renewed than canceled and I had Whitney as a toss up.

NBC has also picked up comedy Next Caller starring Dane Cook for six episodes, likely to appear mid-season.

  • Oliver

    I think NBC will regret renewing Whitney and Up All Night. I suspect they’ll both fall next season and get the axe.

  • Daniel

    The Office :D Woot!

  • Jack

    now, no word about Harrys Law!!?? One can still hope!

  • Danny Control

    @ Oliver

    They will regret Up All Night but not Whitney, Whit is their future and people started to like it towards the end of the season so it has some major upside.

    @ Freyja

    That disgusts me to no end that Dane Cook would get picked up over Roseanne. If CBS and ABC nabs it will be the biggest pilot blunder in years.

  • Potato


    I suspect Caller was quoting Liz Lemon on 30 Rock

  • Jenny

    @ J Thank You ” @Jenny, yeah it was weird they gave up on the Mindy Kaling project, considering how funny and talented she is I think that’s a major #fail for NBC. ”

    I just don’t get NBC. The people at Fox are super happy to get the show, the critics are all saying it is going to be a big hit. Yet NBC gave it to Fox.

  • Jenny

    Nerds ! Didn’t everybody watch the movie the Avengers this week. Nerds are super hereos and super sexy. I am happy to be a nerd !

  • AC75

    What is all this insanity about “nerds”? Are we in grade 2? And why are folks talking about Whitney as if it’s their mission in life to protect her?

  • Survivor Fan

    Any chance that NBC tries the 3 hour comedy block again? It would do better than what PS/ The Firm/ Awake did.

  • xwiseguyx

    The only show worth a renewal was Whitney so now I can relax… -:)

  • Rocky

    What’s all of this talk about nerds? Why are people on here so defensive about being called a nerd for liking Community and dissing Whitney all the time. Being called a nerd is a compliment for people recognizing your smarts.

    If yous seriously have a problem with it stop dissing Whitney all the time then raising the stereotype you guys have.

    End of story case closed no more talk about it!

  • Hattie

    Yay for Parks & Rec!!! Surprised to see Whitney with this company though — P&R and Community are such smart comedies whereas Whitney is so… blah…

  • Lyndsy Fonseca is Sexy

    Whitney and Nikita renewed is the best news for me of the day.

  • Carmen

    It appears that the NBC strategy is to try an trot out as many new shows (heavily comdedy), throw them against the wall (probably randomly), and pray that some stick.

    If will be interesting to see how they schedule them.

    Will they try to start out running with new shows in the fall,
    or start more heavily with what they carry over and feed the new ones into the line up piece meal as the season unfolds.

  • ethan

    when will we here about SVU…i remember last year, there was no renewal announcement and it just showed up on their fall schedule at the upfronts…

  • tvfreak

    @ethan: SVU has been renewed already.

  • ethan

    really? was there ever an offical anouncment…i dont recall seeing one?

  • Azzman


  • Carigis

    Sorry to hear about up all night..

  • Nick

    Up All Night deserves to be cancelled. It is a horrible show.

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