Updated: Private Practice, 'Body of Proof' Renewed; 'Last Man Standing,' 'Scandal' & 'Apt 23' Renewed Too; 'GCB' Canceled

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May 11th, 2012

Update: Last Man Standing has been renewed.

And now Private Practice and Body of Proof (our only  big swing and miss of the season so far)  join Scandal in the renewal column. Private Practice for a sixth season, Body of Proof for a 13 episode third season and Scandal for a second.

Also renewed for a second season: Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23.

GCB was canceled.

For those who need ABC confirmation that 'Pan Am,' 'Missing' and 'The River' are canceled, you have it.

No word on Last Man Standing  yet.

ABC has also picked up several new shows.

  • katelyn

    Body of Proof was renewed becasue it brings in millions of dollars in international sales. It also does well with a good lead in. I know people are upset with their shows being cancelled but theirs nothing you can do once ABC annouces it.

  • shawn

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BODY OF PROOF!! I really like that show a lot, and I am so excited to see that it got another season! I am hoping they will add more episodes to the 13 episode order though!

  • Common Anomaly

    Body of Proof should thank their lucky stars (DWTS & Fashion Star).
    Body of Proof’s last 4 new episodes aired on 3/13, 3/27, 4/3, and 4/10.
    Parenthood’s season ended on February 28.
    White Collar’s season ended on February 28.
    Southland aired only 1 new episode against it on 03/13.
    Unforgettable aired only 2 new episodes against it on 3/27 & 4/10.
    Only Justified aired 4 new episodes against Body of Proof’s last 4 new episodes.

  • JC

    I really enjoy BoP but I am not ready to get excited over a 13ep pickup. For a show that is teetering that close to the edge we are probably just getting 13 more episodes and that’s it.

  • Geofftate

    Thanks again for posting all this. Stupid Yahoo, I can’t even bring up their article in multiple web browsers. Yahoo is run by monkeys and rats in a maze

  • ChrisC

    BOP’s pick up is NOT that surprising if you would have looked a little deeper than the surface numbers. It is true that the key demo was never that high, but the numbers increased greatly among women 18 to 49 and overall we were in the double digits. And yes, it is true that internationally sales are very high as is the domestic rate of ad sales. Ultimately the show is a steady producer that doesn’t cost a lot to make and in these times of big period shows or huge ensemble casts, BOP is the bird in the hand that ABC can count on.

    I can’t speak for the rest of the cast and crew but I personally have been waiting for months to to say this…


  • Nadine Harris

    not surprised about Body of Proof. Surprised this site was so negative about its prospects. Glad for its fans.

  • Nadine Harris

    …also, I have to laugh at all the fakokte “reasons” everyone is putting forward, including arcane formulas for retaining lead-in audiences and so forth. They all sound pretty unlikely.

  • Nadine Harris

    I think the fact that BoP get renewed and Harry’s Law got cancelled — see how you really can only vaguely predict this stuff? You find something you think is the “nailer” and then next year it doesn’t work. Who knows what kinds of deals the networks and production companies make? It’s not really like the music goes round and round and comes out here. But then you knew that, I suppose.

  • Penny

    I’m curious to see how they will fill a 13-episodes season of Scandal, with those characters underwritten and a ridicolous and trashy arc-storyline (sex scandal involving the President? Seriously?!.
    Anyway, I think it won’t survive for a third season.

  • kevin

    I knew Pan Am was going to get canceled at the very last moment and ABC truly deserve it.

  • Lo

    Im so happy scandal got picked up!!!!!

  • Kay

    Does anyone if it’s been confirmed PP is only coming back for 13 episodes and this will be it’s final season? Either way, it does not really matter I’m just happy PP was picked up for another season and it it’s the final season at least it will get a proper send off.

    @Rober Seidman & Bill Gorman – Do you know yet if this will be PP’s final season and the number episodes ordered? Thanks!

  • Matto

    Body Of Proof will only have 13 epps, and right now it lloks like Scandal will too. Shonda Rhimes said that she wants about 10 epps a season for Scandal so it will probably get 13 though.

    Apt. 23 will also probably get either 22 epps or 10 epps, depending on where they out it. If they move it to 9:30 on fridays, it will get 22, but if it somehow stays on wednesday, it will get 10, to make room for HE.

    Last Man Standing will get another 24 epps order, along with its likely pair, Malibu Country. Malibu COuntry will get the tueday 8:30 slot behind LMS. Private Practice will get a 13 epp final season on tueday at 10:00 that will last from Fall to midseason, then the BoP 13 epp season will start from there.

  • Luke G.

    How the flying fruity pebbles was Body of Proof renewed for a 13 episode season?

    The stories on that show were so tired and drawn out that I was literally counting down the episodes until I could delete that series link from my DVR and would not have to suffer through it anymore (my GF likes the show for some reason).

    It was pretty much the same plot every week.

    I am utterly flabbergasted.

  • Tony

    I think Body of Proof is big internationally and puts a lot of $$$ to ABC, plus it doesn’t do terrible when given some promotion and a lead-in, and being a procedural that skews old, it brings in a lot of viewers, and would probably do decent on Fridays.

  • Ryan

    YES! Body of Proof renewed!!

  • Valerie

    Yay! PP renewed :)

  • manhf

    wait i read that body of proof was canceled, and how its renewed, thats just awesome because i never though i would get to see more after season 2

  • OERM

    PP should get a full season
    I heard Kate Walsh was signed for 13 episodes, but the cast wasn’t.
    So, ABC was trying only signed for 13, but they only accepted if it was a full season, and the posibility of a Season 7.

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