Updated: Private Practice, 'Body of Proof' Renewed; 'Last Man Standing,' 'Scandal' & 'Apt 23' Renewed Too; 'GCB' Canceled

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May 11th, 2012

Update: Last Man Standing has been renewed.

And now Private Practice and Body of Proof (our only  big swing and miss of the season so far)  join Scandal in the renewal column. Private Practice for a sixth season, Body of Proof for a 13 episode third season and Scandal for a second.

Also renewed for a second season: Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23.

GCB was canceled.

For those who need ABC confirmation that 'Pan Am,' 'Missing' and 'The River' are canceled, you have it.

No word on Last Man Standing  yet.

ABC has also picked up several new shows.

  • danny94

    Yeah Body of proof… didnt see that coming… shame about GCB but oh well…

  • Flame

    This was a CRUEL headline – I thought that LMS was canceled!

  • hubertwentland5

    eh. they killed GCB, making it only one new program of night really early, then gave it the titanic lead in. scandal is doing really similar after the great lead in it gets form GA. so scandal should be canceled, maybe not instead of GCB, but along with it o.o

  • Sheena

    Happy about Private Practice, even though some of the character’s behavior is frustrating at times.

    I was going to start watching GCB… nevermind that, I guess.

  • Dan

    no justice Body of Proof and Scandal get renewed but GCB is cancelled.

  • Raykov

    So the better in ratings GCB canceled but Body of Proof which sucked all season long is renewed… That sux for GCB fans

  • Cyrax86

    So happy Body of Proof managed to break the 2-season curse of ABC that previously got Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Men In Trees, V and Eli Stone!

    Very sad for GCB, I wanted Kristin Chenoweth to continue having her own show and before it premiered everyone treated like the DH-replacement. They waited too long to use DH as a lead-in. Pan Am continues to be the biggest loss, good riddance for Missing, The River and of course Charlie’s Angels.

    Congrats to Scandal, not enjoying it as much as Pan Am or GCB but I’m gonna stick with it, especially since only 1 out of the 6 upcoming dramas excite me.

  • KennyA

    How many episodes for Private Practice? And Final Season?

    With all these renewals and pilot pick ups i bet we will have a lot of midseason replacements and with all these renewed comedys, comedys on Friday are going to happen for sure!

  • Cyrax86

    @KennyA, If I count well, the total number of scripted shows on ABC is almost identical to the previous season. Last year they had 9 returning and 13 new, now they have 13 returning and 10 new.

    I think both PP and BoP got a 13 episode renewal.

  • Luke

    Body of proof renewed!!! Thank god at least one show I watch is coming back RIP The Secret Circle and Ringer :(

  • David Howell

    So ABC had one show that started horribly and ended adequately, and one show that started brilliantly and ended horribly.

    They renewed both. Which stuns me, especially as it’s not like they didn’t pick up many new shows.

    Personally, I’m convinced ABC would have done better cancelling BoP and simply throwing in another hour of news magazines (which they do well) Tuesday 10pm (or elsewhere). I can only presume they make a ton of money out of this in international syndication and figure it can do the same in domestic off-net syndication once it gets to 88 (because you don’t renew a show at this stage in its life with these numbers unless you’re shooting for syndication). It makes less than no sense any other way, especially over GCB.

    Except they’ve ordered 13 episodes. For crying out loud, ABC! If you want thirteen hour-long spackle slots, air Primetime WWYD. Cheap true-crime stories with the same numbers as expensive scripted-crime stories. *sigh*

    Actually, if I’ve got this right: they now have thirteen hour-longs (BoP, PP, Scandal, OUAT, Grey’s, Revenge, Castle, Mistresses, Last Resort, 666 Park Ave, Zero Hour, Red Widow, Nashville) and ten sitcoms (MF, HE, Apt 23, LMS, Middle, Suburgatory, …Parents, Family Tools, Neighbors, and Malibu Country). That’s eighteen hours. Minus one because BoP isn’t a full season and something will have to come in off the bench to replace it (unless that something is a news magazine). Then you’ve got a full season of Shark Tank, three hours of DWTS (unless you squeeze the results show to 30 minutes), and two hours of news magazines. That’s another six per week. 24 hours to fill an 18-hour schedule (counting Sunday 7 as locked for AFHV and Saturday as football-and-films night).

