Updated: 'Secret Circle' and 'Ringer' Canceled; 'Gossip Girl' Renewed for a Short Final Season

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May 11th, 2012

No surprises, but CW has renewed Gossip Girl for a short sixth season of 11 episodes and canceled the freshman Ringer and The Secret Circle.

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  • marlatwo

    I liked Ringer; it is one of a few shows that I stuck with from the first show. It had its moments, but it was finding its way. In the beginning, it was struggling to define the twin characters. It deserved more than one season, especially when I see a comedy that has been renewed on another network that I think lost its gusto early in its first season. Let the public down once again after we become attached/loyal to a show.

  • RyanCanada

    Nikita got renewed? im shocked, congrats to them, im sure they are going to go for syndication now, who cancels a show after a 3rd season? im soooooooooooooooooooooooo upset and shocked about TSC like wTF im happy about HOD tho.

  • Dillan

    The CW have actually shut down their ‘comments’ page on their website because so many people were telling them to renew TSC and Ringer. LOL.

  • psychic

    Dammit Ringer.

  • C

    LOVED RINGER!!!! AND how is it possible that the CW renewed the hart of dixie (TERRIBLE SHOW) and cancelled ringer??!!! WTF???


  • MrWaldorf

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Gossip Girl deserved a full last season at least!!!!! :´(((((

  • James

    Secret Circle was a great show for CW and it had great potential. Both, Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle were at 0.6 in the Series finale so I think it came down to lead-ins. WTF was with Nikita though? Idk! Next year i’m watching ABC, in hopes a show makes it past season 1.

  • Joyce

    TSC was not suppose to be cancelled. GOD! Why? Please CW dont do these….;-)

  • ringerfan

    Ringer was actually one of the best shows on cw. Please bring back.

  • Kasia

    Such a shame, I LOVED Ringer. One of my fave things on TV, full of twists and turns, I couldn’t wait for the next series. Big mistake to cancel.

  • Stephanie

    NOOOOOOOO the Ringer was the best show ever!!! and it totally left us hanging!!! Bring it back! Ugh I hope another network will pick it up… they kept stupid shows and cancelled the good ones…Ringer was the only reason I ever watched that network channel… Hope SMG gets another good role…

  • Nikki-Marie1 twitter

    I am really shocked that Ringer was cancelled?!?!? I loved that show!! I think the writers had a very unique story that you didn’t see what was coming!!! So very disappointed!!!

  • Jessica

    As if Ringer and The Secret Circle were cancelled! I’m so upset. They both left us hanging!! Grrrr. I didn’t see Ringer going on for log as the story line would run short but still. Upsetting. :( and as much of a fan of GG as I am. I’m glad it’s the final season. The story line has been so boring and Serena is just an obnoxious twit!!

  • Tami

    No ringer… I was enjoying it… they could have least had one more show, the CW left us hanging on what was about to happen……. CW your wrong for that…..

  • Maddy

    Ringer was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please bring back!!!

  • Maddy

    I so agree with Stephanie’s comment. CW, you just lost another viewer. All your other shows are boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anjie

    Ohhh nooooooo RINGERRR ;((( Could RINGER be saved by another network?

  • Courtney


  • TJL

    I’m so sad about Ringer…that show was awesome and I looked forward to the next season *tear* :'[

  • Alejandra

    Ringer, noooo!!!!! I liked Ringer.

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