Deadline's Fox Schedule Rumors: 'Touch' to Fridays, 'Glee' to Thursdays

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May 13th, 2012

Deadline writes it hears Fox will announce a schedule early tomorrow where Glee moves to Thursdays and frees up Tuesdays for a two hour comedy block.  That's not shocking, but more surprising to me than the the tidbit that Touch may join Fringe on Fridays. Click over for more rumors about Fox's schedule.


  • Matt

    Hmmm then that means Touch will absolutely tank on Feidays if it can only pull a 1.9 and 6.6 Million Viewers on Thursday at 9:00….. Oh well.

  • SteveO

    Good move for Glee! Pairing it with X Factor in fall and Idol in spring will do good for the show!

  • S.

    Makes sense.
    Glee graduating most of its class would need a cushion for next season. Kind of a relaunch.

    Touch was not renewed because anyone expects it to grow, they just like it, on Fridays its ratings won’t be an embarrassment.

    Tuesday comedy block doesn’t make much sense, unless they have high hopes for the new shows. New Girl went from tent pole of the night to show that needs a lead-in in less than one season, so the new shows are pretty much on their own.

  • rob60990

    I can’t say I’m surprised about Touch on Fridays. It would do even worse than its doing right now on Mondays.

  • ragincajun

    Good news for PoI if it stays at 9:00!!!!

    Fox’s procedurals take viewers away, but a tanking Glee could be a boom for it.

  • Wowza

    FOX is smart with their scheduling.

    @Matt: WHat do you expect for Touch? There is no place to put it other than fridays. Also, Fringe has had expectations that if it can maintain a 1.6 of Friday, the suits were happy. (It has done worse, and they still kept it). So, the bench for Touch on Friday: 1.6 – 1.7 . Which, with a procedure like Touch, it could actually be perfect. Its a compelling show. Incredibly compelling..

    Also, Glee on Thursdays after X Factor. Hmmm. It seems brilliant, but I worry about Greys crossover audience (unless Greys moves earlier for a lead in to something because ABC cannot seem to get anything to work before Greys). Im thinking it will be Greys , Private Practice, and Scandal on Thursdays @ABC.
    So, Private Practice is less stiff competition.

    X Factor will be beast (The Voice will go down some in the fall). X Factor I predict will have a 6.0 or higher if they have Britney. I mean Britney Spears and Simon Cowell on the same show as judges who compete against eachother on live television? Insane. The Host needs to be great, and this show will be perfection for the TV gods.

    Also, Hope cannot lead off the comedy block. At all. Please. A 1.6 for Hope starting off the night is not going to be enough for renewal. Either a strong NEW comedy (as strong as New Girl in terms of buzz) or New Girl MUST lead off the night. I hope FOX has two new comedies that are worthy of joining Hope and New Girl because both shows are incredible.

  • Rex

    You don’t have to be that kid to know the numbers for Touch aren’t going to be good on Fridays.

  • Wowza

    Rex, lol.

    Touch I can see doing well Fridays. 1.6 or 1.7 is GREAT and its all it needs (to settle at, it should start the season at a 2.0 or 2.1 to allow room to drop).

  • KS

    Friday is going to be a fantastic day for TV by the numbers exploding with genre fans. Leave alone Fox.

  • therock

    cancel Touch…we need the 24 movie

  • Freddy Arrow

    Adding Touch to the already genre heavy Friday night seems like a bit of a mistake to me. I think CBS has the right idea by programming older skewing procedurals on Fridays.

  • Austin

    I have a feeling this year will be a great turning point for Fox and NBC. I think The CW will be up a little, ABC will be down a little, and CBS will be also down a little. CBS needs something really smash hit worthy but everything they put on there gets more than enough viewers.

  • KJ Styles

    Touch on Fridays is a MISTAKE. It won’t do as bad as Fringe has done, but it will be on the bubble or lower all season. They should have just threw Gordon Ramsey there, and some comedies when Fringe ends. Touch should be on Mondays following Bones.

    And Glee DOES NOT DESERVE the post-X Factor/Idol spot. It’s a proven self starter. That spot should have gone to a new show.

  • Bunny

    I’m more curious on what show will get Modern Family’s lead in

  • Kavyn

    The Fox schedule sounds great so far :)

  • Dan S

    These changes make better sense than NBC’s fall lineup. If Mob Dr bombs on Mon then The Following can replace it. If it’s a hit then I see Bones replacing Fringe when its run is over. Touch won’t likely see a full season then Kiefer Sutherland can start the 24 movie

  • Some Guy


  • alexjones

    touch moving to fridays is no surprise, it’s ratings were just barely enough to get renewed, it would probably have gotten cancelled if the FOX drama lineup wasn’t in such a bad state. on any other night touch would never survive into season 3 but on friday it might just be able to survive if it’s ratings don’t drop too much.

  • forg

    They are protecting Glee, the show is already on decline but still a top rated show on FOX, having an X Factor lead will secure it won’t decline that much despite the 9PM competition. House is gone and Bones is declining as well so FOX needs this show to sustain for a couple more seasons. Plus they can premiere Glee later in the fall, after baseball, while X Factor will do two hour eps for the meantime.

    About Touch, it already did awful with the best lead in possible and I think Fox just renewed it because well to save face I guess, a Friday schedule is not surprising at all

  • Donna

    “Also, Fringe has had expectations that if it can maintain a 1.6 of Friday, the suits were happy. (It has done worse, and they still kept it).”

    Fringe shouldn’t be used as an example for anything. It’s not a secret that Fox head Kevin Reilly personally adores that show, and Fringe has the most determined fanbase since the original Star Trek. It’s an anomaly in Fox’s scheduling.

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