    ABC could have cancelled two more shows and still had shows on the bench for midseason. As you might be able to guess, I think they should have done:

    Sun: 8 OUAT, 9 666 Park Ave, 10 Castle
    Mon: 8 DWTS (Batchelor between cycles), 10 Mistresses
    Tue: 8 DWTS (Winter Wipeout between cycles), 9 HE, 9:30 Apt 23, 10 Last Resort
    Wed: 8 The Middle, 8:30 Suburgatory, 9 MF, 9:30 …Parents, 10 Revenge
    Thu: 8 Primetime WWYD, 9 Grey’s, 10 PP (final season; Scandal midseason)
    Fri: 8 LMS, 8:30 Malibu Country, 9 Shark Tank, 10 20/20
    Sat: football and films
    On the bench: Family Tools, Neighbors, Nashville, Red Widow, Zero Hour

    ABC may as well dump a news magazine in against the combined forces of Simon and Sheldon on FOX and CBS. That opens up TGIF for ABC to go “off-brand”, if you think their “brand” is the Summer’s Eve Network, with LMS and a show that goes well with it. They’ll get better numbers there than they would on Thursday 8pm, and Friday feels a nice night to skew differently from the rest of the week.

    Shark Tank at 9 keeps it away from UB, too. I’d imagine those two have a fair bit of audience overlap.

  • Gabe

    The cancelation of GCB and renewal of BOP, Scandal and Happy Endings doesn’t make much sense, unless ABC isn’t taking into account the ratings of the lead-in shows. Oh well.

  • Dean_W

    Why ‘Body of Proof’ is Renewed ????

  • Max

    The comedy options must be horrible to renew Don’t Trust The B…. I could not make it through the first episode. And they chose to cancel Missing and GCB but have apparently decided to continue with more inane hours of The Bachelor and Bacheloret (they have become their own jokes), Wife Swap (really!!!!) and Shark Tank. No wonder ABC has been treading water and getting no-where for the past several years.

  • Bright

    Oh I can’t believe they passed on Americana, really. I’m so angry. I had three drama pilots that I wanted them to get through, Last Resort, Americana, Beautiful People, and just one of them is going forward. Stupid people who decided that. What would they cost them to pick up Americana for a 13, 10 or 7 episode order to fill with PP or something else?
    Also my two favourite comedies were The Manzanis, and The Smart One, so I’m not expecting anything good for next season. Gotham also looked good for Friday.
    Americana looked like the new ABC flagship, if they premiered it in a good timeslot and well promoted, it seemed like it could be the all-ABC-new show.
    So sad. You made very bad decisions, ABC schedulers! I’m angry

  • Matt

    Very glad with ABC’s renewal choices. Also very happy they decided to give body of proof a third season. The show is a decent procedural that garnered high ratings in the last four epps that have it another life.

    I heard that ABC is giving both Private Practice and Body of Proof short 13 epp seasons. I understand why, cause PP is getting a short final season and BoP is getting a short season cause ABC wants it to have 13 solid epps with good ratings, instead of 20 long drawn epps in which ratings slip and slide all over the place.

    Not very sad about GCB. It was never like DH like it was supposed to be and it never held its ground in the right genre.

    Very happy they renewed Scandal. Scandal has slid a little in the viewer average (7.4 7.3 7.2 6.9 6.8 6.4) but it could always pull a ONCE UPON A TIME and rise 2M by the 7th epp after consisted sliding. ;)

    Last Man Standing slipped all throughout the season :( I Hope ABC gives it about Only (not 13) but about 15-18 epps instead of 24.

    Happy Endings and Apt. 23 both are funny, raunchy, and “smart” coms so both should be renewed. HE has been renewed for 21 epps so Apt. 23 should be renewed for bout (again) only 15-18 epps.

    Revenge should also be renewed for bout 18 epps, not 22 due to its kinda “limited” storyline.

    All in all, very satisfied. :)

  • rocky

    Will they leave us Missing watchers hanging, or are they gonna have a story ending? Cannot believe this show never got a solid fan base. Why didn’t ABC try moving it from its timeslot of doom against TBBT, IDOL, and Vampires? Do u think ANY of their “awesome” dramas could survive this timeslot? Sad….. I will miss Missing.

  • Mikey

    well for BoP, the last 4 episodes of last season beat any other show in the time slot

  • Nick

    Yes ABC is putting the leadins into account. BoP occasionally slipped to 1.2-1.5, but that was with horrible lead-ins such as The River, Celebrity Wife Swap, and The Middle repeats.

  • bluejays

    Great news for PP. I’m kind of shocked by BOP though but maybe their pilots are really really bad? Which doesn’t bode well.

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