Thank @MaskedScheduler for the 'Fringe' Ratings by Watching Him on the Series Finale of 'The Finder'

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May 11th, 2012

Some twitter-ers have accused @MaskedScheduler for being a bit douche-y by pimping his cameo in tonight's season and series finale of The Finder. Is it insensitive to promote an appearance on a show your network wound up cancelling? We don't really think so, but we're biased.  Every Saturday after a Fringe original episode, going back to at least sometime in Fringe's third season, @MaskedScheduler has tweeted out the Fringe numbers as soon as he got them (which was usually at least 15-30 minutes before most people saw them).  We appreciate it.

Sure, The Finder is canceled regardless of tonight's ratings, and it won't mean anything, but it will make @MaskedScheduler happy, and that seems like a good enough reason to me.

@MaskedScheduler is the sometimes prickly, often snarky, almost always entertaining alter-ego of Preston Beckman who is the outgoing head of scheduling at the Fox broadcast network.  Beckman is moving on to a strategic role at Fox Networks (which includes cable networks like FX) which, selfishly, we hope will free up time for even more snark from him on Twitter.

  • Dan

    Well even if it is cancelled atleast FOX can say no episodes have gone unaired from any series this season, providing that they air the remaining 8 episodes of Breaking In and the remaining 6 episodes of Teenage Daughter over the summer fingers crossed.

  • Phoebe

    I will be watching regardless, I like the quirky humor of The Finder. I’m treating more and more shows like mini-series these days since so many I like wind up cancelled.

  • Potato

    Agreed! There are some shows that I only WANT to watch for 13 episodes, any more and I’d get sick of them, I know that going in.

  • Potato

    Not to mention that every show I’ve kept with this year has gotten cancelled on a cliffhanger except OUAT…

  • sam

    I can’t believe that they are leaving it like this, with everyone in trouble. What a betrayal of the viewers. Certainly the writers knew how unlikely it was to get renewed–I feel like they blamed it on us and we were watching.

  • DEnise

    I can’t believe they left The Finder the way the did. How awful – very unhappy :( Leave it to Fox. Acutally, – leave Fox – stay with a professional network that airs the series in order to obtain and maintain viewers!

  • Tracey Helmick

    Really says alot when a show as good as The Finder gets canned and Wife Swap got picked up. Not happy!!!

  • wwwebster

    How could they have dumped it into the Friday Death Slot before it even had a chance to find an audience??? I absolutely LOVED this show…. And to think, I started watching it against my better judgement because I’m well aware that Fox cancels everything that isn’t reality junk. Serves me right to take a chance on FOX….

  • cstark

    I am so upset.I also LOVED this show. I can not believe that FOX left it like that. The Finder was my Friday night show. I can’t handle all these reality shows. I hope that maybe another station will pick it up. All I know is that I will not watch FOX again. FOX YOU NEED TO BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!!

  • Maxdog

    Just 100% CRAP! Finelly a Damn Show That Me And My Kids Loved To Watch That Made Ya Think Alil And Have Fun Commercial Conversations About The “Whats Gunna Happen”, But I guess Cause There Was No Smutt And Excessive Violence It Had To GO Huh Fox? Dont Get Me Wrong, I Am NOOO Prude At All, I Love My Family Guy And Bobs Burgers But Come On! This Was A GREAT Family Fun Show. I May say bye bye Fox, Can Watch New Family Guy Episodes On Toon A Week Later Now!

  • Doris

    You are so wrong on canceling The Finder it is a really good show but sure have a good one and let it go so guess I will find a different channel to watch because if you are that dumb maybe a good station will pick it up butt heads!!!!! Thanks for nothing

  • baby

    So sad this is cancelled-cute and well written. Something different.

  • Ron

    What a good show to cancel. The Finder was one of those rare shows. Better than a lot of the other crap on t.v.

  • pawhit76

    FOX U SUCK!!!! Why cancel such a good family show? What was there not enough smutt or should I say ANY smutt so its not worth keeping?? I knew FOX would once again screw the people over!!! Maybe one of the REAL stations will pick it up!! Stop with all of these stupid reality shows that no one cares about & leave the good stuff on!! I like something that’s NOT reality to watch, it takes me out of the unwanted reality I live in & I am sure I’m not the only one!!!

  • Elaine

    I like the Finder! glad to see I am not the only one. I think this is a mistake it was a very different show and fresh. I don’t believe you see show with gypse. I really like the lawyer dialoge. The case worked well together. This is sad.

  • christie

    My family loved this show!! …even more than Bones.

  • Linda

    I Loved The Fringe!!!!!!!What is the matter with Fox? Have they gone mad? That show was worth it’s while! Great show! BIG mistake! BIG, BIG mistake!!!

  • Linda

    The Finder!!!!!!! Not Fringe. oops. The Finder!

  • Philip

    The finder was a decent show. I agree with the others. You had a good family show. I would expect better from FOX.

  • Meaux B

    “The Finder cancelled” is some suckafied words. This was one of few shows the spouse and myself agreed on! You guys put all the other SH_T out for folks to watch and you cut Finder. Thanks for nothing.

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