Updated (2): 'Parks & Recreation' - Now With a Full Season - Renewed; 'The Office' and 'Up All Night' and 'Whitney' Renewed by NBC Too

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May 11th, 2012

Update 2: Parks & Recreation is now for a full season order of 22 episodes. Whitney is now renewed too!

Update: NBC has renewed Up All Night for a second season.

NBC has renewed Parks & Recreation and The Office. Parks & Recreation for a fifth season and The Office for a 9th season.  The order for Parks & Recreation as widely rumored (and as with Community, surprising to me due to the proximity to enough episodes for syndication) was for only 13 episodes turns out to be 22 episodes after all.

Still hearing rumblings that Whitney is getting renewed too, but not official yet. Now official.

None of these renewals is shocker despite the TV media scratching their heads over Whitney. Bill had Whitney more likely to be renewed than canceled and I had Whitney as a toss up.

NBC has also picked up comedy Next Caller starring Dane Cook for six episodes, likely to appear mid-season.

  • Lane

    Dane Cooks show will be the BENT of next year.

  • Christina

    Not that I’m complaining, but HOW did Whitney get a renewal? I really, really thought it was dead in the water with season 1 ending in late March, no real buzz, no hype, etc. If anything, I guess WC’s new talk show on E! will help with a second season

  • Rebecca

    Yeah, there was an announcement about SVU’s renewal. I don’t think it’s on the home page any more, but you can do an easy search and find it. It was from yesterday or the day prior.

  • jazz

    any wordc on the # of episodes for the office its only 24 away from 200 after all

  • That Dude

    What I think is going on (and I apologize to anyone who has said this, I’m not going to read all the comments) is NBC is picking up these shows in case their new shows don’t do so well after the Olympics, they will have these in place. Or if these shows do actually make it, for them to go on break late 2012, and come back 2013 with their new pick ups. While the 13 episode shows go in as filler while they are on break or hiatus whichever you prefer. Or I could be dead wrong and they could be going the cable route with shorten seasons with 2 seasons fall and spring

  • boogke

    Yay Whitney! Up All Night needed to be cancelled though. Still no word on Whitney’s episode order though?

  • Networkman

    I don’t understand why NBC is willing to give Parks & Rec 22 episodes, but are not eager to give Community 22 episodes. Yes, Parks & Rec may have had slightly better numbers than Community. STill, Parks & Rec did not have the challenge of leading off the night and going against one of the strongest comedies on broadcast Tv, The Big Bang Theory. And Up All Night should have been cancelled. I agree with those who are saying NBC is picking up WAY to many sitcoms and not cancelling nearly enough. Some are just going to be simply burned off or air in the Summer. And if I see Community scheduled back on Thursday @8pm, that’ll will let me know that NBC most likely don’t care about ordering the back 9 episodes for the show.

  • tomsman

    Glad about UAN. 30 Rock, Grimm and Dateline(I’m assuming DL was renewed) are the only NBC shows we watch, so we are happy. I tried Whitney 2 times and it just didn’t fly with me. The announcement of a DANE COOK show on NBC makes my flesh crawl.

  • tomsman

    I got ahead of myself… Smash and The Voice also. So, still, we’re all good.

  • jasterisk

    Yay Whitney!

  • Mallory

    I’m super excited to hear that Whitney is coming back on! The season finale was so cute, and I’m (not very patiently) waiting for season two!

  • Johnny G

    It’s official, Bunny is the person that annoys me the most on this website. Post after post about how Happy Endings is in trouble and now a post about how HE should be embarrassed because Up All Night was renewed before it. I’ve never seen someone so OBSESSED with posting nonsense constantly. I wish no ill will, but seriously, find something better to do.

  • Sheena

    Is NBC ordering all these comedies because they know their track record and want backups in case of cancellation? If that were the case, it would seem they are not too confident.

    I am surprised at ‘The Office’ being renewed. I hate to beat this drum, but I miss Michael Scott. It is just a different show without him. I have still been watching the show since he left, but it just feels different. And a show that was as good as The Office does not deserve to bleed to death/be mauled by a cancellation bear.

    I like Up All Night. But even I am surprised it was renewed. That makes me happy for Will Arnett.

    I have watched Whitney. I agree it got better as the season went on, although, the only character I really like is Alex. The others are just so-so to me.

    Glad to hear about Parks. I look forward to see where it goes.

  • H8R

    Everything that is not renewed is a goner (Except Bob’s Burgers)

  • Caitlyn

    @NetworkMan Not only did Parks do better much then Community at 8:30 (because remember before that hiatus so Community could air, it did have the 8:30 slot) but its also fully owned and produced by NBC Universal, where as Community is produced by an outside production company therefore making it more expensive then Parks and Rec. So with higher ratings and being less expensive Parks is the obvious choice for a full season.

  • Nscovell

    Whitney is a terrible show. It should never had made it past it’s first episode. The Office now blows. If you want good television then wait until October and order Showtime. When Sunday roles around watch Dexter at 9 and then The Walking Dead on AMC at 10. That’s all you need. NBC FAILS!

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