CBS Picks Up Six New Scripted Series - Four Dramas and Two Comedies

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May 13th, 2012

CBS has picked up dramas Vegas, Elementary, Golden Boy, and Made in Jersey  and comedies Friend Me and Partners.

  • The Other Tony

    I’m guessing that CSI: NY leads off Friday night, and they sandwich Golden Boy between CSI: NY and Blue Bloods?

    Perhaps The Good Wife and The Mentalist are paired together on Sundays?

    I think Partners will get the post-TAAHM slot, and Friend Me gets held over until midseason (where it eventually gets paired with 2 Broke Girls on a new night). RoE gets a final 13-episode season as spackle. But what happens to Mike & Molly (unless they put it after TBBT on Thursdays)?

    I’ll bet POI stays put, and Ralph Lamb/Vegas gets scheduled on Thursdays at 10pm.

    Made in Jersey might get the Monday 10pm slot, with H50 moving over to Tuesday.

  • Carm

    Hope they all BOMB!!!!!! You should have Kept Unforgettable!!! It was awesome show??

  • David Howell

    PoI will stay put. I think The Mentalist will stay in its slipstream as that’s worked well for CBS. They don’t change things when they don’t have to.

    CBS may have treated one of their syndication monsters (CSI Miami) appallingly with an unannounced series finale airing with a near-hour delay pushing it to almost 11pm ET, but it seems like they’re breeding their next one (PoI) well. Good decision.

    Although a one-season-only expansion of comedy time might have worked, trying out new sitcoms to try and find replacements for HIMYM and 2.5 Men (neither of which can have more than two seasons left in them, whatever their ratings). Then the comedy can be contracted again simply by not replacing the departing veteran shows.

  • KJ Styles

    CBS upfronts aren’t gonna come out until Thursday, so they’ve still got time to pick up more shows. If they don’t though, then I’m not impressed with these rookies other than Vegas.

  • jens2488

    They could still expand their sitcom time, but I think it is unlikely that they will do it on Thursdays, maybe on Friday with Mike & Molly and RoE like they did in the repeat test a few weeks ago.

    8:00 HIMYM
    8:30 Partners
    9:00 TaaHM
    9:30 2BG
    10:00 Made in Jersey

    Partners coukd work well with HIMYM. 2BG and TaaHM could fit well together and they can build 2BG as the new anchor for the time when TaaHM ends. Made in Jersey seems more light and “younger” than usual CBS shows, try it after 2BG.

    8:00 NCIS
    9:00 NCIS:LA
    10:00 Vegas/Golden Boy

    One of the new procedurals could work behind the NCISs.

    8:00 Survivor
    9:00 Criminal Minds
    10:00 CSI

    The NIght stays the same

    8:00 TBBT
    8:30 Friend Me
    9:00 Elementary
    10:00 PoI

    Friend Me seems a fit for TBBT. Elementary could be a huge hit for them, because it seem to have tested amazing. But I would not be suprised, if they would exhange PoI and Elementary.

    8:00 Mike & Molly
    8:30 Rules
    9:00 The Mentalist
    10:00 Blue Bloods

    2 comedies and The Mentalist could improve the night for CBS.

    I have put CSI NY on Saturdays, because I did not know where to put ir. It ratings are bad and where will they air it? It got a 1.1 rating this week. It could stay on Fridays without comedy expansion.

    8:00 The Amazing Race
    9:00 H5O
    10:00 TGW

    TGW at 10 for what will likely be its last season. Try H50 on Sundays at 9. It ould work.

    That could be the schedule, but I just cannot believe that CBS won`t expnd comedy time anywhere. All of their comedies get better ratings than their dramas. But picking only 2 new comedies up, makes it less likely.

  • KJ Styles

    I still think CBS will pick up at least one new comedy. NCIS is the only drama that gets ratings as good as their Top 5 comedies, that and the fact that HIMYM and 2.5 likely don’t have more than two seasons left in them a piece, they’re gonna want to develop new hits. Besides those, the only comedy hits they have are BBT and 2BG. Mike & Molly is a good performer but not really a hit.

    If Rules Of Engagement is renewed, chances are it will timeshare with a new comedy for a 13 episode final season. If it’s cancelled then that will open up a full season slot for a new comedy.

    Plus, the two comedies that looked interesting to me were Over & Out and Super Fun Night, and neither have been picked up as of yet. Neither Partners nor Friend Me look interesting to me. I’ll probably watch their pilots since they’ll likely air following HIMYM and BBT respectively, but those other two shows look far better.

    All that said, CBS is still my favorite broadcast network by far as I watch more shows on CBS than the others combined, and Vegas looks awesome!

  • COM

    Where is Rules of Engagement????????????Anyone?

  • Beckham

    Wow I haven’t posted in quite a while but things have definitely changed. Looks like CBS is confident in POI and most likely will keep it in the same slot. I couldn’t be more happier as I’ve been saying that all season. So has Petar. Shows all those people who were so confident that another hour of comedy was going to be added. Now mind you, CBS couldd still pick up another comedy but more than likely POI will stay in the same times lot next year.

  • Debsafan

    Just because they dump good shows for new ones, doesn’t mean I have to watch them.

  • joel

    Looks like ROE back to Saturday at 8pm, unless the first new comedy is cancelled first.

  • V

    The comedies sound terrible, is CBS expanding to 2 hour block?
    It looks like ROE will be kept as utility show.

  • Mark Wilkins

    I’m definitely watching Vegas aka Ralph Lamb Project

  • NJ Viewer

    Is Vegas a reboot of the old Robert Ulrich series?

  • JM

    Hope their comedies are not a bunch of filth again, like 2 1/2 men and Mike and Molly. Last Man Standing is one of the best comedies I have seen in years. One of ABC’s
    only good shows.

  • ken

    Partners will not work on CBS. Objectionable premise, bad lead cast, not compatible with CBS audience.

    Elementary will not be a hit. Lucy Liu as Watson was a terrible casting choice. This show is The Mentalist, except with an unlikable cast.

    Made in Jersey is bland with annoying Jersey accents. It will get old in a hurry.

    Ralph Lamb series won’t be a blockbuster, but could be a good show. It needs a new title, since Vegas is too generic, unoriginal and doesn’t convey the 1960’s image.

    None of the new shows are better than CSI Miami or Unforgettable.

  • Riff Rafferty

    CBS has picked up Friend Me

    Ba ba ba ba ba McLovin it!

    SO happy this one’s on the air after Whoa Nellie posted crap about it on Deadline (the week before it even taped), promptly took the comment down, and then proceeded to ignore it for the next half a dozen updates.

    The Pilot Panic list sure was a schizophrenic mess this year. So-and-so pilot is Heating up! Promising! HOT! Tested through the roof! Continues to be a frontrunner! No, wait, cooling off. May not go. So-so-screening. Not gonna happen. Oh wait, heating up again! Starting to make offers to writers! Marching towards the schedule! Pickup expected tomorrow! Oops, shocker, they passed on it.

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