Thank @MaskedScheduler for the 'Fringe' Ratings by Watching Him on the Series Finale of 'The Finder'

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May 11th, 2012

Some twitter-ers have accused @MaskedScheduler for being a bit douche-y by pimping his cameo in tonight's season and series finale of The Finder. Is it insensitive to promote an appearance on a show your network wound up cancelling? We don't really think so, but we're biased.  Every Saturday after a Fringe original episode, going back to at least sometime in Fringe's third season, @MaskedScheduler has tweeted out the Fringe numbers as soon as he got them (which was usually at least 15-30 minutes before most people saw them).  We appreciate it.

Sure, The Finder is canceled regardless of tonight's ratings, and it won't mean anything, but it will make @MaskedScheduler happy, and that seems like a good enough reason to me.

@MaskedScheduler is the sometimes prickly, often snarky, almost always entertaining alter-ego of Preston Beckman who is the outgoing head of scheduling at the Fox broadcast network.  Beckman is moving on to a strategic role at Fox Networks (which includes cable networks like FX) which, selfishly, we hope will free up time for even more snark from him on Twitter.

  • Christine

    I can’t believe The Finder is being cancelled. I waited so long to watch it from the teaser on Bones. Fox, big mistake. Though, at least we got to see the brothers together in the last episode.

  • 4kidsandacat

    Hate to say it but I for one am not at all shocked that Fox canceled this show. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this show and I completely agree the ending was wholly unsatisfactory. Still hoping it gets picked up somehow by USA or someone else as has happened in the past. The reason I’m not at all surprised that it was canceled, though, is that Fox has been doing this since I was in college in the 80’s. Anytime there is a good, interesting show that stands out from all of the other lockstep trash on every channel (yes reality tv I’m talking about you!) you can almost guarantee that Fox will give it almost no time to gain an audience, move it to a time slot where it really has even less chance, and then cancel it at the most inopportune time in the story and character development. Honestly, if it weren’t for the Simpsons I would completely divorce Fox.

  • Michael Gao

    Requiescat en Pace. The Finder–you were a true inspiration to the millions of Fox fans hoping for something better than Wife Swap or bitter Political beef jerky. It would be great if you resurrected from the dead and moved to another network but it is unlikely. R. I. P.

  • Brenda

    The people who canceled The Finder should be spanked.
    Is it because it’s not a reality show? My gosh cant they let us have a show that we like.
    Stupid people.
    PUT THE FINDER BACK ON! Its not filled with bad words and its does not have the sex and filth in it.
    It seams like when they come up with something good they dont know what to do with it.
    Total stupidity

  • groove365

    I’ll miss it, it was a fun show like Human Target that never found an audience.

    Bring on “Ow My Balls” because that’s clearly what Fox viewers want.

  • T

    Fox-It’s sad that a fun and different show has gone to it’s grave.You had something with this show.Then you blew it.

  • bill

    face it they are canceling it because they show Leo as being smart and being a good person.

  • Chet

    The finder should not be canceled, it is a good show.

  • kak

    Finder was my favorite shows this is my 1st time writing i’m sick of you cancelling good shows for crap i’m done watching your channel

  • Lynn

    LOVED the Finder! So pissed they canceled it. Liked Alcatraz too. Bastards.

  • Tjk1677

    I love ‘The Finder’!! It was the only show that my husband and I watched together. You suck Fox!! Bring it back!

  • Betty

    I also thought The Finder was a great show. My husband and I enjoyed watching it together. I can’t tell you how disturbing I found it to end
    a series on such a negative note. I must say the ending had me in tears, and that did not endear me to fox at all. So much garbage on TV and Fox has to cancel a terific show.

  • ggordon

    Seriously? this is like Firefly. Why do they can the good stuff?

  • Sharolyn

    I loved this show too and can’t understand why it has been cancelled. When I originally saw them on, “Bones” I told my husband they should make a show with that group because they were so cool then they did and I totally thought it was going to make it. Fox is known for cancelling great shows and keeping others on for years (ie The Simpsons, Family Guy) that do nothing but show disrespect for parents and sarcastic brats for kids. Bring back, “The Finder” you morons!!

  • Roxanne

    Realy the finder is being cancled. Something different with comedy drama and suspence what the %&#$%)_&$@@!##$%$%!!?%%^$%

  • maine

    this is bull. typical FOX unfortunately. its a shame too i could see this show snowballing and pickin up viewers if they gave it a fighting chance. i out and out refused to watch it at first but there were so many freakin adds for it that i watched 5 mins of one and am hooked. but i guess it follows fox ogic to get rid of a show that godforbid might actully b good!

  • maine

    this is bull but its so NOT over

  • Riff Rafferty

    When is Reilly going to be cancelled?

  • Steven Massaro

    The Finder, Alcatraz, & Fringe; all great shows and all going away. I hate to even get hooked on a show anymore because of being disappointed AGAIN!!! What is wrong with the decision makers there at FOX? Where do they get their numbers from? Apparently not from normal everyday families. The reality CRAP has got to stop! Keep decent shows on your network…

  • Emanuel

    The minute you get into the characters the show is gone. The finder is and should have been a keeper. Good Family show.

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