Updated (3): 'Don't Trust The B in Apt 23,' 'Scandal' Renewed by ABC for Second Seasons; 'GCB' Canceled

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May 11th, 2012

Update 3: As expected, ABC has renewed 'Don't Trust the B----- in Apt. 23' for a second season.

Update 2: and for those who need ABC confirmation that 'Pan Am,' 'Missing' and 'The River' are canceled, you have it.

Update: GCB has been canceled.

'Scandal' has been renewed by ABC for a second season according to creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes and ABC has confirmed officially.

No word on 'Private Practice' (even Shonda is still waiting as of this writing)  'GCB,'  or 'Body of Proof' yet.

ABC has also picked up several new shows.

  • Bookworm

    lol @ SteveA

    The Scandal hate makes no sense. If you never seen the show and have no interest in doing so, why in the hell do you care? I don’t watch CW shows, so I avoid all post on them. I was happy to hear about a few but as a whole, I don’t argue which should go and not go.

    Some of the people on here are a little wacked out. And to think they got on Max for his Revenge comments, the Scandal ones fall in the same box. With that said, it has been renewed so all of that other stuff does not matter.

    ABC’s Scandal Discussion section blew up!!

    My Friday is almost complete. Now onto Apt.2B, Scandal and Happy Endings are renewed, lets get to my last show.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)



    Next time, come up with a better show and you may have a winner.

  • psychic

    Well, this is certainly early.

  • SJ

    It looks like I’ll be watching a lot less ABC next season… and maybe secretly enjoy their slow descent into fourth place.

  • Revenge

    WOW! The pilots they picked up are too dumb!

  • Jessie

    We need Body of Proof!

  • S


  • Bookworm

    Jesus, @SJ, stop being so damn bitter. Like really, if the renewal of Scandal has you wanting to watch ABC less (you don’t even watch it now!), then you need to stop watching.
    ABC will be fine with OUAT, Grey, Modern Family, Scandal, Revenge, Apt.2B, Shark Tank and its other shows. The pessimistic attitude could have been left at the home page. Weep for GCB.

  • tvfreak

    Shoosh yeah! Bye bye GCB! :D

  • Teag

    No news on The River yet or at all?

  • Petar

    It looks like I’ll be watching a lot less ABC next season… and maybe secretly enjoy their slow descent into fourth place.


  • edward

    i knew it GCB is gone damn loved that show now I have no GCB and no Housewives!

  • Michelle

    Damn, I can’t believe GCB got canceled. Of course, ABC would renew Scandal since Shonda Rhimes created it. She makes it, ABC airs it.

  • Baqinardo

    Here i thought i’d hear all good news today after reading about Nikita :(
    I guess we cant have all we want, huh?
    Bye GCB~ I thought u’d be my new Housewives :(

  • MattM

    Any official news on Missing yet?

  • SJ

    I did watch the first 5 episodes of Scandal. That’s as far as I was willing to go.

    My comment was also about their new drama pick-ups. Neighbors? White Man Van or whatever it’s called now? Zero Hour? It’s 2010-2011 all over again.

    We’ll never know how GCB would have done in season 2, but Scandal will be dead meat by Christmas, mark my words!

    Also, you’ve been told before, it’s Apartment TWENTY-THREE!!!

  • LL2

    @Bookworm Thanks for your last post. I don’t understand the negativity at all. Their negativity speaks more about them then about whatever they are being negative towards, but I guess it takes a certain level of maturity to grasp that concept.

  • MoHasanie

    Oh that was quite unfair of ABC to cancel GCB. But yet they renew the shows that may be performing slightly better, but with much better lead in’s. I guess they don’t care about retention after all.
    So, basically, ABC Sunday will have to start fresh except for Once Upon a time.

  • SJ


    Dead, according to Deadline.

  • ABC’s worst enemy

    and I’m done with ABC and Network tv period!!!!!!!

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