The Cancellation Bear Wishes Kathy Bates Well, As 'Harry's Law' Is Canceled

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May 11th, 2012

After NBC's lowest rated show still on the air, Harry's Law, was canceled as expected, TV by the Numbers' beloved cancellation bear wanted to wish his "friend" Kathy Bates all the best after devouring the show.


Update: For those who didn't want to click the link above, here's a bit of the history between HL and the bear:

A bit of hub bub while I was off last week, as Kathy Bates, the star of NBC's Harry's Law, vented publicly about not liking the fact that adults 18-49 ratings determine TV show success in broadcast primetime (and have since the 1970's), and took our very own cancellation bear to task in an article.

“Some of these people are just so stupid. I don’t even get it…. All [they] talk about is the blessed [18-49] demo this, demo that, and how the cancellation bear is gonna eat us and all that stuff. So we’ll see. We’ll just see.”

The only thing our cancellation bear likes more than devouring low rated shows is getting a public shout out from an Academy Award winner. It's better to be known, than loved!

Joining Ms. Bates in her anger over the way ad supported broadcast television works was the Executive Producer ofHarry's Law, Bill D'Elia, who gave us his own shout out:

Nobody cares what we think Mr. D'Elia.

Problem is, the folks selling the advertising at NBC think the same way we do...

Update: I hadn't realized that near the same time as the original tweet above, Bill D'Elia also followed up with this one:

Misinformed? Ignorant? Kathy is right?

Reality's a bitch isn't it Mr. D'Elia?

  • Richard


    It may have been the greatest show to ever grace TV but considering some of the stuff renewed by the networks this season at least it was entertaining.

    At least it doesn’t put its viewers in a coma like The Good Wife or Fringe? or as dreadfully awful as Whitney, Up All Night, Community, etc.

    Remains one of the mysteries of television what some poeple find entertaining, etc.

    Harry’s Law was entertaining — just to the wrong set of viewers.

  • Shawn

    Too much fat in the Bear’s diet… Better check the Bear’s cardio…

  • Ryan

    I cannot stand this website and the general smugness from those that run it. It is clearly just a website run purely for a profit with a personal vendetta against most shows, Harry’s Law included. Harry’s Law was a great show. And the 18-49 demo is stupid. Yes, you may have been right about this but you’re a bunch of arrogant dicks. And that’s my opinion. Call me a ‘crazy fan’ if you will, but I’m on Team Kathy.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    I love Kathy but she was wrong when she blasted TVBTN, she should’ve criticized advertisers, they are the ones who care about the 18-49. Having said that, I’m just sick of people complaining about the demo, that’s how it is and how it’s been since the 70s! GET THE EFF OVER IT!

  • josh


    no budy. wrong cast , wrong writers and wrong genre

  • rehabber

    I tried several eps and gave up, did not like getting preached to every week, the show was to PC for me.

  • Cameron

    @Bill Gorman:

    *SPOILER: At the beginning of tomorrow night’s episode, Harry sits up in bed, takes off her sleep eye mask and says: “It sucks getting old. I miss the days when I was between the ages of 18 and 49.”

    I laughedpretty hard when I saw it.

    I don’t think the show is PC at all. IN fact, I think it hits hard at subjects that don’t get enough attention.

    One other thing in the show hits on a VERY important subject that happened this past week. It was eerie to think this show was filmed weeks ago.

  • Ben

    @ Ryan: Agree. The people here don’t even seem to like TV. What they like is proclaiming the imminent failure or success of shows they don’t even have the slightest interest in viewing.

  • Cameron

    C’mon, you can’t fault them for a universal truth.

    They treat EVERY TV show the same – with cold-hearted detachment – simply because they go… *shock* BY THE NUMBERS, and statistics are cold-hearted.

    This is a statistical web site. If that’s too much for you to swallow, maybe you shouldn’t be here.

  • Sheena

    I understand where you are coming from, but, I LOVE T.V. And it is not really US that is proclaiming the failure of T.V., but the public as a whole.
    Sadly, a show that I was VERY interested in (Awake) got cancelled. I am still mad about that. But stuff happens.
    Read through any of the cancellation threads, or renewal threads and you will see just how much people love T.V. But sadly, love is not always enough (sorry The Beatles).

  • KevinSW

    LOL!!!! Anyone saw Harry’s Law this week? It already aired on Global hahah. In the beginning Harry woke up and said ” I miss the day when i was between the age of 18 and 49″ LMAO Nice….Nice.

    It was soo funny. Sucks but you can’t say you didn’t see this coming.


    I thing NBC made a bad mistake by cancelling Harry’s Law. This was really one of the best shows on TV.I will really miss it and I hope it will be picked up by one of the other networks. Writing and acting like that does not come along everyday!

  • psychic

    There should be a ‘renewal squirrel’ or something for Body of Proof especially.

  • ArchiesBoy

    Once again: fresh proof that the people who run TV and movie studios are idiots. Bring back Harry’s Law, you morons!

  • Bill Gorman

    “There should be a ‘renewal squirrel’ or something for Body of Proof especially.”

    The care and feeding of just one mascot is enough, you think we’re running an imaginary zoo here? ;)

  • JS

    True that this very clearly substantiates the legitimacy of TV By the Numbers- and that most in Hollywood do not have a clue how tv works. At least Kathy Bates now has a role as the new Charlie Harper on the RENEWED Two And A Half Men.

  • Richard


    That’s your opinion. You know what they compare those too don’t you — starts with an as and ends with an es. And you know what they say about them don’t you — they smell bad.

    Opinions are definitely like that — most of them usually stink. But we all have them.

    Apparently we disagree about Harry’s Law. But at least I know I had at least 7 million other fans who felt like I did and enjoyed the show. Even some of the shows that got renewed can’t say they had as many fans who faithfully watched.

    Harry’s Law was just a victim of not being to attract viewers that fit the key demo. The demos are what they are and the networks have to have that key demo to make it. That’s life and you have to deal with it.

    All I know is I would rather watch 200 episodes of Harry Law than half the crap that got renewed esp. shows like Fringe, Modern Family, Jersey Shore, American Idol, The Good Wife — all of which I find disgusting and boring.

    I am just happy we live in an age that we have cable TV and have shows of class and entertainment when the networks are so set on filling their schedules with shows that suck big time. The networks deserve to be declining and deserve exactly what they get.

  • Mitch

    By Kathy Bates’ own admission:

    “RT @Jess126NY: @MsKathyBates was Harrys law cancelled?! ‘Fraid so Jess. Not enough young viewers for advertisers.”

    Looks like she may have finally seen the light.

  • Cameron

    What I don’t get is that shows that skew higher have always been around – Matlock, Murder She Wrote, etc… and those are shows that are universally regarded as excellent TV.

    Blue Bloods enjoys some modicum of success on Friday nights, and I imagine that very much skews older.

    What’s wrong with having one or two shows on the air that don’t cater to people with ipods?

  • Northwind

    A renewal squirrel works for me… or a salmon? Maybe they are the ones that got away? Not sure if bears chase squirrels…

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