'Fringe' & 'The Finder' Ratings Rise Slightly in Finales

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May 12th, 2012

In its fourth season finale  Fringe rose a tenth vs. last week to a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating.  In its series finale, The Finder  was also up a tenth vs. last week to a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.

Via @MaskedScheduler:

Finale ratings #FINDER 1.1 in 18-49 with 4,156,000 viewers. #FRINGE 1.0 with 3,164,000 observers. See you in September

The night's full ratings will be posted soon.

  • Dennis

    Oh God the last scene in Fringe was amazing!

    “We have to warn.. the others. They are coming!”

  • Sébastien

    Don’t spoil those who haven’t seen the finale yet.

  • SpenB

    You can’t say that Fringe is a bad show. Leonard Nimoy came out of retirement because it’s so good!

  • sob

    Wow is that tweet full of puns :)

  • John A

    FRINGE ended well. It felt like a series finale had it been cancelled.

  • Gilbert

    It was a good finale. Hoped more people would watch it, but it’s O.K. it’s already renewed. looking forward for final season!

  • Leon

    really don’t understand why the Finder is being cancelled when it’s been doing better than Fringe on Friday nights! I understand it’s a rookie show but still…

  • Vanq

    I don’t get it either. It does better than quite a few shows that don’t get cancelled. I feel like a 1.1 with 4 mil views is good for a Friday.

  • John A

    The finder is old skewing. FRINGE gets a 1.0 with 3 million and the finder 1.1 with 4 million.

  • Meg

    Really?!? A 1.0 for a season finale and Fox KEPT this crap-tastic poorly written BORING show? Fringe’s 1.0 is CW territory!

    Terra Nova got a 2.1 (first hour) and 2.2 (second hour) with over 7 million viewers for its season/series finale. Can somebody please fire the person at Fox who cancelled Terra Nova!

  • AO

    Fringe is being sold to Fox pretty cheap by WB, who makes it. Fox would have had to pay a lot more for The Finder, because it’s too far away from syndication numbers.

  • Ultima

    really don’t understand why the Finder is being cancelled when it’s been doing better than Fringe on Friday nights!

    Because the difference between the cost of licensing an episode of Fringe and producing an episode of The Finder is greater than the difference in advertising revenue.

    It does better than quite a few shows that don’t get cancelled.

    Not on FOX.

  • Dennis

    @Me g Terra Nova was pure garbage and cost waaay to much to produce… Fox were expecting viewers north of 10million

    Fringe is in its 4th year, is one of the best written sci fi shows of the last decade and has garnered a large worldwide following. It deserved a final season

  • Petar

    Shut up! I still not watch it but i undarstand that was EPIC finale!

  • AO

    To: All the people who don’t get it

    Your opinion of quality is completely subjective and doesn’t matter when it comes to these renewal and cancelation decisions.

  • Petar

    @Dennis who said:
    It deserved a final season

    Already get final season.(smile) And please don’t spoil nothing from the finale cause some of us will watch it later. Amazing and epic is enough advertazing. One my friend said that was best ep from the season with shoking end!

  • Meg

    @Dennis: Just because a show is family-friendly does not make it pure garbage. And I haven’t seen any cost estimates that show Terra Nova was prohibitively expensive when take as a whole for the entire season.

    Seems to me 7 million viewers is a greater following than 3 million. It’s nice that Fringe gets some closure, but it would have been nicer if the only currently successful sci-fi show on Fox had been given a green light for season 2.

  • JC

    –sigh– I am going to miss The Finder. Would have made a great USA Network (or TNT)show.

  • Dennis

    @Meg Terra Nova was HUGELY expensive!!!!
    One of the most expensive tv series ever!!
    The ratings, although good, were not good enough for a show that cost so much

  • Survivor Fan


    Why do people always have to say that their favorite canceled show should have been on cable?

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