CBS Picks Up Six New Scripted Series - Four Dramas and Two Comedies

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May 13th, 2012

CBS has picked up dramas Vegas, Elementary, Golden Boy, and Made in Jersey  and comedies Friend Me and Partners.

  • CrimTV


    On deadline they announced the times and dates of the schedule announcements.

    NBC: Sunday, May 13, 1:45 ET
    Fox: Monday, May 14, 8 AM ET
    ABC: Tuesday, May 15, 11 AM ET
    CBS: Wednesday, May 16, around 8:45 AM ET
    The CW: Thursday, May 17, AM, exact time still TBD

  • Julia

    Friend me sounds sooo boring.. I wanted to see the Ashley Tisdale show

  • CrimTV

    CBS could always use RoE as a backup in case one of the two comedies fails

  • Darrick

    Do the writers of these shows have any heads up to if the network is going to or is thinking about canceling the show they write for? CSI: NY’s season finale had absolutely no cliff hanger, and felt like a series finale, while Unforgettable’s finale had a cliff hanger, setting it up for a second season.

  • hardline_pro

    That doesn’t help the 2 CSI spin-offs. :(

  • Bumfuzzled

    Keep Rules but dump Spade. He hasn’t been funny since Tommy Boy. Do you really want us to believe he’s a player? Come on man…..

  • Mi

    CBS shows always sound the same, I’ll stick to POI and that’s it

  • Raykov

    Last season they canceled 5 dramas and 2 sitcoms and picked up 4 new dramas and 3 new sitcoms and Rob was announced pretty late. So if this year they cancel 4 dramas – A Gifted Man, NYC 22, Unforgettable and CSI:NY, and 2 sitcoms – HTBAG and ROB, and don’t expand their comedy slot, I expect 1 more backup drama, but if they expand it, I expect 2 backup sitcoms.

  • Steve

    Rob and Rules will both be renewed.

  • Survivor Fan

    Rob and Rules both renewed, 4 hours of comedy

    Not official, jut my guess

  • hardline_pro

    Keep in mind, we don’t know if these shows mid-season replacements…etc…

  • SmG

    Glad that ralph lamb project (vegas) and sophia bush comedy got picked up. I wish they would have picked up Ashley T. and Joanna G. comedies as well, but at least we have Sophia Bush back :)

  • SmG


    CW schedule will come out around 9 AM Eastern Time on Thursday. Deadline made a post yesterday about when all of the schedules will come out.

  • Al


    how i met your mother

    two broke girls

    two and half men

    mike and molly

    Hawai five o/ Golden boy



    Ncis La

    Csi Miami


    Survivor/Undercover boss

    Criminal minds



    The big bang theroy

    Partners/ Friend me

    Person of interest

    The mentalist


    The good wife( final seson 13 episode)/ made in jersey

    Csi ny

    Blue blood

    The amazing race two season



    Renewed Csi miami Csi ny

    Canceled Unforgatable a gifted man nyc 22 rob and rules

    this is Cbs best schedule a fresh sunday strong tuesday and the end of cbs biggest weak link the good wife

  • Petar

    Rob and Rules both renewed, 4 hours of comedy

    Are you guys crazy….even if they stick with both can’t go with only one sitcom for back up! And what rules will be all season long with repeats etc. NOT A CHANCE!

    And Rob all season is stuped! Cause Rob is bad sitcom and Martin L is much better comediant than Rob S!

  • Cyrax86

    I think they won’t expand comedies because Elementary will be scheduled to Thursday 9 pm so PoI will move to 10 pm and TM to Friday. I don’t see any other relevant slot for Elementary unless CSI is moved to Friday.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    Will this be all the comedies CBS will pick up?

  • Mickey

    Variety is reporting that Unforgettable and CSI Miami are cancelled and CSI NY is renewed. No official confirmation.

  • Mickey


    I had read 10:30 EST, but I forget where.

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Peter
    In my mock schedule, I had 2 new comedies (Partners and Super Fun Night. I had 4 hours of comedy with Rules a mainstay and Rob a replacement.

    Also, remember that CBS may pick up another comedy later. They did not announce Rob until the fall.

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