Updated: 'Secret Circle' and 'Ringer' Canceled; 'Gossip Girl' Renewed for a Short Final Season

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May 11th, 2012

No surprises, but CW has renewed Gossip Girl for a short sixth season of 11 episodes and canceled the freshman Ringer and The Secret Circle.

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  • Clarke

    Man, this really sucks. Ringer was such a cool show. I really wanted a Siobhan/Bridget confrontation. Bummer.

    LOL @ TSC. At least I am happy that got canned.

  • Ray

    Ausiello is a F-tard. TVLine can’t get their story straight. Other sites are all reporting SC is renewed

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    OMG it’s CircleGate CW must respond NOW!!!

  • dazzag

    theFuntonCritic is saying secret circle is renewed

  • Ekras

    Zerg – don’t troll…. people are confused enough as is…. to clarify: TVLine originally had the story right, updated and said they were wrong, but were actually right…. everywhere else is reporting a renewal except for some places that may have simply copied TVLine….

  • João Paulo

    TSC canceled :(

  • halloween

    so if tsc is renewed it will share timeslot with nikita on fridays?

  • F.R.

    E! Online article about TSC renewal now edited, says “Spells couldn’t save The Secret Circle” and everything about it being renewed for a second season was removed.

  • Ray

    I hate twitter but can a damn star or exec from SC twit a twat now so we can know the fate of the show? I’m getting heart palpitations from all the cyber commotion!!

  • poshreany

    is there a chance that another channel will pick up ringer… it ended with so much more to give…

  • Matt


  • SarahL

    I am surprised. I thought TheCW would renew all its low rated programming. The Secret Circle has horrific acting and writing so I figured that it was a shoe in for renewal. This is TheCW after all. LOL!

  • John A

    See retention does matter sometime. Hod Was doing the same as TSC but was cancelled because it couldnt hold its lead in.

  • Sam

    What the heck? Secret circle had better numbers than nikita and probably other shows too… Why did it get canceled :( Guess they had to put the axe somewhere

  • Holly

    @John A,

    Maybe, or maybe there was a major cost difference?

  • Wagner

    When Nikita got renewed I knew it that TSC wouldn’t be, no surprises at Ringer’s cancel.

  • Crystal Ilsley

    DANGIT, 2 of my shows are now cancelled. I’m getting really ticked off.

  • A

    While im sad over TSC, the final season of GG has made me so happy.

    GO GG!
    It will have 120+ episodes when it ends and then its syndication time baby!

  • JasonS

    Aww I was all excited TSC was renewed too :(

  • Bee

    clearly tvline had an error and EVERYONE copied it lol

    anyway, wow i would hate to a secret circle fan. if this kinda fake-out happened to one my fav shows, i’d punch someone.

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