Thank @MaskedScheduler for the 'Fringe' Ratings by Watching Him on the Series Finale of 'The Finder'

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May 11th, 2012

Some twitter-ers have accused @MaskedScheduler for being a bit douche-y by pimping his cameo in tonight's season and series finale of The Finder. Is it insensitive to promote an appearance on a show your network wound up cancelling? We don't really think so, but we're biased.  Every Saturday after a Fringe original episode, going back to at least sometime in Fringe's third season, @MaskedScheduler has tweeted out the Fringe numbers as soon as he got them (which was usually at least 15-30 minutes before most people saw them).  We appreciate it.

Sure, The Finder is canceled regardless of tonight's ratings, and it won't mean anything, but it will make @MaskedScheduler happy, and that seems like a good enough reason to me.

@MaskedScheduler is the sometimes prickly, often snarky, almost always entertaining alter-ego of Preston Beckman who is the outgoing head of scheduling at the Fox broadcast network.  Beckman is moving on to a strategic role at Fox Networks (which includes cable networks like FX) which, selfishly, we hope will free up time for even more snark from him on Twitter.

  • Lori

    I will really miss the Finder, it is a great show and my teenage daughter even liked it. The humor was great in this show. Please bring it back!!!

  • karyn

    I also agree. Excellent entertainment.I hate that they get you interested in a series …then oops ratings not high enough so lets cancel. Again its all about the money…. way to go Fox. Another series bites the dust.

  • Bob Monroe

    This is really sad that they have taken anouther good clean show off . what was there not enough shooting ,killing or sex ? The finder was just a all around good show .Kinda like the Defenders good clean fun . someone should ball up and maybe just maybe change the slots or something to try and save the good stuff .

  • Michele

    I can not believe y
    Fox canceled the finder seriously who makes these decisions they need to get fired I never missed an show losers

  • Mitzi

    Please, please, please bring it back! I LOVE this show and the casting is awesome! I agree with some of the pervious posts…
    Finally a family show and not another pathetic reality show!

  • Juan

    You know I knew this was going to happen… everytime that a show has a good chance fox has to cancell it. The Finder, Alcatraz etc… And thats the stupidest thing ever. You know why they do it? Because a good show comes out once every long time and fox cant raise the expctations and draw audiences away from that other s**t they put on like all those realities. the only way they can get on the peoples good side is by saving the Finder and Alcatraz and taking out all those reality shows. Which they are not going to do. And bring back heroes while your at it.

  • Juan

    Oh yeah and SCREW fox im turning over to tnt for shows like franklin & bash

  • cherie

    how could they cancel the finder. it was a good show too and they leave it at such an unhappy endind and we dont even know what happens next. i mean couldnt they have made the series finale a little happier.

  • Jan

    I am starting to think that I should not watch any show untill I am certain it will not end with a huge cliffhanger..
    I think I should simple wait untill I know for sure the show ends like it should end.. with a real end..
    Its been too many times now that I have been watching shows that got cancelled right “in the middle” .

    Bring the finder back.. its way better then some of the crap FOX keeps airing.

  • Alison

    My kids and I loved the finder! We are all so sad!!

  • Jeff

    Bring back the finder! One of the best shows on TV!

  • Mona

    Loved the finder and the unique personalities it offered. The finale proved there was more there to tap into to thicken the thread of the show. Too bad Fox didn’t give it a chance, it would have been a huge hit like many other shows that took a couple of seasons to blossom.

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