CBS Picks Up Six New Scripted Series - Four Dramas and Two Comedies

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May 13th, 2012

CBS has picked up dramas Vegas, Elementary, Golden Boy, and Made in Jersey  and comedies Friend Me and Partners.

  • Ultima

    @Robert Seidman
    As for the 3 hours of comedies, assuming CBS doesn’t pick up anymore shows and cancels at least one of Rob & Rules, comedy expansion doesn’t look likely.

    The only way I can see it working is if they feel very stongly about their two pickups, they could renew Rules for a full season and just run without any midseason replacements (given that repeats of Big Bang Theory averaged a 3.1 rating this season, it doesn’t seem unreasonably risky… they could always renew Rob as well).

    However, word that they have picked up an additional reality series leads me to believe that they will be adding an hour of reality for the season instead of an hour of comedies (so a full season of Undercover Boss).

  • ToXiX

    These dramas all sound worthless.

    Might as well keep CSI Miami, only one of these will escape flop city

  • Cyrax86

    TVGuide also claims that sources say Miami was cancelled and NY is renewed.

  • SmG

    By the way, NBC schedule is coming in 50 minutes, let the schedule criticism chaos ensue :)

    I wonder which show will get the Thursday 10 p.m. slot. I hope it wont be Revolution.

  • r0ckmypants

    Made in Jersey is an even worse title than Baby Big Shot.

  • CrimTV

    All people asking for times of schedule announcements, look at my post at the top of page 3

  • Drew

    Looking forward to Made In Jersey, even though they picked a title actually worse than Baby Big Shot.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Really wish Deadline hadn’t gotten my hopes up that CBS might actually pickup the Stoller comedy. Originally, I didn’t think it stood a chance, and this wouldn’t have been disappointed when it didn’t get picked up. But they actually made me think CBS might do something other than the tired, predictable laugh track crap they’ve been doing for years. But no dice.

    Well, at least they have one ambitious project in Vegas. Now I’ll just hope that it ends up being as good as it sounds and that the good old senior citizens who makes up CBS’s viewership accidentally leave their televisions on while it’s on.

  • CrimTV

    It would be great if CBS put 2 Broke Girls after the Super Bowl :)

  • Paul

    What an exciting day for the elderly and the stupid. 4 more moronic procedurals from CBS!

  • Petar

    2 Broke Girls doesn’y ned from post-Super Bowl slot! Person of interest is clear frontrunner here! These days is so hard to create drama hit abd CBS will try to make PoI next NCIS!

    Last 3-years only 2-3 dramas was hits!


    NOT fair! Only 2 are procedurals. The other two are serilezed dramas.

  • hardline_pro

    I agree with Petar, Person of Interest should get the post-Bowl slot. Does CBS have the next Superbowl or…?

  • alexjones

    elementery sounds the only interesting show here.

  • Revenge

    Sound bad.

  • Joseph

    Some of yall need a reality check :)
    With the exception of maybe How To Be a Gentleman every show ending would have been picked up for another season by NBC, and in most cases by both ABC & FOX. But things need to end to keep the content fresh and in this case the two new shows moving on will be 2 Broke Girls and Person of Interest for another 3 – 4 seasons.
    As for the 2012 / 2013 order, the challenge for each production team is to see if they can craft a show with International appeal and be worthy of syndication. Of the shows being ordered only be 1 – 3 will be part of the 2013 / 2014 Line up so wish them well as they hopefully bring their A game :)

  • alexjones

    we’ll be seeing the CW schedule on thursday

  • Joseph

    BTW ,, Upfront Schedule ,,
    May 14 , AM – NBC
    May 14 , PM – FOX
    May 15 , AM – Univision
    May 15 , PM – ABC
    May 15 , Evening – Telemundo
    May 16 , AM – Turner
    May 16 , PM – CBS
    May 17 , AM – CW
    May 17 , PM – USA Network

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Much as I love Lucy Liu, Elementary strikes me as a disaster. Pass…

    Made in Jersey stars Kyle McLachlan – THE most boring actor in the history of film. Pass…

  • Networkman

    The shows I’m interest in watching are:

    1. Vegas
    2. Elementary
    3. Golden Boy due to Ryan Phillippe
    4. Partners

  • Joseph

    Lets break down the order though my take is based on their resumes and lot of my assumptions will be either confirmed or disproved once we see the upfront presentation.

    Elementary –
    AMAZING CAST , – Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) as Sherlock, Lucy Liu as Watson, Aidan Quinn.

    Solid Producers hopefully they have learned from the mistakes they made in A Gifted Man – Carl Beverly & Sarah Timberman ,

    Unknown Writer in Rob Doherty who has no meaningful credits.

    I like the cast but the rest of the staff makes me nervous.


    Made in Jersey / Baby Big Shot –

    The cast has some experience but no one here stands out based on their resume.

    Lots of experienced producers here but mostly happy they have Katie O’Hara signed up.

    Written by Dana Calvo who worked on Covert Affairs so there is some potential here to create something with a little grit.

    There are some possibilities here but this could easily be wonderful or horrible.


    Friend Me –

    The cast is young but not green and they all have enough credits to think they could pull this off.

    I really like that they have veterans Alan Kirschenbaum and Pamela Fryman driving the direction of the project.

    I think this has a solid chance if Alan and Pamela are ready to push their cast to their limits.


    Golden Boy –

    Some handsome men in the lead roles when they cast Kevin Alejandro & Theo James , hopefully their good looks will be sufficiently exploited, I think this is in part why A Gifted Man failed due to their lack of capitalizing on the good looks of Patrick Wilson.

    I am a little nervous that Richard Shepard has so little experience , but there are strong players with Nicholas Wootton, Greg Berlanti and Melissa Berman,, can I hope that we get a decent mix of comedic relief mixed in with the drama?

    The strengths here are pretty balanced with a cast that has proven presence and some leadership that knows how to bring a strong product to the screen.


    Partners –

    The 4 main leads are really strong, Sophia Bush, Brandon Routh, David Krumholtz and Molly Shannon all bring a lot of experience and professionalism to this project.

    Then you have James Burrows with 10 Emmy wins plus, David Koha and Max Mutchnick who are also Emmy winners who hopefully will not be afraid to do something new.

    Partners could be great , IF , leadership of this project is not afraid to see how far they can push the envelope.


    Vegas –

    I love this cast, and of the 5 ordered by CBS this one is crammed with an uneven number of gems with Dennis Quaid, Carrie Anne Moss, Jason O’Mara, Michael Chiklis, just being a few of the names.

    Vegas has award winning leadership in Nicholas Pileggi, Greg Walker, Cathy Konrad and James Mangold.

    This has all the elements to be an Emmy / Golden Globe winning product, it could skew older but CBS has been known to support quality if it is proud of what it is putting out , I really want to see the upfront clip to get a better idea if this might be the Networks bid for quality street creed.

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