Updated (3): 'Don't Trust The B in Apt 23,' 'Scandal' Renewed by ABC for Second Seasons; 'GCB' Canceled

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May 11th, 2012

Update 3: As expected, ABC has renewed 'Don't Trust the B----- in Apt. 23' for a second season.

Update 2: and for those who need ABC confirmation that 'Pan Am,' 'Missing' and 'The River' are canceled, you have it.

Update: GCB has been canceled.

'Scandal' has been renewed by ABC for a second season according to creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes and ABC has confirmed officially.

No word on 'Private Practice' (even Shonda is still waiting as of this writing)  'GCB,'  or 'Body of Proof' yet.

ABC has also picked up several new shows.

  • MattD

    I still think PP will get a 13 episode Thursday at 8 order.

  • KJ Styles

    I’m happy about this renewal. I watched Scandal for the first time last night and was impressed. I’ll watch the previous eps on Hulu tonight.

    With Scandal now renewed (much to my delight) I suspect GCB’s gonna get the axe.

  • LL2

    @ GEM why would she want to stick to 7 episodes? Did Shonda Rhimes say that she did not want 13 episodes?

  • @scl2

    I’m so HAPPY !!!!!!!

  • Bookworm


    Yes! ABC has made me feel good. I’ve never been this hooked to a show.


  • Jay

    More great news from ABC! This show has been absolutely amazing. With Scandal, Revenge, Happy Endings, and Missing, ABC has become my favorite network

  • Petar

    ABC will be 4-th network next season!

  • Bee

    just reported: GCB cancelled.


    anc ABC picks up nashville, red widow, and ZERO HOUR!? WTF?! that was mentioned in like 1 pilot report lol i want americana, mandy moore, and reba ABC!

  • rob60990

    ABC picked up dramas Nashville, Zero Hour, and Red Widow (Penoza) and comedies The Neighbors (Dan Fogelman project) & Family Tools (Red Van Man)

  • HB


    Congrats :D

  • Alecia

    I’ve been lurking on this site for a few weeks now since I’ve discovered it and it’s my first time posting just to say how happy I am that Scandal has been renewed.

    And for the folks disappointed at the news: Why do you care if you’ve never watched the show or have any interest in it? Every time I come here I see people whining over it like someone is forcing them to watch or write about it.

  • S

    “Scandal Renewed” Yawn

  • Jan

    LOVE THIS!!!

  • Ben Thompson

    Scandal renewed yet GCB cancelled? Whatever, ABC…

  • SteveA

    @Alecia, get used to it. Some people on this site are missing something in their lives, so they hate on TV shows they’ve never seen as if that’s going to help the ones they like.

  • Anas

    hope they renew missing somehow :(

  • Bookworm

    GCB was canceled? and Scandal renewed?

    SJ, Where are you?

    Seriously, all jokes aside, sorry to hear about GCB but you should have known Scandal was not going to be topped by GCB. Shondaland lives on!!

  • katelyn

    GCB was just cancelled YAY!!!

  • Lee

    So happy for Scandal. I adore that little show. It actually holds together pretty well. I like the leads, the big arc is fun and the client of the week stories haven’t been all that bad. I’m a little jealous of the people who are going to discover it on DVD and have the chance to watch all 7 episodes in a row. The week between episodes has annoying, I don’t know what it will be like between seasons.

  • edward

    that means GCB is gone it will not be back!!

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