The Cancellation Bear Wishes Kathy Bates Well, As 'Harry's Law' Is Canceled

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May 11th, 2012

After NBC's lowest rated show still on the air, Harry's Law, was canceled as expected, TV by the Numbers' beloved cancellation bear wanted to wish his "friend" Kathy Bates all the best after devouring the show.


Update: For those who didn't want to click the link above, here's a bit of the history between HL and the bear:

A bit of hub bub while I was off last week, as Kathy Bates, the star of NBC's Harry's Law, vented publicly about not liking the fact that adults 18-49 ratings determine TV show success in broadcast primetime (and have since the 1970's), and took our very own cancellation bear to task in an article.

“Some of these people are just so stupid. I don’t even get it…. All [they] talk about is the blessed [18-49] demo this, demo that, and how the cancellation bear is gonna eat us and all that stuff. So we’ll see. We’ll just see.”

The only thing our cancellation bear likes more than devouring low rated shows is getting a public shout out from an Academy Award winner. It's better to be known, than loved!

Joining Ms. Bates in her anger over the way ad supported broadcast television works was the Executive Producer ofHarry's Law, Bill D'Elia, who gave us his own shout out:

Nobody cares what we think Mr. D'Elia.

Problem is, the folks selling the advertising at NBC think the same way we do...

Update: I hadn't realized that near the same time as the original tweet above, Bill D'Elia also followed up with this one:

Misinformed? Ignorant? Kathy is right?

Reality's a bitch isn't it Mr. D'Elia?

  • Aaron Busch

    Hey Everyone,

    I’ve started a Facebook Group for the resurrection of Harry’s Law. Almost 300 ‘Likes’ in not even 48 Hours! It’s growing fast, so help us promote and renew the cancellation of TV’s best legal drama! Share this page with your friends and let’s get Harry’s Law back on Television.

  • Joe D.

    I love Harry’s Law. Great acting (Kathy Bates), great chemistry especially
    with Harry and Tommy Boy, and offbeat, you always got some kind of surprise on the show. Please God, let it go to cable.
    This was my second favorite show after number one, Person of Interest.

  • Anthony Aguilar

    Hey I’m curious, what are the origins of the “cancellation bear”? The idea of a bear…who thought of it and how did it come to fruition? I’ve only been browsing this website for about a year or two now and would like to know when that concept was first used… not ‘cancellation’ itself but the fact that it is represented by a bear. Thanks!

  • Barbara Mullins

    Why the hell would they cancel a show like Harrys Law, is it because there is no cussing & no sex for the perverts who like that kind kind of stuff. Very disgusted with the decision.

  • rj kreisel

    NO< DON'T Cancel "Harry's Law"!!!! It is the only decent show to watch.

  • Lynn

    I’m perplexed the 18-49 ratings determine what those of us over 49 are “allowed” to watch. Do the sponsors really believe the more mature adults don’t buy the products they advertise? I’m 65 and my husband is 72 and we actually use cell phones, computers, buy new cars, take vacations, enjoy eating out at restaurants, buy clothes, etc., etc. It appears a feel people haven’t stepped into the 21st century.

  • Rusty

    Harry’s Law is one of the very few shows worth watching. You don’t want one of the greatest actresses on your network. Can’t the sponsors adjust to one of the wealthiest age groups in the country. That show is reality and the baby boomers like it. Get the bananas out of your ears and reconsider.

  • Denis

    One of he best onTV today. I’ll miss it. Nice move NBC.

  • Deena

    Now I see what happens to great tv… It is “tv by the numbers.”
    I am in the 18-49 demo…. This is one of the best shows on tv. I implore CBS, FOX
    To pick Harry’s law Up. Perhaps I’ll even watch the commercials, as myself along with most of the population (18-49)
    fast forward thru advertising these days now anyway. (btw, it’s more likely than not that the over 49 demo do not have DVR’s
    And are watching commercials – therefore cater Advertising to the over 49 demo and ads will be viewed during Harry’s)
    What a loss to television….

  • gill

    I am 67years old and I am really tired of the networks cancelling shows, because of the 18-49 year age group don’t them. It does not make any sense. If I like a show on a certain network and another show on another network that I like just as well, look at one or the other and look at the other online on the weekend when the sports shows are on. So cancelling good show is not understandable. If the acting is believable and the story line is great, what is the point. With all the ways to record shows, how can you tell what is the most watched, maybe it is not watched at the time you want us to watch it, that is all. I am tired of stupid reality shows.

  • Grey

    Harrys Law is a great show! I am upset that it was canceled. Kathy is great and the cast has really grown to make this show believable and fun. They keep canceling good shows and give us garbage. They are trying to make us stupid with all this reality TV.

  • pikky

    Well I now have NO reason to watch NCB at all!! Shame on you for cancelling Harry’s Law and The Firm!! These both were great shows!! I will no longer invest my time watching any new show on your network!! I guess I was also in your demo, but now I just turned 50.

  • Tommy

    LOL@ TVBTN…way to feel “proud” about your apparent relationship with the execs who can’t tell the difference between well and a hole in their a$$. how does a show that gets more viewers than any other on the network get axed and somehow, to you, that’s a good thing?

    I am not outside the proper age range to be counted, and I love this show. It is one of my wife and I’s favorites. great show. NBC is now dead. enjoy last place, doUchEbags.

  • tracy

    I am saddened that this show has been cancelled.

    Come on, people, do something!

    There are just very few shows left that make you think and rise above boredom and everything-in-reality-shows-are-the-same.

    Can’t the people bring Harry’s Law back to fight another injustice? Have the people really evolved into mushy-brained non-thinking boob tube being who just stare into space in front of the tv while they get lulled into sleep with nothing of any particular essence?

    People can make a difference. If you want to continue having the ability to learn and discover brain activity in your evenings, write or call the network and compel them to renew Harry’s Law for next season.

    We already lost House this year. Will we only be left with the Discovery and Netgeo channels to go to…and watch stupid shows on the major networks? That’s where this is going..

  • under50

    What a bunch of crap. Here’s hoping a cable channel will pick up Harry’s Law, the writing was excellent and the chemistry with the actors was great! I am not even sure why I bother with networks any longer they can’t put anything decent on any longer sticking with cable channels. Way to go NBC morons!

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