'Fringe' & 'The Finder' Ratings Rise Slightly in Finales

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May 12th, 2012

In its fourth season finale  Fringe rose a tenth vs. last week to a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating.  In its series finale, The Finder  was also up a tenth vs. last week to a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.

Via @MaskedScheduler:

Finale ratings #FINDER 1.1 in 18-49 with 4,156,000 viewers. #FRINGE 1.0 with 3,164,000 observers. See you in September

The night's full ratings will be posted soon.

  • Hades

    Apparently Nikita got another 0.4

  • Marcos


    I agree. there’s some people who watch it later but likes to see the ratings anyway. so people should not spoil the finale. I’m one of them. I always watch it later but always come here to see the ratings first thing

  • Dennis

    On @MaskedSchedualer ‘s twitter he said NBC are looking to revive MAN UP.
    I never even heard of it. was it on Fox or ABC?

  • Sandro

    Also Terranova didn’t air on Fridays

  • AO

    @ Dennis,

    It was ABC.

  • JC

    @ Survivor Fan – cant help you with that one, since it is the only one I ever thought that about. From day one Finder always had a USA Network appeal to it. I didnt mean it should have moved there, I just meant it should have started there.

  • Meg

    @ Dennis: The pilot was insanely expensive – set costs, CGI – no arguments there. Presumably that dropped off in later episodes, though, as the sets had already been made, and CGI wasn’t as apparent (fewer dinosaurs, no futuristic city, no wormhole-gate thingy to animate). Also, I remember reading that a FOX executive said Fringe was losing money for the network, but didn’t mention Terra Nova being a drain on network resources.

    @ Sandro: It didn’t air on Fridays, but the season finale was up against big shows like Two and a Half Men, Two Broke Girls, and How I Met Your Mother. It’s not quite the Friday curse but close enough.

  • carigis

    all you talking about the viewership number difference of terra nova and fringe.. keep in mind that fringe was on fridays, Had terra nova been on fridays they would have had only a fraction of the viewers.

    Fringe ended thier first season with 2 million more viewers then terra nova ended thiers.

    The best part about terra nova was the pilot. after that it was lame. they even skipped all the action parts in the finale. the son and family drama was annoying. it needed to go.

  • Peter

    @Meg, the set up of building the sets and shooting the pilot had a 20 million budget, with additional episodes costing 5 million per episode!
    And that was just the cost for FOX to be able to air it, on top of this comes alot of other costs like millions they spend in advertising etc.
    With the ratings it got it was taking in $120,000 for a 30 sec ad, so lets say average of 17 mins of tv advertisements per episode, makes $4,080,000.
    So per episode FOX was losing a million dollars!
    That’s why at first they cut the season back to just 13 because would become to expensive to do a full season, and ended up just cancelling it.
    So over 13 episodes, FOX lost 28 million dollars on airing the show, and from what I heared they spend 20 million in marketing, so close to 50 million in the red.
    The ONLY reason Fringe is still on for next season, is because the studio is selling it to them next season at a HUGE loss , only to be ablt to reach the magic 100 episode mark to sell the show in syndication and have a fitting end, otherwise the already shot episodes from past few seasons have become worthless to them.
    About Fringe I don’t have any information, but u can be pretty sure FOX will not loose money on it next season since the studio will sell them the licence for next to nothing.
    The bottom line in tv is money, so sometimes a studio eats short term loss, to get long term profit in sydication.

  • Meg

    @ Peter: Wikipedia states that Terra Nova was $14 million for the pilot and was $4 million per episode, not including Australian tax breaks. For comparison, Wikipedia contrasted that with the budget of a typical drama, which is $3 million. And (again according to Wikipedia) the cost of the Fringe pilot was $10 million.

    So yes, Terra Nova was expensive, but not the crazy insane expensive that most people assume. Using your math for advertising, FOX at least broke even with TN. According to the FOX prez, they lost money on Fringe. Syndication is definitely a good reason for keeping an older show, but not when a newer show was doing SO MUCH better. Terra Nova had double the total viewers and almost double the ratings.

