Updated: 'Secret Circle' and 'Ringer' Canceled; 'Gossip Girl' Renewed for a Short Final Season

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May 11th, 2012

No surprises, but CW has renewed Gossip Girl for a short sixth season of 11 episodes and canceled the freshman Ringer and The Secret Circle.

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  • enes

    Renew The Secret Circle ! It did better in the ratings than NIKITA of Hart of Dixie this is not fair ! Or at least don’t pick up 5 new show pick 4 and renew The Secret Circle !

  • Hades

    I love how nutso fans get when their fave shows are cancelled. These rallying cries are amazing, shame their arent enough people who actually care. Then again if these shows had enough people who actually cared about their survival they wouldnt be in this situation in the first place.

    I agree with the cancellations of Ringer and TSC but I think it was a huge mistake renewing Nikita. Then again its already failing and on Friday, its ratings downt actually have that much further to drop. It should be cancelled next season though regardless of only being a season away from syndication. Then again Nikita’s ratings are going to be a good source of entertainment from here on out, esp on this site. Great spectator sport.

  • Aaliyah


  • frank5869

    @Hades: that is plain nonsense. There are millions of viewers all over the world for both Ringer and The Secret Circle.
    Anyone could just take a look at online torrent trackers and see… Anyone could follow Twitter and Facebook to get a grasp of the numbers which don’t include those that don’t use the services but still give some real figures.

    Nielsen ratings are a silly joke created by network managers. All Nielsen ratings are absolutely fake and tampered with. Statistically they are just a 0.04% sample of the USA population, which clearly means that whatever data interpolation could be performed on those the results will always be plain wrong. And anyway network managers manipulate the data at their will to justify their dirty business mafia actions.

  • John A

    I loved Ringer but its the writers own fault the ended on a cliffhanger. The ratings have been awful since february and they had plenty of time to do a proper finale. When u a re the lowest rated show u know without being told u are dead.

  • Paula

    Again CW. First HellCats now Secret Circle. I would rather look at Secret Circle than Supernatural, although I do like Supernatural.

  • Shorty

    Why was Ringer Canceled?! I think it should get a mini season, maybe 10 or 12 episodes can’t hurt…Can’t say that im not surprised about the secret circle. I knew that was going to happen. All I know is that they better have some damn good shows to replace them. An who watched Gossip girl anymore?! But couldnt another network pickup Ringer?! That would be to perfect lol!!

  • Daya

    OMG! Im so upset right now. I LOVE The Secret Circle and waited patiently for the shows premiere. Now there will be no 2nd season!! NOOOOOOOOO! Ringer too…*tears stream down* One can only hope they could be picked up elsewhere. And the shows they are supposed to be picking up seem really stupid and boring from their descriptions. They do do not fall in with the usual CW shows…

  • frank5869

    @Daya: TheCW is turning into pure crap just like SyFy. Soon they will only air reality and wrestling at best.

  • John A

    @micheal i said i liked Ringer but everyone knew it was dead. Part of me is annoyed Nikita got picked over it but hey its just a tv show certainly not worth insulting people over.

  • D.E. Boone

    Ringer rocked! I loved it!!

  • WB

    yuck, I dislike HATERS!

    I wish the best for The CW Network!

  • Lady “K”

    Why does the best shows always get the axe? This show has been a roller coaster ride from the first episode until now, never a dull moment…PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE THIS SHOW…!!!

  • Trix Cienna

    But thats stupid i love gossip girl too but ringer thats just as good how can they cancel it after just one epeisode i think your being unfair your not even giving it a chance so many people love it across the world and you do that its rubbish why should you make the choices why not the public

  • Sheena

    In a sense, the public does make the choice. Sadly, dedication does not make up for lack of numbers.
    And this is coming from someone who was enjoying ‘Ringer’, for the most part. So seeing “0.5 adults 18-49 rating, up a tenth vs. last week’s 0.4 adults 18-49 rating.” For a FINALE makes me sad. But just not enough people were watching it.
    I hope Ms. Gellar is able to find more work on television, because she is a great actress.

  • Tom

    I think the problem here is that most viewers didn’t see the cancellation of TSC coming. Say what you will about the writing, TSC had a great ensemble cast, including four really attractive women. People tend to get attached to their favorite performers and, in this case, they had a full 22 episode season to get hooked. That definitely wasn’t the case with Ringer. SMC was great, but the show never really got going. I’ll miss TSC, but it’s over. So, if necessary, buy the boxed set when it comes out. But move on. And skip the petitions to the WB and ABC Family. That’s merely prolonging the agony.

  • James

    very true

    But, i still think that the secret circle should be more respected and not go down like this…..

  • samwong

    How will I ever find out what happens to the Ringer storyline? Sucks that it’s cancelled. :(

  • Erin

    How many episodes will there be on Gossip Girls Season 6
    Will There be a Gossip Girls full season 6
    Will There be a Gossip Girls short Season 6
    After Gossip Girls Season 6 finishes will there be a Season 7
    Did Josh and Stephanie say that Season 6 is the final season

  • henrik

    @robert seidman
    are u surprised that the secret circle wasnt renewed and nikita was?

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