  • John A

    Look Terra Nova has been dead for months get over it. FRINGE has 13 more eps then its over.

  • Meg

    @ John A: Shows aired in the same season, dude, still relevant. It’s not like I was comparing Fringe to Firefly, Sliders, or Space: Above and Beyond.

  • Dennis

    @Meg Well Fringe rated higher then Terra Nova in its fourth season, so a 14million pilot for Fringe didn’t loose fox money

  • PeterB

    Not sure what is so hard for people to understand. The FRINGE pilot cost $10M and FRINGE’s season 1 ratings (on a weeknight) were higher than Terra Nova.

    Yes Terra Nova had better ratings this season than FRINGE. But the network made the decision that if they put FRINGE on Monday and Terra Nova on Friday, then things would be far different. A 4th season show at 1.0 on Friday is better than a brand new series getting 2.0 on Mondays.

  • Debsafan

    i hate the way the ended The Finder. They could have done a better job. The fans that watched deserved better. They left us hanging in the air.

  • Peter

    @Meg , wikipedia is hardly a place to use as a source since it’s people like you and me who can put whatever the hell we like on them, and half the time there is alot of wrong info on there.
    When Fox launched the series they actually talked/hyped that it was a $20M pilot to reporters , they said it was a new record since the most expensive pilot up untill that time was $12M for lost, so just shows how wikipedia is already wrong there with it’s $14M.
    The $5m an episode price was quoted in a newsarticle once Fox announced it would cut the series down to 13 and end the season early since would be to expensive to do a full season.
    In that same article was mentiond that the entire season would have a $150M budget with $20M goin towards the pilot, and little over $5.6M for the remaning 23 eps in the season.
    So the budget was already cut by $650.000 per episode by then, but was not enough to keep it in production.
    Even though newspapers can also get things wrong from time to time, somehow I put more value in them as a source then I would in wikipedia.

  • John A

    @Meg Your acting like TN was getting great ratings. Getting a low 2.s isnt great. If it got that on friday then ok but on monday? Not acceptable

  • Meg

    @ Peter: Good point about Wikipedia – I definitely agree about newspapers and magazines being more accurate. The Wikipedia source for the Fringe cost was Popular Science Magazine a (usually) reputable source. And it did say budget, not final cost for both shows, so the Terra Nova (or Fringe) costs could well have been higher than what Wikipedia mentioned. It just seemed the easiest way to compare show costs barring the network releasing actual financials. I’m a fan, but I am not dedicated/crazy enough to want to pore through something that dull. :)

    @ John A: Isn’t Bones getting low 2s or high 1s, and its on Monday? (I can’t remember when it’s actually on, they’ve changed the time slot for that show so many times.) Obviously Bones is cheaper, but ballpark – same ratings. I would like to have seen it on Fridays – it would have paired nicely with Fringe.

    Ultimately, Terra Nova is cancelled and nothing will change that, it just would have been nice to see where they went with the show for season 2. Plus, it’s annoying that it wasn’t picked up since it DID have better ratings than other shows they kept. *shrugs* That’s Fox, I guess.

  • Jiji Moran

    Comparing ratings of a show that is in its 4th season to ratings of shows on their first season is not equal comparisons. Compare the ratings of “Fringe” on its first season to these new shows ratings and we are talking fair.

    The new shows are to loose ratings as they age, and a 1.1 on the first season is really not that good.

    “Alcatraz” and “Terra Nova” were doing slightly better than “The Finder” but they cost way more.

    I thought “Fringe” was okay last night. For some reason stories don’t have the deep and fascinating undertones of the first two seasons. But, the show still has its luster, and someone IS doing some awesome thinking. Keep it up!

  • 5king

    cant remember how long was terra nova pilot?

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